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There are many West men in the records of early America. Finding the right family links can be a challenge especially when so many share the same given names. Researchers with ties to Levi West often get stuck on that generation or the one before it, his father George West. Identifying George's wife or wives seems to be a major point of confusion. And the proof that John West of Sumner County is the son of Levi West appears to be based more on verbal accounts of family history than the presence of a paper trail to prove the link.

Documented below, is a 'Brief Narrative Explaining the Lineage' and 'Detailed West Family Timelines'. The latter includes documentation of source materials, census details, geographical and county formation information, and additional notes. Finally, I delved into the ongoing West DNA Project to investigate its findings and performed a 'Comparative DNA Study' between the participants with ties to the Levi West family group and all other study participants to date. So far there is no West participant who is a descendant of John West of Sumner County, TN.

I have attempted to gather all of the data I can find on my West line and believe that I have proven the links to previous generations of  Wests leading back to Robert West (c1612-c1646) of Northampton and Accomack Counties, Virginia.

Early colonial records are few & far between for some counties, but those from Northampton & Accomack, Virginia are plentiful and contain two or more separate West lines. One family is affluent, propertied and possesses ties to the De La Warre family of English nobility. This is not that West family, a fact which is supported by the DNA Project. This West family has humble beginnings, but their American story is no less fascinating for it. It begins with the transportation of a seven year old boy across the Atlantic to the Virginia colony as an apprentice and indentured servant of the Lady Elizabeth Dale, the wife of the local governor.

Quick Reference:
Robert West (c1612-c1646): My 10th great-grandfather
George West (c1639-1702): My 9th great-grandfather
Thomas West (c1660/7-1707/8): My 8th great-grandfather
George West (1699-1756): My 7th great-grandfather
Levi West (1726-1787): My 6th great-grandfather
John West (1763-1854): My 5th great-grandfather
Mary (West) Durham (1799-1883): My 4th great-grandmother

So Link Me Up, Already! A Quick Review of the Basic Elements Linking the Generations

ROBERT WEST (c1612-c1646)

Robert appears very early in the Court Records of Northampton County, VA as the servant of the Lady Elizabeth Dale. He worked on one of her cattle plantations, but later became a butcher. The records indicate that Robert West married Elizabeth and had a son named George West, born c1639. When Elizabeth died Robert remarried to a widow by the name of Mary Rayne. Mary's infidelity was well documented in a flamboyant court case. Robert died before his wife leaving George with his step-mother. Details on Robert West include my theory on his arrival to Virginia. 

GEORGE WEST (c1639-1702)
The course of George West's life is mapped out in the Records of Northampton County, VA beginning with his birth when his parents, Robert and Elizabeth West were censured for the sin of fornication before marriage, suggesting that he was born less than 9 months after the wedding. His mother died when George was very young and his father Robert remarried. Young George and others witnessed Mary West's infidelity to Robert. Not long after his father died, so did his step-mother Mary who had continued to run the family cattle/butcher business.

George was placed by the court into the care of Thomas Dimor, as an indentured servant until he reached the age of 21. Documentation on George reaching the age of majority is included in the records and he continues on an almost annual basis to appear in Northampton County, VA and later Accomack County, VA. The name of his first wife is unknown, but the proof of his second marriage to Susannah DuParkes and emigration to Sussex, DE (then part of the Territory of Pennsylvania)is found in the records of Accomack, VA when they sold their VA property in 1697. Further proof is found in the accounts of his son Thomas West's estate.

One point of potential confusion for researchers is that George, Thomas and other Wests seem to pop back and forth between Sussex, Somerset and Worcester. Be prepared for a geography lesson on county formation and the disputed DE/MD county line.

THOMAS WEST (c1660/7-1707/8)
Thomas West first shows up in the Records of Accomack County, Virginia as he sells a land lease back to Nicholas Millechop in 1692. Millechop was a documented neighbor of George West. Thomas then disappears from Accomack, VA and reappears a few months later in Sussex, DE in 1693, about the same time that his father George & wife Susannah are listed there. The DE records indicate that Thomas West purchased 400a of land he patented as 'West's Recovery'. This same land is also accounted for in the records of Somerset and Worcester, MD. The land didn't move. The acknowledged colony and county borders did.

Thomas West is listed as an heir and executor for the estate of his father, George West's, 1702 Sussex, DE will. Additional documentation of the estate and an inventory were filed. Thomas West himself died in 1707/8. Documentation for his own estate includes payments to Thomas' sister, George West's youngest daughter, Susannah West, who was named after her mother Susannah.

GEORGE WEST (1699-1756)
The link proving that George West is the son of Thomas West of Somerset/Worcester, MD is tied to the inheritance of land, specifically West's Recovery in Baltimore Hundred, Worcester, MD (Later Sussex, DE).

George inherited a share of West's Recovery from his father Thomas West who patented the property. His brother Samuel, who had also received a share, sold that to George. Documentation on West's Recovery includes tracking the sale/purchase of that land. George never sold his share. He entailed the land to his sons, including Levi West who also received a tract called, 'Long Acre'.

The issue of identifying George West's wife/wives is a separate topic. Family trees contain any manner of variants: Sarah Rodney, Sarah Lowe, Sarah Betty Lowe, Betty (Johnson?). Let's set that topic aside for a moment to focus on proving the paternal line.

LEVI WEST (1726-1787)
Upon his death, George West's will assigned administration of his estate to his wife Betty and to his son Eli West. Eli died a short time after his father and the administration of George's estate fell to Levi West. Sometime after 1762, presumably after settling his father's estate, Levi and his wife Mary sold their share of West's recovery and Long Acre and moved their family from MD to Onslow County, NC.

In 1770, Levi patented land on the Whiteoak River in Jones/Onslow County, NC. Levi died in Onslow where his will is recorded wherein he names his children, including son John West.

JOHN WEST (1763-1854)
John and his brothers Andrew and Levi sold a portion of their share of the Whiteoak River property in 1795. Their mother, Mary West, survived her husband and was enumerated in the 1800 Onslow Census as a Head of Household. Brother Levi was also in Onslow. John, Andrew and their Uncle Eli West were in Jones County. These are the only Wests recorded as Heads of Households in the census for Onslow & Jones.

Sometime between 1803-1806, John left NC for Sumner County, TN. The census of Sumner County lists John West's birthplace as Maryland, further supporting the evidence above.

A verbal family history provided to Theda Pond Womack by Brode Cantrell indicates that John West met up with his brother Andrew in Sumner County and that brothers Jacob & George also lived there for a time. These are the same names that show up in the records of Levi West of Onslow, NC. John is reported to have served in the Revolutionary War, the Battle of New Orleans and the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

MARY (WEST) DURHAM (1799-1883)
There is no Last Will & Testament for John West, so the link between Mary and her father John is mainly one of verbal family history. Other proof may exist out there, but the sources are not listed. John West gave a 'Deed of Gift' to Mary Durham.


ROBERT WEST (c1612-c1646)
Born: c1612, probably in England
Parents: Unknown
Married: 1st to Elizabeth (nee Unknown); 2nd to Mary Rayne, a widow, both in Northampton, VA
Known Children: George West (c1639-1702) and step-daughter Mary Rayne
Died: about November 1646 in Northampton County, VA

Approximate year of birth based upon a deposition given by Robert West in 1636 stating his age.
SOURCE: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Accomack County, 1632-1637.

SOURCE: Records of the Virginia Company pp.270-271
17 November 1619
"The Companies declaration to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen
The Threr Cousell and Coumpany of Virginia assembled in their great and general Courte the 17th of November 1619 have taken into Considieration the continuall great forwardness of his honorable cytty in advancing the Plantation of Virginia and pticularly in furnishing outt ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN this last year, which by the gooodnes of God their saffly arrived, (save such as dued in the waie) and are weel pleases wee doubtr not for their benefitt, ffor which your bountiful assistance, wee in the name of the whole Parnatcon doe yield unto you due and deserved thanks.

And for as wee have not resolved to send this next Spring very larg supplies for the strength and encreasinge of the collony, styled by the name of the LONDON COMPANY, and finde that the sendinge of those CHILDREN to be APPRENTICES hathe been very grateful** the people: Wee pray your lord: and the rest in pursuite of your former so pyous Accons to renew your like favors and funish us again with ONE HUNDRED MORE for the next Spring; Our desire is that wee may have them of TWELVE YEARS OLD & UPWARD with alllowance of three pound a peec for their transportation amd forty shillings a peec for their apparrell as was formerly granted. They shall be apprentices tehy boys thill they come to 21 years of age the Girles till the like age or till they be marryed and afterwards they shall be placed as tennants upon the public land with best conditions where they shall have houses with stock of corn & cattle to begin with and afterward the moytie of all encrease & pffitt what soever."

1619-1620 (My Own Theory)
About 1620, between 7-8 years of age, Robert West was one of 100 children sent by the Virginia Company of London to America to become apprentices to the colonial farmers. In return, at the end of their service, they would receive land, cattle and corn. Robert was a servant to the Lady Elizabeth Dale, who was the wife of Sir Thomas Dale, the Governor of Virginia. Dale left VA and died, leaving his widow to run her cattle business and plantation near Charles City from her home in England. She never set foot in VA. When in 1622 and Indian massacre wiped out a significant part of the population in the upper James River area, there were some survivors from Lady Dale's plantation, including 8 boys. I believe that Robert West was one of them.
SOURCE: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, Heritage Books, Inc. 1988

"The muster of Lady Dale's plantation on the Western Shore, just prior to the massacre of 1622, shows twenty persons, eight of whom were boys."
SOURCE: Ye Kingdom of Accawmacke on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the 17th Century by Jennings Cropper Wise, p.36

SOURCE: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, Heritage Books, Inc. 1988
p.8 "After the Indian Massacre on March 22, 1622, the people in the most dangerous parts of the Upper James River area were evacuated and resettled. Among these were Lady Elizabeth Dale's tennents consisting of men and boys in Charles City borough. Along with her cattle, they were relocated near Old Plantation Creek. Although they had been in Virginia since 1619, no land was patented by her."

p.40 "Although the Lady Dale never came to Virginia, she conducted a profitable business in Accomack County where her tennants were placed after being evacuated from the borough of Charles City in 1622. Her land was not surveyed and recorded, but its bounds were generally recognized by her neighbors and the court."

