M. J. Lucus to Alexander Brown, 1860
Deed dated November 1, 1860

Source: Sumner County Archives DB Vol. 25, Pg. 89

Contributed by Jane Ingram (jingram@bellsouth.net)
© 2000

Whereas I M. J. Lucus on the first day of November 1860 have bargained and sold to Alexander Brown of the County of Sumner & State of Tennessee a certain town lot situated in the town of Gallatin. Known as Reeds division and bounded as follows. Beginning at a Rock on line of Green Street running North 160 ft. to the line of Menefees lot thence on his line East 114 ft. to the North West corner of Boyers lot thence South with Boyers line 160 ft. thence 114 to the Beginning. The above conveyance is made for a consideration of three hundred and six dollars to me in hand paid. I covenant with the said Brown to forever warrant & defend the said title to him & his heirs and assigns forever this November 1st 1860.
Witness my hand and M. J. Lucus (Seal)

Personally appeared before me John L. Bugg Clerk of the County Court of said County M. J. Lucus the bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that he made and executed the foregoing Deed for the purposes therein contained.
Witness my hand at office this 5th November, 1860.
John L. Bugg Clerk

Rec'd for registration Nov. 6th 1860 at 9 O'clock A.M.
Registered and examined this 7th day of Nov. AD 1860.
R. D. Moore, Regr SCty
By Thos. Donoho DepRegr

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