Old Durham Cemetery Listings
Sumner County, TN

Submitted by Danene Vincent & Linda Carpenter
Compiled July 30, 1999

On Friday, July 30, 1999, a small group of friends and family decided to locate the Old Durham Family Cemetery. The group included Tracy Brown, Vicky Durham McVey, Linda Carpenter and Danene Vincent. We were escorted to the cemetery by Mr. Edward Johnson and Ms. Hazel Ballance. Most of the stones have been overturned due to cattle grazing in the area. However, the majority of stones are unbroken and can be uprighted. A small group of persons are currently working on plans to restore the small cemetery.

We were able to identify only eleven marked graves, but the cemetery includes many graves that were marked only with fieldstones. There are numerous unmarked graves. The following listing included the marked tombstones that were readable:

Martha Alice Martin, wife of Elijah D. Martin
born Mar. 8, 1869
died Dec. 13, 1905
"A tender mother and a faithful friend."
Footstone: M. A. M.

On a single tall headstone one side says:
S. M. Durham, wife of W. G. Durham
born July 7, 1816
died Jan. 9, 1898
"Having finished life's duty
She now sweetly rests."
The reverse side says:
W. G. Durham
born Mar. 13, 1813
died Jan. 10, 1897
"Blessed are the dead
who in the Saviour died
From all life's labors
They shall rest on high."
Footstones: S. M. D. and W. G. D.

F. S. Durham
born Feb. 13, 1878
died Oct. 11, 1898
"Having finished life's duty
She now sweetly rests."

D. C. Durham
born Sept. 3, 1842
died Aug. 20, 1899
"As a wife devoted
As a mother affectionate
As a friend ever kind and true."

J. H. Durham
born Nov. 22, 1839
died Feb. 26, 1912
"Rest, soldier, rest
Thy warfare are o'er."
Footstone: J. H. D.

On same stone side by side:
Amelia J. Durham
born Apr. 6, 1846
died Jun. 16, 1921
William E. Durham
born Mar. 22, 1841
died Jan. 27, 19__
"Beloved parents farewell."

On the same stone side by side:
Paul E. Walden
son of W. A. &
Lizzie Walden
born Apr. 14, 1901
died July 29, 1901
Footstone: P. E. W.
Lizzie Walden
born Jan. 12, 1877
died Aug. 24, 1905

M. A. Kirkham
born July 17, 1863
died Dec. 9, 1887
"She's crossed the troubled river,
The ___ twine us and heaven
To her robe be of whiteness
A golden crown is given."

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