NOTES: Based on future depositions by Robert West, we know that he was a servant of the Lady Elizabeth Dale. There is no other evidence that suggests Robert West arrived in Virginia as an adult or that he was the orphan of a local West man. The fact that this source also mentions that Lady Dale's tennants arrived in VA in 1619 coincides with the London Company sending children to VA to be apprentice servants on the plantations there. His deposition indicates that Robert was her servant and that he was involved in her cattle business. There is nothing here to prove Robert West was one of the 100 children or that he survived the Indian attack near Charles City, but the facts do add up to a likely possibility.

Re: Lady Dale's Plantation
p.9 "Henry Watkins, overseer for Lady Dale. Feb 1624."
SOURCE: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, Heritage Books, Inc., 1988

Re: Lady Dale's Plantation
p.21 "Sep 1632, Charles Harmer, overseer for Lady Dale;s land had patented 100 acres at the mouth of Old Plantation Creek in 1628."
SOURCE: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, Heritage Books, Inc., 1988

SOURCE: Family Tree Maker, CD#187, Virginia Genealogies #3, 1600s-1800s, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Accomack County, 1632-1637, Broderbund Software Inc., Banner Blue Division.

p.27) 1 Feb 1635/6. "Robert West servt to the lady Dale"
p.30) 8 Aug 1636.
"Rowland Rayne listed as servant of John Wilkins" (Rowland's widow Mary later marries Robert West)
p.32) 28 Nov 1636. "Robert West 24th aged ore ther abouts" (deposition of Robert West)

SOURCE: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, Heritage Books, Inc. 1988.
Re: Lady Dale's Plantation
p.39 "The demand for breeding cattle and some idea of the extent to which the industry had developed is indicated in an order which Lady Elizabeth Dale sent her overseer in 1636."

SOURCE: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Accomack County, 1632-1637
25 Sep 1637 Deposition of Robert West

SOURCE: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Accomack County, 1632-1637
p.67) 9 June 1638 Deposition of Robert West. Age not show.
p.71) 13 Feb 1637/8 Robert West witnessed sale of cattle

SOURCE: American Legal Records, Volume 7, County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia 1632-1640, edited by Susie M. Ames, The American Historical Association, Washington D.C., 1954. Reprint by Kraus 1975.
p.151) 23 Sep 1639 "It is ordered that these persons viz. Francis Mart[yn] and Ellinor his wife, John Foster and Bridgett his wife, ROBERT WEST and ELIZABETH his wife, Thomas Newton and Marye his wife for the SIN OF FORNICATION BEFORE MARRIAGE shall stand in the church three several Sundays doing penance according to the Cannons of the Church."

NOTES: There is no indication of any other Robert West in Northampton, VA in 1639. This is probably Robert West who later married the widow Mary Rayne. The fact that all of these couples are already married suggests that a) they were caught in the act and ended up married, or b) they produced a healthy, term child less than 9 months after their wedding. I think it's probably the latter. Based on son George's estimated birth date from other records, I think he is probably the son of Robert & Elizabeth rather than Robert & Mary. Robert was married to Elizabeth here in 1639 and to the widow Mary by 1643.

SOURCE: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Accomack County, 1632-1637
p.92) 23 Mar 1639/40.
"A true and perfect inventory of the estate of Rowland Rayne lately dec'd in Accomacke." Value 517 lb tobacco.

SOURCE: Virginia's Eastern Shore, Whitelaw
p.119) "Berryman demanded payment from Robert West for a plantation. West was never a land owner of record in this vicinity so the sale must have been called off."

SOURCE: County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia 1640-1645, Edited by Susie M. Ames (SLC FHL)

This source lists Robert West who married Mary the relict of Rowland Rayne. Mary and Rowland had a daughter named Mary. Robert West had sold a parcel of land in the right of his wife and was giving his step-child one "sufficient heifer with calfe or a cow calfe by her side att or before Aprill next with all her increase both Male and Female forever." (I forgot to write down the date, but located before the 1643 entries.)

Another entry casts some shadowy light on the character of Mary West as a deposition given by a neighbor, Anne Moye, reports that Martin Kennett told her he had "seen Richard Jones and Mary West abed together."

(1643) The deposition of John Tully. States that he and Susanna Kennett witnessed Richard Jones and Mary West in bed together. Mary's son GEORGE WEST was present in the room yelling at Jones to "come off my Mother, Lechett Ile tell my father."

(1643) The deposition of Susanna Kennett. Follows the same situation described above. Mary West had given her son instructions to fetch water so that she could "wash the said Richard Jones" (this after their activity in the bed).

"Wheras it appeareth unto this Court by the Affidavitts of John Tully and Susanna Kennett that Richard Jones Committed Adultery with Mary the wife of Robert West, and the said Richard absenting himself, it is therefore Ordered by this Court that the punishment that shall be inflicted upon the said Richard and Mary for their said Offence shall be suspended until the next County Court and that the said Richard shall not Accompany with the said Mary, and it is therefore further Ordered that the said Richard shall put in sufficient security for his appearance at the next County Court houlden att Northampton, Then and there to answer unto such matters of misdemeanors as shalbe objected against him in and about the premises."

There is no indication in any of the depositions as to the reaction of Mary's husband Robert West.

A later entry indicates that Robert West is the "sole heyre and executor of Robert Lawson, deceased." The court ordered that he pay unto Georg Smyth the quantity of 360 pounds of tobacco due for funeral charges out of Lawson's estate. No indication of the relation, if any, between Lawson and West.

SOURCE: Virginia's Eastern Shore, Whitelaw.
p.125) Mary, widow of Rowland Reyene, complained that she could not get payment for a piece of land which she had bought that her husband Robert West had sold for her. (Need to confirm date of entry)

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book, Vol 3, 1645-1651, Mackey & Groves
p.11) 6 Jan 1645 Deposition of Edwyn Conaway, Clark, in regards to the suit of Mary the wife of Robert West agst Nathaniell Moore

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton County, VA 1632-1802, Compiled by James Handley Marshall, Picton Press, Camden, Maine. (SLC FHL)
p.18) WEST, ROBERT - 11 NOV 1646
Admx: Mary West widow of the decd
p.50) Apprs: Goodman Harloe, Goodman Gaskins. Robert West's inventory - f.81
p.66) Refers to GEORGE WEST the orphan of Robert West

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book Vol 3 1645-1651, Mackey & Groves
p.103) 11 Nov 1646. "Mary West granted administration of estate of her husband Robert West.

7 May 1650
Re: the attachment of 240 pounds to be paid by the Estate of Mary West in Northampton County. Recorded 20 May 1650.

GEORGE WEST (c1639-1702)
Born: c1639 in Northampton County, Virginia
Parents: Robert and Elizabeth West
Married: 1st: Unknown, 2nd: Susannah Duparkes (a widow), probably in Accomack County, VA
Known Children: Thomas, Alice, Elizabeth, John, (unnamed) Daughter, Robert, George, Jane, Susannah
Died: 1702 in Sussex County, DE

George West was born in 1639, sometime before the 23rd of September when his parents were censured for the sin of fornication before marriage. In 1660, Thomas Dimor testifies that George has reached the age of majority, which is 21 years of age making his birth year 1639.
SOURCE: American Legal Records, Volume 7, County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia 1632-1640, edited by Susie M Ames, The American Historical Association, Washington D.C., 1954. Reprint by Kraus, 1975., p.151
SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book -- Court Orders Volume 8 1657-1664, Mackey & Groves, Picton Press, Oct 2002, p.110

George, son of Robert & Mary West mentioned in deposition (See Robert West, above, for details)
SOURCE: Couty Court Records of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia 1640-1645, Edited by Susie M. Ames

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book - Orders, Deeds, Wills &c Volume 3 1645-1651, Mackey & Groves
p.231) Court of December 1647
"Upon petition of Thomas Dimor demonstrating to the Court that he is desirous of to keep & maintain a little boy (known by the name of George West) aged about 10 years...Ordered that he shall keep in his custody & possession the said George West and employe him as his servant until he attain the age of one & twenty years. Thomas Dimor obliged to give George West one cow calf and to take care of her increase which will be given to George West when he attains the age of one & twenty." [Later deposition shows Dimor to be 35 years of age in 1647].

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book - Orders, Deeds, Wills &c, Volume 7, Mackey & Groves
p.231) "Thomas Dimmer his account of GEORGE WEST orphan, his cattle delivered in Courth 25 June 1656. Impris 3 cows & 1 yearling heffer (The original of these cattle given by me unto the above orphan & several times all his stock were dead (&lost)). The above said cattle being at this time living & renewed. Recorded 18th of July 1656."

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book - Orders, Deeds, Wills &c, Volume 7, Mackey & Groves
p.110) "Court Date 30 April 1660.
Its Ordd by ye court yt GEO: WEST late Orpht of ROBT WEST haveing attained to lawfull age bee impowered to take possession of ye Cattle yt hee can make appeare to bee of his fathers mark & justly due unto him."

SOURCE: Northampton County Record Book - Court Orders, Volume 8 1657-1664, Mackey and Groves, Picton Press Oct 2002.
Court Date 29 Jan 1661. "Its ordered yt Juoh ffurrs forthwth make payment unto THOMAS DIMEr for damage wch is manifest by ye deposs of GEORGE WEST and Jonathan Newton concerning a Maide Servt sould by ye sd ffurrs. Two hundred pds of tobaco & Cask wth Court Charges Els Exeen.
fol 128
"The Deposition of GEORGE WEST aged 23 or thereabouts Sworne & taken in open Court ye 29 of January 1661. (...content of deposition in book/not copied by me...) ye mrke of George West.

