Garrett, Timothy to Mary Garrett, 1868

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I, Timothy GARRETT, for the love and affection which I entertain for Mary M. GARRETT, wife of my son Timothy W. GARRETT & her children by my said son and the children of the said T. W. GARRETT by a former wife and the further consideration of one dollar to me paid, have this day given and granted, and do hereby give and grant to the said Mary M. GARRETT for life, with remainder over in favor of all her children by my said son, Timothy W. GARRETT, his children by a former wife, share and share alike, the following tract or parcel of land, situated in the County of Sumner, State of Tennessee, District No.11; the first of which tract is bounded as follows, viz, Beginning at a stake in Neal's line; thence west with the lane forty eight poles to a stake at a small stream, running through the land (bend?); thence north eighty six poles to the branch; thence south 56( East fifty eight poles to a white oak; thence south forty seven poles to the beginning containing by survey twenty acres. The other tract bounded as follows, viz, beginning at a stake twenty poles north of a large poplar; thence north forty one poles to a black oak; thence west thirty four and a half poles to a stake on DOUGLAS' line; thence south forty one poles to a stake; thence East thirty thirty four (sic) and a half poles to the beginning; containing ten acres, to the said Mary M. GARRETT and her said children by the said Timothy W. GARRETT and his children by a former wife with this distinct understanding and reservation however, that I am to hold, use, and occupy the said tracts or parcels of land during my life, when the possession is go (sic) to and vest in the said Mary M. GARRETT upon the terms and limitations above specified. I will warrant and defend the letter of said law against all claims made by, through, or under me but not further or otherwise. This 1st day of December 1868.

(signed) Timothy GARRETT (sure?)
? before


(Stamped below with names written in)
Personally appeared before me, Lee H. ALLEY, Clerk of the County Court for said county, Andrew TAYLOR, Jas. F. ROSCOE, subscribing witness to the foregoing deed, who, being first sworn, deposed and said that they are acquainted with Timothy GARRETT, Sen (senior?), the bargainer, and that he acknowledged the same in their presence to be his act and deed, for the purposes therein contained.

Witness: my hand, at office, this the 2nd day of December, 1868.

Lee H. Alley, Clerk

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