Thomas Bloodworth to Isaac Franklin, 1829
Deed Dated 10 August 1829

Source: Sumner County Archives, DB 12, Page 213

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This Indenture made and entered into this 10th day of August Eighteen hundred and twenty-nine between Thomas Bloodworth of the County of Sumner and State of Tennessee of the one part and Isaac Franklin of the County and state aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Seventy-five dollars to the said Thoms in hand paid by the said Isaac the receipt whereof is fully acknowledged before the sealing and delivery hereof the said Thomas hath bargained sold aliened and conveyed and doth by these presents bargain sell alien convey and quit claim to seventeen and fifty nine and one half poles of land lying and being in the County of Sumner and on the west fork of Station Camp Creek be the same more or less, it being the one eighth part of the undivided portion of the said Thomas in and to the three following tracts of land as one of the heirs and representatives of William Bloodworth deceased late of said County of Sumner to wit, one tract of land conveyed to said William deceased by John Peyton Sr. bearing date the 17th day of May 1823 for seventy acres and sixteen poles, one other tract conveyed to said William deceased by Samuel Harris bearing date the 19th day of May 1806 for Fifty three acres and one hundred poles and one other tract conveyed to said Wm deceased by Thomas Bloodworth by deed bearing date the 1st day of March 1815 for sixteen acres and one hundred and twenty poles Containing by computation in the whole one hundred and forty acres and seventy six poles, the intention of this conveyance being to sell and convey unto the said Isaac the whole undivided interest and share of the said Thomas in and to the aforesaid several tracts of land as heir to said William deceased as aforesaid and to substitute and invest him with all the rights emoluments and benefits which the said Thomas has or of right might at any time claim or demand as the heir of the said William dec'd. The only proper use and benefit of the said Isaac his heirs and assigns forever and the said Thomas covenants to & with the said Isaac his heirs and assigns forever to warrant and forever defend unto him or them the title to the before described land & premises with all the rights and privileges thereto annexed & hereby conveyed against the claim or claims of all & every person whatsoever. Witness my hand and seal the day and date aforesaid.
Test William Cantrell
Thomas Bloodworth {Seal}
James R. Franklin

State of Tennessee Sumner County Court August Term 1829. This deed of bargain & sale from Thomas Bloodworth to Isaac Franklin for seventeen acres fifty nine and one half poles of land was duly proved in Open Court by the oath of Wm Cantrell & Jas. R. Franklin subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be registered.
A Copy Test
A. H. Douglass Clerk
Registered and examined Rec'd. 22nd 1829
James Douglass Register By Y. N. Douglass D.R.

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