Tithable: Northampton County, VA. George West: 1

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton County, VA 1632-1800, Compiled by James Handley Marshall
CASTLE, ROBERT, turner, 26 July 1672 / 4 November 1672 - To my loving wife ALICE CASTLE forever all my lands and estate. In case my wife predeceases me, then whole estate to my friend GEORGE WEST. And if my estate does fall to George West, then to THOMAS LEIGH all the tools of my trade, to JOHN WEBB one cow and my negro woman (no name) to be free and transported to James Town if she pleases. Witt: SAMUEL YOUNG, THOMAS LEIGH - f.153a
[Note: Alice married JOHN PARSONS - 1674-1679, p.10]

SOURCE: Virginia's Eastern Shore, by Ralph T Whitelaw, Picton Press, Volume 2 pp1218-1219.
Accomack County
A136 / 1672
Patent to ROBERT HILL for 400 acres; the land is about half a mile west from Mappsville, between the crossroads to Mears and Hallwood, and on both sides of teh south branch of Messongo Creek.
(Note: Land later purchased by GEORGE WEST)

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts Volume 4
Tithables Mr Jno Wise's List: Geo. West: 2
Witness to deed Geo. (G) West - 23 July 1674

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts Volumes 1-6 by JoAnn Rile McKey, Heritage Books
[Vol. 1, 2, 3 have no entries for George West]
Tithables: Capt Rich Hill's list: George West: 1
Deed: Robert Hill & wife Jane sold to George West 200 acres on Messongo Creek Branch bordering Col. Wm Kendall. George was to have the land and "his due share of all mines and minerals therein." Signed 17 December 1675.
Patent: Recorded. Gov. Wm Berkely granted a patent for 400 a to Robert Hill for transporting 8 persons. Signed 9 Oct 1672. Robert Hill assigned all rights to above patent to Jon. Hudson and George West. Signed 17 Dec 1675.
Mentioned: On Messongoe Creek Branch, neighbor to John Parker, Nicholas Millechop and George Johnson.

SOURCE:Viginia's Eastern Shore, by Ralph T. Whitelaw, Volume 2 pp1218-1219
DEED (Same as above): Robert and Jane Hill sold 200 acres to George West and John Hudson. George West part included all the land on the south side of the branch and 50 acres above it.

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts Volumes 5 by JoAnn Riley McKey
Tithables: George West: 1
Appraisal: The appraisal of the estate of Henry Armstrong: George West acknowledged owing the estate 890 pounds tobacco

Tithables 1677: Capt. Hill's List - George West: 1
Jury: 18 January 1677/78 Jury Member
George West was granted an attachment of 1283 pounds tobacco against the estate of Peter Peco.
Jury: 19 Feb 1677/78 - jury member
Jury: 16 Apr 1678 - Jury Member
Court: "Before she died a free Negro woman in the service of George West committed her mulatto child to West. For his expenses in raising the child, West was granted the boy's services until he came of age, a term that amounted to 17 years."
Tithables 1678: Maj Boman's List: George West: 2
Court: Mentioned in a case as owner of a hog which was stolen. One Negro servant mentioned as "Tongo", a servant of "Maj West"

Tithable: George West: 2
Jury: 16 Dec 1681 - sworn in as juryman for following year

Court: decision dated 18 Oct 1682

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts 1682-1690, Volume 7, by JoAnn Riley McKey, Heritage Books, pp59-60.
Court Case of Richard Hill & Thomas Bonwell vs Benjamin Eyre re: a number of 'certificates' for panther & bear heads. George West had entrusted Hill and Eyre with his certificate who then entrusted it (and their own) to Eyre to take to the levy court for satisfaction. Testimony of George West signed 25 January 1683/4. Sworn in open Court 6 Feb 1683/4.

LORING, WILLIAM - 5 Oct 1683 - 5 Feb 1683 - Wife Alice to sell 300 a at St Mary's in Somerset, MD, proceeds to be divided by William Loring, Elizabeth Loring and wife Alice. To son William 200 a purchased of Benjamin Eyres. To dau Elizabeth. Wife Alice & Nicholas Millechop & George West excrs. Son to be at age 18, dau at 17 - Witt: John Stratton, Daniel Harwood, Sarah Harwood., p364.
Notes: This could be a shot in the dark, but considering that George West is one of the executors of this will, the Alice listed as William Loring's wife could be George's daughter Alice West. George died in 1702 and by that time Alice's name was Williams. She could have remarried.

p.66) 26 March 1684 " GEORGE WEST told the court that GILES MONPERSON (who had married West's daughter) had deserted the couty with his wife, leaving a young child in the custody of Dennis Morris "to his and his wife's great grief." They did not know when Monperson or his wife would return to take the child, so West requested an order that he should have the child and any estate that might be found. West promised to pay any just debts and save the parish the expense of supporting the child. The court considered West's petition to be reasonable and it was so ordered with West paying court charges."

p.71) 27 March 1684. "Richard Hill admitted to owing 790 pounds of tobacco to Col John Stringer (attorney: Mr: Tankred) due on a bond in which Hill was bound with GEORGE WEST. Ordered that Hill pay the debt with the costs of the suit.

p.134) 23 Dec 1685.
"John Prettiman, surveyor, presented a list of persons delinquent in clearing the highways. Ordered that the sheriff summon the following persons to the next court: (includes) GEORGE WEST.

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton County, VA 1632-1802, Compiled by James Handley Marshall
DUPARKES, PETER - 28 Mar 1688 - GEORGE WEST married the widow of Peter DuParkes - p345

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts 1682-1690 Volume 7 by JoAnn Riley McKey, Heritage Books
p.233) 2 April 1688. GEORGE WEST named to grand jury for the ensuing year.

p.258) 18 December 1688. GEORGE WEST among those fined 200pounds of tobacco for not appearing at court having been "sworn of the grand inquest for teh year 1688, a court held in Accomack County December 18, 1688."

p.282) 17 September 1689.
Grandjuryman GEORGE WEST presented Dennis Morris, his wife and son John for fighting with John Daniel on the Sabbath (informer: John Daniel)

pp.320-324) 19 September 1690. A list of Tithables in Accomack County, VA for 1690
Mr Tho.
Weburne's Precincts: Geo. West 1, Robt West 1
Mr Jno. Robinson's Precincts: Robert West 2
Mr Richard Bally's Precincts: Jno. West Sr 13, Antho. West 2

pp.336-339) 17 November 1691.
A list of Tithables for Accomack County, VA for 1691
Capt. Wallop's Precincts: Geo. West 3, Robt. West 1, Thos. West 1
Mr Robinson's Precincts: Col. Jno. West 12, Antho. West 4, Alex. West 2

pp.351-356) 15 November 1692.
A list of Tithables for Accomack County, VA for 1692.
Capt Wallop's Precincts: Geo. West 3
Mr Jo. Robinson's Precincts: Jno. West 11, Robt. West 1, Alex West 3

SOURCE: Accomack County, Virginia Court Order Abstracts, 1690-1697 Volume 8, by JoAnn Riley McKey
p.187) Accomack County Court - 19 November 1695. "Upon the motion of Mary Hodson (widow of John Hodson) it was ordered that GEORGE WEST, James Davis and Richard Hinman divide the esate before the next court according to the will"

p.188) Accomack County Court - 19 November 1695. "Ordered that GEORGE WEST, James Davis and Richard Hinman inventory & appraise the estate of Morris Dennis (dec'd) before teh next court. They were to go to the nearest Magistrate to be sworn."

p.197) Accomack County Court - 19 December 1695. "Captain Thomas Welburne sued GEORGE WEST for 307 pounds of tobacco but West could not be found. Attachment was granted against West's estate to pay the debt & court costs."

p.247) Accomack County Court - 7 April 1697.
"GEORGE WEST petitioned to be paid for attending court 5 days as a witness for Mr Samuel Sanford against John Abbot. Ordered that Sandford pay West 200 pounds of tobacco and court charges."

SOURCE: Virginia's Eastern Shore, by Ralph T. Whitelaw, Picton Press
Accomack County
"George and Susannah West of the Territory of Pennsylvania sold it all to John Northam, late of Northampton. A record of his death was not noted, but he may have been succeeded by a son, Thomas."

Note: Sussex DE was once considered part of the 'Territory of Pennsylvania'

SOURCE: Accomack County, Virginia Court Order Abstracts 1697-1703, Volume 9, by JoAnn Riley McKey, Heritage Books.
p.1) "Mr William Dennison presented letters of attorney from GEORGE WEST, SR and his wife SUSANNA; Dennnison was authorized to acknowledge a sale of land to John Northam. The deed was put on record.

Note: If this deed is 'on record' it would be available for location comparison to the above-mentioned land entries for George West.

Note: George's son John West was living in MD by 1685. The last Accomack entry for son Thomas West is 1692. George's son George was under 18 in 1702 when George Sr wrote his will and is unlikely the George West of any of these entries. It is clear that the George West who married Susanna is George Sr. and that he and his wife had moved from VA by 1697.

SOURCE: Calendar of Sussex County Delaware Probate Records
GEORGE WEST, planter, Will. made 11 January 1702; probated 2 February 1702
Sons...Thomas, John, Robert, and George West
Daughters...Jane West, Susanna West, Alice Williams, Elizabeth Barker (widow)
Grandson...John Numparsons (or Mumparsons)
Excrs: sons Thomas West and John West

Sussex County, PA
In the name of God Amen. I GEORGE WEST of Sussex County annexed to Pennsylvania, Planter, being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, do make and declare this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form following Viz--
Ipremis I give and bequeath my soul in to the hands of Almighty God, that gave it me, trusting and assuredly believing in and through the meritorious death and passion of my Lord and Savious Jesus Christ to receive full and free pardon of all my past sins and offences, my body I commmitt to the ground from where it was taken to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as for my worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased Almighty God in this vain and transitory world to bless me with, all I give and dispose thereof as follows Viz--

First, I give and bequeath unto my son THOMAS WEST one shilling money of Pennsylvania above said, To my daughter ELIZABETH BARKER widow one shilling of like money, To my daughter ALICE WILLIAMS one shilling of like money and to my son JOHN WEST one shilling of the same money.

ITEM I give and bequeath unto my grandson JOHN MUMPARSONS one cow and calf by her side

ITEM As for my children GEORGE and JANE WEST and SUSANNA WEST after my funeral charges paid just debts and the above legacies discharged I give and bequeath unto them the said GEORGE, JANE, and SUSANNA WEST my children all and singular my esate both real and personall, that is to say to them and their heirs forever to be paid and delivered to them by equall division by my executors hereafter named Viz--

To GEORGE WEST at his arrival to 18 years of age and to the two girls at their respective ages of 16 years of age each, the tuition of which children I commit to the care and custody of my two sons THOMAS and JOHN WEST above named, until they shall arrive at their respective ages as above axprest, hereby constituting and appointing my said two sons THOMAS and JOHN WEST joint executors of wills by me made, declaring and publishing this onely to stand for and be my Last and Testament, Butt if in case it should soe happen that my said as above shall refuse to take care of my above exprest son GEORGE and JANE and SUSANNA, that then the worshipfull court of this County to of them and be faithful guardians to them, and what by this my Last and Testament shall belong to them in Witness whereof I have sett my hand and seal this 11th day of January in the first year reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Anne over England to An a Dom'

Signed Sealed Published the mark of Declared and Delivered GEORGE (S) WEST (SEAL)

In the presence of James Walker-Roger Corbett Then appeared James Walker Esq. and Roger Corbett Sen (or Gent) The witnesses subscribing personall before me Nehmiah Field Depty Regr. for the of wills and granting letters of administration whithin the siad Cou made oath upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that in Thee and presence the testator above named did sign seal publish and declare above written will to be his Last Will and Testament, and that the doing then was of a sound disposing mind memory and judgement to the best of their ledge in Testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed the seal of the said The day and year next above written--
(Seal) Nehemiah Field

Note: Based on the estimate birth dates for George, Jane and Susanna West, it is likely that they are the children of George's 2nd marriage to Susanna DuParkes. There is a notation in the record that George married Susanna in 1688, which is 14 years prior to his death.     

Source: Some Records of Sussex County Delaware, compiled by C.H.B. Turner
"March 4th, 1706. JOHN WEST & THOMAS WEST, Joint Executors of the Last Will and Testament of their father GEORGE WEST decd came into Court and Making themselves Debtr by Inventory and Appraisment in the sum of 94 pounds, 14 shillings, and 2 pence, Produced therewth and Account of funeral charges Debts and legacies paid and other Lawfull disbursements accounting in & to ye sum of 64 pounds, 19 shillings, & one peny, And prays of ye Court allowance of ye same."

THOMAS WEST (c.1660/7 - 1707/8)
Born: about 1660 in Northampton/Accomack County, VA
Parents: George West & Unknown
Married: Elizabeth (nee Unknown) in unknown location
Known Children: Ann, Robert, George, Samuel, Thomas, John, William
Died: 1707/8 in Worcester County, MD

Probable Range for Date of Birth

SOURCE: Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts 1682-1690 Volume 7 by JoAnn Riley McKey, Heritage Books
p.338) A list of Tithables for Accomack, 1691
Tho. West: 1

p.346) 21 June 1692.
"Deed: THOMAS WEST, planter, sold NICHOLAS MILLECHOP the remainder of a lease on 144 acres near Muddy Creek; Millechop had formerly leased the land to Cornelius Berry, then Henry Warren, both of Northampton County, who leased it to West. Signed 21 June 1692, by THOMAS (T) West. Witnesses: Richard Hinman, William Chance, and Robert Scott."

Witness to Deed: THOMAS WEST & Patrick Freeman
A sale of land on Muddy Creek by Robert Burton to Richard Hinman, Signed 20 Sept 1692; Catherine Burton wife of Richard Burton.

SOURCE: Land Records of Sussex County DE 1681-1725 by Mary Marhsall Brewer
John Patey ackn 400a of land unto THOMAS WEST, conveyance bearing date 8 March 1693 (A pg 166)
Note: The land owned by Thomas West alternately appears in Sussex and Somerset Counties. This is due to the disputed county line which was not determined until later. Note the location in the next entry.

SOURCE: Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700 by Peter William Coldham
Somerset County   West Recovery 500a   30 July 1696
Location of "West Recovery" is in Baltimore Hundred in Somerset County, MD

SOURCE: Worcester County Maryland Wills
THOMAS WEST, Somerset County, MD 10 March 1707-8  / 5 June 1708
To eldest sons Robert and heirs, second son GEORGE, and son Samuel, jointly 500acres, "West Recovery", also to son Samuel dwelling plantation. Should son Robert die without issue, his estate to pass unto son Thomas, and son George dying without issue, his to pass to son John, and son Samuel dying without issue, his to pass to son William. 4 young sons viz., Samuel, THomas, John and William to daughter Anne___, and granddaughter Elizabeth____, daughter of said Anne___, personalty.
Sons to be of 18 years, should their mother marry.
Excrs. Wife Elizabeth and eldest son Robert.

Note: Leonard Johnson and Michael Godwin also appear as witnesses to son George West's will in 1756. It also mentions land called 'Thomas West's Pasture'.

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of MD, Compiled by V.L. Skinner
THOMAS WEST   28.324  I  SO  L49.14.6  10 August 1708
     Items at house of Elizabeth West
     Appraisors: Hugh Tingle, John Smith

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of MD, Compiled by V.L.Skinner
THOMAS WEST  31.67  Administration  Somerset Co   12 Sept 1709
Payments to SUSANNAH WEST (under age) Orphan of GEORGE WEST (admin by dec'd), Mr Bozman, Peter Dent, Mr John Bozman
Excrx: ELIZABETH WEST, wife of William Freeman.

Note: This administration is important because it links the Thomas West of Somerset and 'West Recovery' as the executor of the estate of George West. The executorship of that estate was designated specifically for George's 'son' Thomas, proving the relationship between father and son. The mention of Susannah West also connects this entry to George's will.

SOURCE: Lands of Worcester County Maryland 1666-1810, by Ruth T. Dryden
16 July 1696     Patented by THOMAS WEST for 500a in Baltimore 100
1708               THOMAS WEST willed to sons ROBERT WEST, GEORGE WEST, SAMUEL WEST
19 June 1727    WILLIAM WEST of Sussex County, DE, heir of Samuel, sold 68 a to GEORGE WEST
23 June 1755    WILLIAM WEST sold 50a to ROBERT WEST
2 July 1755      THOMAS WEST gave 50a to son JOHN WEST
12 Nov 1755     ROBERT WEST resurveyed his part to 287a
12 Oct 1762     LEVI WEST with wife MARY WEST sold to Joseph Massey 74a
2 Aug 1766      WILLIAM WEST sold 50a to ROBERT WEST
24 Feb 1770     JANE IRONS widow sold to William Gray 200a of WESTS RECOVERY, LONG ACRES, GOOD SUCCESS
20 Mar 1770     EZIKIEL WEST son of THOMAS WEST of Sussex County DE with wife SARAH WEST sold 80a to JOHN WEST.

Prior to 1775 this hundred was claimed as part of Worcester County, MD, being named for Lord Baltimore. After the boundary line between Maryland and Delaware was confirmed, Baltimore Hundred became part of Sussex County, Delaware.

So named in 1706.
This hundred together with Lewes and Rehoboth, Brodkill and Cedar Creek Hundreds, formed what the early settlers called "Old Sussex".

GEORGE WEST (1699-1756)
Born: 1699 in Maryland
Parents: Thomas West & Elizabeth (nee Unknown)
Married: 1st: Sarah Rodney, 2nd: Betty (nee Unknown, possibly a Johnson)
Known Children: George, Levi, Elias, Eli, Mary, Jemima, Comfort, Joyce, Elijah, Amos
Died: 1756 in Maryland

SOURCE: Worcester County Maryland Wills
Inherited part of 500 acre 'West Recovery' along with brothers Robert & Samuel from his father Thomas.

SOURCE: Methodist Council Records of Sussex Co. (File of West Researcher Kevin Copp)
Kevin's notes state, "Moved to Sussex County Maryland. Became a Methodist and was very active in that Church. The Lovely Lane Methodists Museum and Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland donated much data for research. George West married two times. According to the Methodists Council Records of Sussex Co, George married first to Sarah Rodney, daughter of John & Ruth Rodney. Baptismal Book states Sarah was born in the year 1705. George and Sarah were married June 1724. They had one child, Levi West, born 14 March 1726. George West and family remained in Sussex Co for several years and in 1732 he patented land in Sussex named 'Long Acres'. Worcester Co came from Somerset Co in 1742.

GEORGE WEST remarried c 1728 to Betty (nee Unknown) sometime between March 1726 when George & Sarah's son Levi was born and 1728 when George & Betty's son Elias was born. Based upon the Next of Kin information in the administration of her estate, I believe that Betty may have been a Johnson.

SOURCE: West Family Register by Letta Brock Stone
"George West who died in 1760 left land in Dorchester County as well as Worcester, while one of the tracts which he devised to his children lay in Sussex County, DE. This was Longacre, which he had patented in 1732, while Sussex County was still a part of Maryland."

SOURCE: Somerset County Judicial Records 1733-1735
"Ordered by the court that GEORGE WEST be overseer of the roads in Baltimore Hundred from teh head of the Indian Town Branch over a beaver dam into the road by George Howard's plantation and from CEASOR GODWIN'S up the river to Pepper Creek."

"Edward Chambers, Esq. vs. GEORGE WEST. George West, planter, was summoned to answer unto Edward Chambers, Esq. of a plea that he render unto him L66 sterling money of Great Britain. Edward Chambers by William Beckingham his attorney says that GEORGE WEST on 6 July 1734, made a witing obligatory to Edward Chambers. GEORGE WEST by William Gouldsborough his attorney, says that he cannot gainsay the action; therefore it is considered that Edward Chambers recover against GEORGE WEST his debt and 299 pounds of tobacco. (196)"

"David Hazzard Petition.
Petitioner, of Indian River Hundred, says that whereas the public road that leads from Ceader (Blurred) the said river doth go through a tract of my land to the great damage and prays an order to turn about a quarter of a mile of the said road in length and about 300 years distance in breadth from where the road now is. Court orders that the petitioner will be allowed to turn the road according to the direction of Capt. John Smith, and GEORGE WEST, the overseer of the same road, if they think it proper that the road be turned and if not, that the road remains unalterable. (211)"

"John Smith and GEORGE WEST were (previously) appointed to view a certain section of the road at Indian River which was required to be turned by David Hazzard. Dated 19 October 1734. (241)"

23 May 1745 GEORGE WEST sold 17a to WILLIAM WEST
1755 GEORGE WEST willed to sons GEORGE WEST and LEVI WEST
12 Oct 1762 LEVI WEST sold 4 acres to Joseph Massey

SOURCE: Maryland Calendar of Wills 1753-1760 Volume 11
Listed will of GEORGE WEST of Worcester County, MC 5 Jan 1755 / 5 Mar 1760
Wife: Betty
Children: George, Elias, Amos, Elijah, Eli, Lewis (Levi?), Mary Godwin, Jemima, Comfort and Joyce.
Tracts: "Good Success" and "Thomas West's Pasture"
Exs: Betty West and Elias West
Wit: Michael Godwin, Leonard and Ruth Johnson  30.769

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Inventories & Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, by V.L. Skinner, Jr.
1755-1760, p103
69.343  WO  L96.6.2   4 June 1760
Appraisers: Andrew Gibb, Isaac Biel
Creditors: Robert McCrea, Martha Russell
Next of Kin: WILLIAM WEST, THOMAS WEST (These are George West Sr's brothers. George Jr's uncles)
Adm: LEVI WEST (Levi is George Jr's brother)

Note: This 1760 will for Gory/George West is that of George West Sr's son George Jr.

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Balance Books of the Prerogative Court of Maryland - Libers 2 & 3 - 1755-1763 by V.L. Skinner Jr.
GEORGE WEST 3.141   Distribution of Estate.  Worcester  L103.1.9   3 June 1762
Legatees: Levi West, Elias West, Mary Godwin, Jemima West, Comfort West, Joyce West, Amos, Elijah, Elias, Widow (unamed)
Distribution: Widow (unamed, 1/3); Residue to 6 children (equally): Jemima, Comfort, Amos, Elijah, Joyce and Eli
Administrator: Levi West

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, Compiled by V.L. Skinner
1760-1763, p78
BETTY WEST     79.117   WO   L20.2.2   12 Nov 1761   3 Aug 1762
Appraisers: Michael Godwin, Benjamin Schofield
Creditors: Levi West
Adm: Elijah West

SOURCE: Abstracts of Administrative Accounts of the Prerogative Courts of Maryland by VL Skinner, p.111
GEORGE WEST   49.426   Administration Worcester Co   L58.11.6   5 Aug 1763
Legatees: accountant, JOYCE (dau), ELIJAH (son), COMFORT (dau), JEMIMA (dau), MARY (dau) wife of DANIEL GODWIN, BETTY WEST (widow now dead), AMOS (son died prior to his father), ELIAS (son now dead), ELI (son).
Distribution: Elijah West (administrator of Betty West, widow 1/3), Residue in equal amounts: JOICE WEST (dau), ELIJAH WEST, COMFORT (dau) wife of JOHN DAVEY, JEMIMA WEST, ELIAS (now dead), ELI (minor)

LEVI WEST (1726-1787)
Born: 14 March 1726 in Sussex County DE/MD
Parents: George West & Sarah Rodney
Married: Mary Williams about 1748 in Maryland
Known Children: George, Andrew, Prudence, Levi, Elias, John, Mary, Sarah, Julity, Tamar, James, Jacob, Jeptha
Died: 17 June 1787 in Onslow County, NC

Note: Participants from the West DNA Project are linked to "Family Group 1: LEVI WEST". Source is FamilyTreeDNA. Follow link to Projects and West Surname.

SOURCE: Methodist Council Records of Sussex County Maryland
Levi West was born in Sussex County DE/MD (depending on location of county line at the time). Parents George West & Sarah Rodney, members of the Methodist Church of Sussex, on 14 March 1726. Alternate sources list Levi's DOB as 13 March 1725/6.

Levi West married Mary Williams, the daughter of Andrew & Prudence Williams in Maryland

SOURCE: Maryland Calendar of Wills 1753-1760 Volume 11
Listed in the Will of George West of Worcester County, MD 5 Jan 1755 / 5 Mar 1760
"To son Levi - right to Long Acre and Good Success; land in Thomas West's pasture: pers."

LEVI WEST is listed as Administrator/Executor of George/Gory West's estate. Presumed to be his brother, George West Jr.
(See George West Sr's notes for 1760, above)

SOURCE: Land Records of Worcester County, MD 1666-1810, by Ruth T. Dryden
Patented on 28 Dec 1741 by William Franklin and wife for 330a
17 Sep 1747 William Franklin with wife Sarah Franklin, daughter of Henry Alexander, sold to John Newbold 222a of Golden Quarter, Holly Head & Addition.
2 June 1756 John Newbold of Sussex County, DE sold all to Samuel Atkinson.
4 November 1762 Samuel Atkinson with wife Sarah Atkinson sold to LEVI WEST on the south side of Gravely Branch.
29 June 1764 LEVI WEST sold to Johnathan Vaughn and Company 330a

SOURCE: Abstracts from the Land Records of Dorchester County, MD
Entry for sale of land from David McMurtrie of Philadelphia, PA to Joseph Pennal, includes "Addition" containing 333a in Worcester County, MD, purchased of LEVI WEST.

SOURCE: Abstracts of the Balance Books of the Prerogative Court of Maryland - Libers 2 & 3 - 1755-1763, by V.L. Skinner, Jr.
Distribution of the estate of George West. Levi is named as a legatee (heir) and as the estate administrator.
See George West entries 1762 for full abstract.

Note: Since Levi is acting as the administrator of his father's estate, it is likely that he remained in Maryland at least through 1762.

30 Nov 1795 Andrew West, John West of Jones County and LEVI WEST of Onslow County to John Tilman for 30 pounds, 100acres in Jones County contained in 2 patents on WHITEOAK RIVER patented by LEVI WEST 24 Dec 1770 at east side of CRANBERRY POND adjoining land whereon West lived. This part is 25a and the other tract 75a patented 27 Oct 1784. Wts. Thomas West, George West.

Note: Levi West is living in Onslow, NC by 1770. This is the same location reported to be his granddaughter Mary's birthplace. She is the daughter of John West. Andrew, John, and George are all sons of Levi West living in either Jones or Onslow, NC. Here's a little mystery: WHO IS THOMAS WEST? An unknown son who died prior to Levi in 1787? Or the son of one of Levi's brothers, perhaps. Levi's brother Eli is living in NC at this time, too.

Carteret County, NC - Carteret County 1779 - District No 1
Name - Andrew West
Lands in Carteret - 200
Cattle - 7, Horses - 2, Money in Hand & Stock on Trade - 3"0, Gross Assessment - 413-0-0

Name - Eli West
Lands in Carteret - 1407
Lands in Onslow - 200
Negroes - 13, Cattle - 33, Horses - 6, Lotts in New Town - 1, Money in Hand & Stock on Trade - 64"-0"-0, Gross Assessment - 11858-0-0

Lands in Carteret - 1159
Cattle - 15, Horses 5, Money in Hand & Stock on Trade - 5"0"0, Gross Assessment - 1564-0-0

SOURCE: Onslow County Deed Book M
8-  September 3, 1779
Kezier Taylor, son: John Casata, daus: Rebecca & Elener Casada, Tests: Brice Williams, LEVI WEST

SOURCE: Onslow County Deed Book N
40- December 16, 1784
Nathan Cook to John Miles, 50a on NEW RIVER at LEVI WEST'S line.

SOURCE: Onslow County Deed Book O
4- January 3, 1786
ELI WEST of Carteret County, NC bought of Richard Ward & wife Fanny 60 pounds, a house, & lot in Swansborough, NC. No.25 at mouth of WHITE OAK RIVER, WEEKS POINT., Tests: LEVI WEST, Bridger Jones, Josiah Jones

11- April 8, 1786
LEVI WEST to Solomon Hicks of Carteret County, NC for 75 pounds, 100 acres on the NE side of NEW RIVER on BUCK BRANCH below Bryants Tar Landing on Savage's line

SOURCE: Records of Onslow County, NC 1734/1850, by Zac H. Gwynn, Vol 1 Deed Book M 1779/1781
WEST, LEVI, June 17, 1787
To sons George, Andrew, Levi, John, James, Jacob and Jeptha.
Jacob and Jeptha, the youngest sons, the land in Jones Co joining Nathan Ball's land. Mentions land bought of Simon & Moses Fox.
To my daughters Prudence HICKS, Mary MELTON, Sarah WEST, Julity WEST.
To wife MARY WEST.
Exrs, my wife MARY and my son ANDREW WEST.
Test William W. Taylor, Elizabeth Spearman, Samuel Spearman

Note: Elias and Tamar are not mentioned in the will, so possibly deceased prior to 1787.

SOURCE: Photocopy of original will of LEVI WEST.
No date or probate, but estate was being administered by 27 Oct 1787.

"In the name of God, Amen. I LEVI WEST of Onslow County in the State of North Carolina being weak in body but of Sound mind and memory and calling to mind the morality of my body that is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, in manner and form following I commit my soul into the hands of God that gave it hoping through the merits and meditations of my blessed Saviour to receive free pardon of all my sins and by Body I commit to the Earth from whence it was taken and as to such wordly estate as it hath pleased God to endow me with I dispose of in the following manner to Wit:

First, my Will and Desire is that all my Just debts be punctually paid

Secondly, I give and bequeath to my son GEORGE WEST my big broad ax besides what I have before given him, to him and his heirs & assigns forever.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath unto my son ANDREW WEST 100 acres of land lying between his and Dudleys & Harpers land to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son LEVI WEST 200 acres of land be the same more or less lying on the North side of the BLACK SWAMP in JONES COUNTY below a small branch the second branch above the plantation whereon he now lives and a straight line up the branch to the fences and it being part of two tracts of land, also my account against John Prescoat to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son JOHN WEST my big jointer and trowell besides what I have before given him to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my son JAMES WEST 100 acres and 75 acres of land on the west side of the great North East on mills run, also one gun & shoemakers tools to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my two youngest sonds JACOB and JEPTHA WEST the plantation that I now live on that I bought of Moses Fox to be equally divided either by line or sale when they come of age. My will and desire is that my wife MARY WEST have teh use of my plantation whereon I now live during her natural life.

Item. I give and bequeath to my two youngest sons JACOB and JEPTHA WEST 200 acres of land lying in Jones County joining the state road and Nathan Ball's land to be sold either by Private or Public sale at twelve month credit, the money arising from thence to be put out to use until these my two sons become to age then to be equally divided between them Likewise each of them a gun with my Carpenters and Jointers Tools to them and their heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my sons ANDREW, LEVI & JOHN WEST 100 acres of land on the head of WHITE OAK including the CRANBERRY POND & upper (blot) patch to them and their heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give to my daughter MARY MILTON one ewe & lamb besides what I have before fiven to her and her heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give to my daughter SARAH WEST one riding horse or mare, one cow and calf, one feather bed & furniture and spinning wheel and chest, one iron pot, one bason, one dish and four plates to her heirs and assigns forever.

Item. I give to my daughter JULITY WEST one riding horse or mare, one cow and calf, one feather bed & furniture and spinning wheel and chest, one iron pot, one bason, one dish and four plates to her heirs and assigns forever.

Item. All the remainder of my estate both within and without doors I leave to my WIFE to use, live on, sell or give to her children during her natural life then if anything remains to be equally divided amongst the whole of my children.

Item. My will is that if either of my three youngest sons should die without lawful begotten heir for the Other or Others to heir and possess their estate. Likewise it is my desire that they should continue to live with their mother her natural life or their being of age upon condition that they shall be in obedience to their Mother and obey her lawful commands if not for my son ANDREW to bind them to good trades.

Lastly, I constitute and appoint my well beloved wife MARY WEST executrix & my son ANDREW WEST executor of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills made Ratifying & Confirming that this and no Other to be my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I hae herunto set my hand and seal this ?7 day of June one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven.

Signed Sealed published and declared in the presence of us:
William W. Taylor
Samuel (his mark) Spearman                                   LEVI WEST Seal
Elizabeth (E.) Spearman

Land in Jones County, NC from Land Entry and Deed Book abstracts:
27 Oct 1787 - MARY WEST executrix and ANDREW WEST executor of estate of LEVI WEST, deceased to William George for 21pds, 5sh, 1pc, 200acres between WHITE OAK RIVER and STATE ROAD at county line near Nathan Ball's corner which was patented by LEVI WEST, Mar 8, 1779, granted by Richard Caswell and ordered by will of said West to be sold by his executors. Wts. Nathan Ball, Lemuel Lipsay.

SOURCE: Records of Onslow County, NC Vol I & II by Zac Hargett Gwynn.
Deed Book Q, p35
4 August 1788 - Jacob Huggins to MARY WEST for 20L, Paid by MARY WEST.

Deeds to land to JACOB and JEPTHA WEST, 30 acres at Moses Fox corner now possessed by SOLOMON HICKS at Levi West's line which was granted Stephen H. Howard.
Testators: William Wilkins Taylor, Lizsanna Huggins

MARY WEST, Onslow County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 2f, 0sl
Note: Mary is now a widow and listed as Head of Household. The children are likely Jacob & Jeptha and Sarah or Julity

LEVI WEST, Onslow County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 3f, 0sl
Note: Son of Levi & Mary listed with wife and 3 children.

JOHN WEST, Jones County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 2f, 2sl
Note: This would seem to indicate that John had 1 son and 1 daughter born before 1790. Currently, there are no known children who fit that criterion.

ELI WEST, Jones County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 4f, 34sl
Note: Eli West is Mary West's brother-in-law, the brother of Levi. Eli is listed as living next to a Joseph Godwin, a surname from MD that is related to the Wests.

ANDREW WEST, Jones County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 4f, 0sl

Note: These are the only Wests listed for Onslow and Jones Counties, NC

Onslow County, NC Census
Township: Wilmington
County: Onslow
State: North Carolina
Year: 1800
Roll: M32_32
Page: 150
Image: 149

Deed Book W, p84
14 April 1803 - MARY WEST to JACOB WEST for 12L; sold cattle


West Researcher, Melanie Barnett indicates that 4 of Levi's sons fought in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina.
Note: That would be George, Levi, Andrew and John. It is possible that Elias, who was older than John by 3 years, also participated, but was killed prior to Levi's will in 1787. Sons Jacob & Jeptha were born in 1776 & 1778, so were just babies.

Levi West (son of George) rec'd pension from Rev. War BN 13 March 1726. Died 6-17-1787 at Onslow Co., NC.
Note: Need to find a copy of that pension application.

JOHN WEST (1763-1854)
Borth: 12 March 1763 in Maryland
Parents: Levi West & Mary Williams
Married: 1st: Rachel Harrison before 1790 in North Carolina; 2nd: Susannah Freeland
Known Children: Vashti, William, John, Mary, Sarah 'Sally', (Daughter), Joseph, Thomas, Jane G., William P., Annis
Died: February 1854 in Sumner County, TN

Born 12 March 1763 in Maryland
SOURCE: 1880 Sumner County Census of daughter Mary Durham. Indicates that both of her parents were born in Maryland.
SOURCE: 1830 Sumner County Census for John West. Puts him in the appropriate age range to match a 1763 DOB
SOURCE: John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application, R.11341.
Birth date & location mentioned several times. One document lists: 'John West son of Levi West and mary his wife was born March 12th-- 1763 / Rachel West daughter of Samuel'

John West moved with his parents from Maryland to North Carolina
SOURCE: John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application, R.11341. States that he lived in Onslow County, NC.

Carteret County, NC - Carteret County 1779 Tax List - District No.2
Lands in Carteret - 1 plantation
Negroes - 3
Cattle - 20
Horses - 2
Gross Assessment - 6580
Note:  Father or Brother Levi also owned land in Carteret County, NC. John would've been 16 years old at the time of this taxation. However there are no other John Wests listed within the extended family to suggest that it is not him. Levi West, Andrew West and Eli West are also on the Tax List for Carteret in 1779.

Enlisted early in the summer of 1780 and served 2 months as a private in Captain Amos Love's company, Col. Spicer's NC regiment. Enlisted in the fall of 1780 and served 1 month in Capt. Daniel Newton's company in Col. Spicer's NC regiment.
[SOURCE: John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application. R11341]

Enlisted in the summer or fall of 1781 and served 3 months in Captain Bazel Grant's company, Col. Spicer's NC regiment; that he served 3 or 4 weeks in 1781 or 1782 as a private.
[SOURCE: John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application. R11341]

Before 1784, John West married Rachel Harrison, probably in North Carolina
[SOURCE: John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application. R11341. This source lists John West's wife as 'Rachel daughter of Samuel'. It does not specify a surname.]

SOURCE: Last Will & Testament of John's father, LEVI WEST
"Item. I give and bequeath unto my son JOHN WEST my big jointer and trowell besides what I have before given him to him and to his heirs and assigns forever."
"Item. I give and bequeath to my sons ANDREW, LEVI, & JOHN WEST 100acres of land on the head of the WHITE OAK RIVER including the CRANBERRY POND & upper (blot) patch to them and their heirs and assigns forever."

Jones County, NC - sold land on WHITE OAK RIVER

JOHN WEST, Jones County, NC Census - 1m<16, 1m>16, 2f, 2sl
Note: This enumeration indicates that John is likely married with 1 son and 1 daughter, and owns 2 slaves. We currently know of no children belonging to John & Rachel West with birthdates confirmed before 1790.
Note: WESTs listed in the Jones County, NC Census as Head of Household: Eli West (John's uncle), Andrew West (John's brother)
Note: WESTs listed in the Onslow County, NC Census as Head of Household: Mary West (John's mother), Levi West (John's brother)

30 Nov 1795 ANDREW WEST, JOHN WEST, of Jones County and LEVI WEST of Onslow County to John Tillman for 30 pounds, 100 a in Jones County contained 2 patents on WHITE OAK RIVER patented by LEVI WEST 24 Dec 1770 at east side of CRANBERRY POND adjoining land whereon West lived. This part is 25 acres and the other tract 75 acres patented 27 Oct 1784. Wts. THOMAS WEST, GEORGE WEST.
Note: This is the land mentioned in the will of their father, Levi West who made the original patent 24 Dec 1770. It also ties together the 3 brothers even though they are listed in separate counties.


SOURCE: Sumner County Archives: Vertical File - West Family Information provided by Theda Pond Womack
"JOHN WEST was a great admirer of ANDREW JACKSON. He walked from Rock Bridge to Logan County, KY to see the Jackson-Dickson duel, which was on 28 May 1806. In a pension application JOHN says that he moved to Sumner County in 1807.

JOHN probably moved his family to Sumner at that time. It is unknown whether RACHEL was alive at that time and came to Sumner or if she died in NC.

Another story told by Brode Cantrell to report's author: JOHN was out in the woods hunting when he heard a man splitting rails. Upon investigating, he discovered that the man was his brother ANDREW WEST. Until that moment, JOHN did not know that his brother had moved into the area. JOHN had come to the headwaters of DESHA'S CREEK, near the present village of ROCK BRIDGE. His brother ANDREW had come up BRUSHY FORK CREEK to the headwaters, also Rock Bridge. They lived only 15 miles apart. Both JOHN & ANDREW remained in Sumner County and have many descendants there. Two other brothers, JACOB & GEORGE, lived in Sumner County for a short time. GEORGE moved to Rutherford County, TN. Jacob moved to IL where he had a lawsuit tried by ABRAHAM LINCOLN in 1837.

JOHN fought at NEW ORLEANS under Jackson who affectionately called him "RED COAT JOHNNY" because he killed so many British at New Orleans. He also went with Jackson to fight the Creek Indians at HORSESHOE BEND. On this expedition, JOHN's ankle was bitten by a poisonous snake. The place never healed completely, becoming swollen and painful each summer."

Note: In addition to being interesting, this file provides testimonial information about the brothers of JOHN WEST, naming ANDREW, GEORGE & JACOB WEST. All 4 of these men are mentioned in records associated with their father, LEVI WEST, and to the records of Jones, Onslow &/or Carteret Counties, NC. The exception to the latter part is brother George West whom I have not found listed on his own in the records of those NC counties.

SOURCE: American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions / / Search: Military
State: Tennessee
Location: Gallatin, Sumner
Reason: For a more specific detail of his service and all its material facts

Note: I wasn't completely surprised by this because it corresponds to some Sumner Census data. One of the census years (sorry, I forget which one) included a column to indicate names of men receiving Rev War pensions. John's name was not listed there.

SOURCE: Footnotes. Online scan of JOHN WEST'S American Revolutionary War Pension Application. R11341.

Note: Having located an online scan of John West's Revolutionary War Pension Application I was excited to find the documentation proving that John is the son of Levi & Mary West and that his wife was Rachel, daughter of Samuel. John apparently waited until 1836 to seek a pension having believed that only 'regular' (fulltime?) soldiers were eligible. John seems to have volunteered for several short stints in 1780-1782. Perhaps because of the length of time between his service and his affadavits on said service, the application did not contain enough details or direct testimony from those who served with him. The application was rejected and John did not receive a pension based on that service. These documents only address his service in the American Revolution. They do not cover his service during the War of 1812 which is described in the report of Brode Cantrell to Theda Pond Womack.

JOHN WEST married SUSANNAH FREELAND on 9 August 1810 in Sumner County, TN

SOURCE: Wikipedia / Battle of Horseshoe Bend
SOURCE: Sumner County Archives - West Family Information - Vertical File, compiled by Theda Pond Womack
According to the West family info provided to Theda Pond Womack from Brode Cantrell, JOHN WEST fought at the BATTLE OF HORSESHOE BEND. This was a battle of the War of 1812 and fought in central Alabama. On March 27, 1814, US Forces and Indian allies under GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON defeated the Red Sticks, a part of the Creek Indian tribe, inspired by the Shawnee leader Tecumseh, effectively ending the Creek War.

SOURCE: Wikipedia / Battle of New Orleans
SOURCE: Sumner County Archives - Vertical File - West Family Information, compiled by Theda Pond Womack
JOHN WEST fought in the Battle of New Orleans which took place on January 8, 1815, and was the final major battle of the War of 1812. American forces under GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON defeated an invading British army intent on seizing New Orleans and America's western lands.

Source: Taxable Property Records of Sumner County, TN
JOHN WEST 320a Ridge
DANIEL WEST 80a Drake's Creek
JACOB WEST 240a on South Fork of DC

US Census, Sumner County, TN
JOHN WEST 1M>44, 2M<10, 1F>44, 1F26-45, 3F<10, 1 person engaged in agriculture
JOHN WEST 1M16-26, 4M<10, 1F16-26, 1 person engaged in agriculture

Note: This man is the first JOHN WEST listed. John was ~57 in 1820, putting him in that 45 and above category. The wife listed was Susannah who was born in 1780, making her ~40 and putting her in the 26-45 age bracket. That leaves one female of >44 years of age. Could this be John's mother Mary? All of John's daughters were married in 1820 or before. Youngest daughter Sally would only have been 20 in 1820 and she married that same year. Sally does not fit either category listed.

US Census, Sumner County, TN
1236 WEST, JOHN 011100001 01110001

Note: Interpretation of Data
1M age 61-70 (b1760-1769)...John West, b 1763, age 67
1M age 16-20 (b1810-1814)...Joseph West, b. Nov 1811, age 19
1M age 11-15 (b1815-1819)...Thomas West, b.1815, age 15
1M age 6-10 (b1820-1824).....William P. West, b. June 1821, age 9
1F age 51-60 (b1770-1779)....Susannah Freeland West, b. Aug 1770, age ~50
1F age 16-20 (b1810-1814)....Unknown Female
1F age 11-15 (b1815-1819)....Jane G. West, b. April 1818, age 12
1F age 6-10 (b1820-1824).....Annis West, b. Aug 1824, age 6

Most of the information on the JOHN WEST family matches what is known about this John West. Wife Susanna is on the cusp of one age category versus the next, so it just depends on the timing of her birthday. John's eldest son William had probably died prior to 1821 since he had another son by that same name born that year. Son John West Jr and daughters Vashti, Polly and Sally were all married before 1821 and are not included here. There is a listing for 1 unknown female who does not match listings for any known daughters. Based upon the age range, she would be a daughter of Susanna's. There are no other West families listed in the 1830 Sumner County Census.

In August of 1850, John West's 2nd wife, Susannah Freeland West, died and was buried in a cemetery near Rock Bridge, Sumner, TN

US CENSUS, Sumner County, TN
Age: 87
Est. Birth Year: 1762
Birth Place: MARYLAND
Gender: Male
Home in 1850: District 17, Sumner, TN
Page: 205
Roll: M432_897
Household: 85
Household: 86
Household: 87

Note: Now a widower, John is living with son William and youngest daughter Annis. The next 2 households listed are those of John's sons Thomas & Joseph West.

John West died in February 1854 in Sumner County, TN at ~91 years of age.

SOURCE: Sumner County Archives - Vertical File - West Family Information by Theda Pond Womack
"Brode Cantrell (reported) that just before his death, JOHN asked not to be buried with Susannah since they had been unhappy together. Nevertheless, he was buried with her when he died. Both graves are unmarked in a cemetery near Rock Bridge, Sumner County, TN."

Additional children for John? Remember that the 1790 census of NC indicated that John & Rachel had 1 son and 1 daughter born prior to 1790. The 1830 census suggests that John & Susannah had a daughter born between 1810-1814 who is otherwise unaccounted for. Here are some possibilities found in the records of Sumner County, TN:

EDITH WEST married Thomas Bradley on 6 November 1811, JOHN WEST bondsman.
Note: If Edith was at least 18 at her marriage, she would be born ~1793, putting her close to that 1790 timeframe.

DANIEL WEST b. before 1790, died bef March 1837 in Sumner County, TN. Married 1812 to Judith Hodges. Married 16 Dec 1816 to Rebecca Culley in Sumner, TN.
Note: Based on his approximate DoB, Daniel would be a perfect candidate for that unknown son of JOHN & RACHEL.
In the Taxable Property Records of Sumner County, TN 1819, Daniel West has 80a on Drake's Creek.

MARY (WEST) DURHAM (1799-1883)
Born: 1 Oct 1799 in North Carolina
Parents: John West & Rachel Harrison
Married: Thomas Durham in 1816 in Sumner County, TN
Known Children (14): Indiana, Sarah, Eliza E., Wyatt M., Jonathan, Harden, Mary S., Winston, Permelia C., Martha Elvira, William Marion, James Granville, Alfred M., Julia A.
Died: 10 Oct 1883 in Sumner County, TN

SOURCE: Durham/West Family Album Entry, Sumner County TN Homepage, US Gen Web, Submitted by Theda Pond Womack
"MARY WEST was born in Onslow County, NC in 1799. Her father was John West, Sr., a native of Maryland but had moved to Onslow County when he was a child and had served in the Revolution from there."

In 1806, JOHN came to Sumner County, TN, bought land here, built his house. The following year, he moved his family, including his 9 year old son John Jr and 7 year old Mary, and possibly some older children also. We do not know if Mary's mother, RACHEL, died back in NC or after coming to TN. In 1810, her father married Susannah Freeland and they had 4 children.

About 1816, Mary married THOMAS DURHAM, who was from Orange County, NC. Thomas was born in 1791 and there is a legend in the Durham family that Thomas and 5 of his brothers fought in the Battle of New Orleans. Mary's father also fought there. JOHN WEST, being a personal friend and admirer of ANDREW JACKSON, followed him wherever he went. He also fought with Jackson in the expedition against the Creek Indians.

In 1818 Thomas received a grant of 25 acres on the middle fork of DRAKE's CREEK from the State of TN. We do not know whether they ever lived there. We suppose they did up until 1842 when Thomas purchased another 100 acre farm from Thomas Perry. In 1843 Thomas died and is buried on this land. Three years later, Mary's father gave an additional 77-1/2 acres adjoining this farm. And from this farm in 1870 Mary and her children gave a lot to Thomas M Hunter, Sr., James M. Minnis, Andrew W. Hunter, Isaac M. Ashlock and Thomas J. Moncrief, Trustees for a "Methodist Episcopal Church South to be called Mount Vernon." Mary and several of her children were members of this church. The church cemetery grew up around the Durham family cemetery.

By 1870 all of Mary's children were married and she was living alone. She died in 1883 and was buried beside Thomas in the cemetery which by that time was being called "Mount Vernon Church Cemetery"."

Note: Way back when George West married Sarah Rodney in Sussex County, this West family was of the Methodist faith. One more consistency between the generations.

Born in North Carolina
SOURCE: 1850, 1870, 1880 Sumner County, TN Censuses. All list Mary's birthplace as NC.
SOURCE: West Family Information provided by Theda Pond Womack. Lists Mary's birthplace specifically as Onslow County, NC.

Note: There is nothing in the records of Onslow County, NC to prove it is Mary's birthplace. Her father John West owned land in Jones and Carteret Counties, NC, but it is possible that John's wife stayed at his parents' home in Onslow County for the actual birth.

Note: The West family was in Sumner County between 1806-1807, so they are more likely to be enumerated in the NC Census unless they were caught somewhere in between. THe 1800 Census for Onslow, NC includes the following Heads of Household: MARY WEST (John's mother/Mary's grandmother), JACOB WEST (John's brother/Mary's uncle), and KEAR WEST

Note: Re: The identity of "Kear West". The wife of Eli West, son of George & Betty, was 'Cear Hadnot'. This could be her, now a widow. There is no other indication of a Kear West in any other census.

Marriage of MARY WEST and THOMAS DURHAM in Sumner County, TN, 1816

US CENSUS Sumner County, TN
THO DURHAM 001113010002

Note: Data Interpretation
Thomas in 26-45 category, DoB in 1791 =29
Mary is enumerated as 16-26 years of age, DOB1799 = 21
3 girls and 1 boy in <10 category: Indiana, Sarah, possibly Eliza, and maybe Wyatt. The latter 2 were possibly born a short time after this census suggesting there might be a couple of children we don't know about. Consider that there are 14 known children in the 25 year period between the birth of the last one and their 1816 marriage,

US CENSUS Sumner County, TN
THOS DURHAM 30130010000000211001

Note: Data Interpretation
Mary is enumerated as 40-50, DoN in 1799 = 41
Thomas, DoB = 49
There are 11 children in the household. Indiana Durham had likely already married. Daughter Sarah married in 1836. Youngest child Julia was not born until 1841.

Thomas Durham died in 1843 leaving Mary a widow. According to Thomas' will, Mary was aka "Polley"

SOURCE: Will Abstracts of Sumner County, TN
Will of Thomas Durham, 3 Apr 1843, July 1843
Life estate to wife Polley, then to son Wyatt who is to support the other children until the youngest (Julia) comes of age, then divided equally except for Indiana Albright. Ex: Grainger, Henderson. Wt: Reddick, John A.; Reddick, James E. (wo, 320)

District 15, Household 1014
Mary Durham, 45, F, Farmer, 1000, NC
Winston, 22, M, TN
Parmelia, 18, F, TN
Elvira A., 16, F, TN
William F., 14, M, TN
Granville, 12, M, TN
Alfred, 10, M, TN
Julia A., 8, F, TN

Note: Mary was actually 51 in 1850. Did the widowed Mrs Durham lie about her age to the census taker? We'll never know. She is listed here with 7 of her 14 known children. This census confirms her birthplace as NC.

US Census, Sumner County, TN, District 15

Note: By 1870 all of Mary's children are adults. 3 died prior to 1870. Mary is listed as living alone. Again, the census indicates Mary's birthplace was NC.

US Census, Sumner County, TN, District 12
Name: Mary Durham
Home in 1880: District 12 Sumner, TN
Age: 83
Estimated Birth Year: about 1797
Relation to Head of Household: Mother-in-Law
Father's Birthplace: MARYLAND
Mother's Birthplace: MARYLAND
Marital Status: Widowed
Race: White
Gender: Female
William C. Simpson, 56
Permelia C. Simpson, 47
Martha E. Simpson, 27
Clara L. Simpson, 12
Eubera M. Simpson, 9
Arch. Harper, 28

Note: Confirms that Mary was born in NC and that both of her parents were born in MD.

Mary (West) Durham died 10 October 1883 in Sumner County, TN and was buried next to her husband at Mount Vernon Cemetery.
SOURCE: Durham/West Family by Theda Pond Womack


There are probably a number of different companies and sites, including Ancestry, that are now offering DNA Testing. The one I am referencing here is Family Tree DNA. They are a little ahead of the game in organizing SURNAME PROJECTS. The WEST Surname DNA Project currently has 157 participants, which is a great sample size. One that will hopefully continue to grow. The study does not currently have a participant who is a direct male descendant of JOHN WEST of Sumner County, TN.

The WEST Surname DNA Project places individual participants into FAMILY GROUPS when their DNA matches to a high degree. The group designated as being FAMILY GROUP 1 is linked to LEVI WEST. He is the oldest known ancestor for one of the participants. The other participants placed in that group match 12/12 or 11/12 genetic markers. All of them possess a rare genetic marker at DYS426 with a value of 14. That value has been found in less than 10 of over 30,000 DNA samples analyzed by FTDNA's lab. Each participant provided information on their known ancestry.

If that sounds too technical, I'll try to simplify it. Males have an XY chromosome. The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son through each generation and the genetic material is virtually identical. Since our patriarchal society groups our families under the father's surname, it makes it easy to track genetically matching males by comparing men with that same surname. Descendants of the same WEST male will probably be a perfect DNA match to each other. Over long periods of time tiny 'mutations' develop in the genetic code and sometimes descendants will be off by 1 or 2 'markers'.

The initial step when comparing DNA sample results is to look at the 12-marker test results. When you compare a 12-marker result to another 12-marker result of someone with the same surname and the results match 12/12, there is a 99% probability that you two are related. If the match is 11/12, there is a high probability that you are related IF the 11/12 match is within the same surname.

Further genetic testing compares 25-marker, 37-marker, and 67-marker tests. The more matches within each test indicates a higher liklihood of sharing a common ancestor within recent times. For example, if you compare a 25-marker result to another 25-marker result for the same surname, and the results match 25/25, then there is also a 99% confidence that the two individuals are related at a much closer interval than indicated by a 12-marker test.

FG = Assigned Family Group Number
W= Individual West Participant Number / Ungrouped Participant Number

12-Marker Studies

12/12 Matches: 6 participants perfectly match the Family Group 1 mode result
11/12 Matches: 3 participants match the Family Group 1 mode result, including the one who is a descendant of Levi West
10/12 Matches: NONE
9/12 Matches: NONE
8/12 Matches: FG9, FG18, FG26, W86, W137
7/12 Matches: FG8, FG14, FG21, FG23
6/12 Matches: FG2, FG3, FG7b, FG7c, FG10, FG11, FG20, FG24, FG25, FG27
5/12 Matches: FG4, FG5, FG7a, FG17
4/12 Matches: FG16, FG19
3/12 Matches: FG12, FG15
2/12 Matches: FG6, FG22
1/12 Matches: NONE
0/12 Matches: NONE

24 and 37-Marker Studies
FG9 = 23/37
FG18 = 18/25 and 25/37
FG26 = 17/25 and 20/37
W86 = 17/26 and 23/37
W137 = 18/25 and 20/37

Based upon these results, chances are that no other FAMILY GROUPS are related to our WEST FAMILY line. The genetic distance is simple too great.


Since researchers often crisscross family lines simply because various WEST men are living in the same area as each other, DNA can help prove or disprove a relation.

Includes a man born in Sumner County, TN. This FG was only a 6/12 match. NO common ancestor.

Includes Joseph P. West & wife Rebecca Mears of St. George's County, MD. This FG was a 6/12 match. NO common ancestor.

Includes W146 who indicates he is a descendant of Anthony West of Northampton County, VA.
This is the closest geographical match to our early West ancestral line. Many West researchers have tried to tie our line to this one. FG24 is a 6/12 match. DNA proves NO common ancestor exists between the two lines.


Next, we can delve into the participant data for those linked to Family Group 1. Let's look at their paper trails to see how these participants potentially link up with LEVI WEST. Again, we need a WEST male who is a descendant of JOHN WEST of Sumner County to participate in order to have genetic proof that we are linked to this line.

Sample Number: Most Distantly Known Ancesestor
W02: ELI WEST 1771
1) Descendant lists Eli West as (1771-c1760) m. Sarah Guffin
2) This Eli is in my file, but I have DoB 1781.
3) Nephew of Levi West, Son of Elijah & Mary West, Grandson of George & Betty West.

W05: LEVI WEST 1725/6
1) Descendant of Levi West who married Mary Williams
2) He is the oldest known ancestor of any of the group participants. This does NOT mean all participants are descendants of LEVI WEST. Just that they match LEVI's DNA. An examination of this group will tell us if they descend from LEVI or from previous generations.

1) Descendant is not listed in my family file
2) The earliest Solomon Wests in my file are linked to the line of Anthony West, a line NOT genetically linked to this one.
3) The participant indicates Solomon West (1794SC-c1856TX) m Sarah (nee unknown)

W57: JAMES WEST, 1771
1) Descendant is not listed in my family file
2) The participant indicates James West 1771NC-1850TN) m. 1st Anna Sanders, 2nd Margarette (nee Unknown)

W90: THOMAS WEST, 1750
1) Match found in my family file, but not one linked to this line
2) The participant has indicated that he is a descendant of Thomas West (1750-1802) who married Rachel Burton.
3) Family files list that Thomas as the son of THOMAS & BRIDGET (CAREY) WEST. Bridget is a descendant of the affluent Scarboroughs and Revells. The Thomas West who married Bridget Carey was the son of Capt. John West, whose parentage is currently unproven.
4) John was born 1660-1667 in VA or MD and lived in Manokin Creek, Somerset, MD. He was a contemporary of our THOMAS WEST, also of Somerset, MD, son of GEORGE WEST. Thomas did have a brother named John.
5) If the Thomas West of 1750 is NOT the child of Thomas & Bridget (Carey) West, who's son is he? One somehow linked to the line of George West. He would not even have to be George's descendant. Anyone descended from Robert West would be a match.
6) If the Thomas West of 1750 IS their child, it would mean that Capt. John West is somehow descended from our West line and that he married into one of the most affluent families in the area.

W99: ELIJAH WEST, 1786
1) Match found in my family file
2) This is Elijah, son of Elijah and grandson of GEORGE & BETTY WEST. The nephew of LEVI WEST.
3) This known familial link proves that the unique DYS-426 value of 14 was passed on from a generation previous to LEVI WEST. Therefore, any male West descendants of GEORGE WEST (1699-1756) will probably have that same marker.

W138: CHARLES A. WEST, 1847
1) No match in my family file
2) Charles Asbury West is the gr-gr-grandson of GEORGE & BETTY, gr-grandson of ELIJAH & MARY WEST, grandson of ELI HENRY & SALLIE (GUFFIN) WEST and son of ELI HENRY & SARAH (HARTT) WEST.
3) This makes GEORGE WEST (1699-1756) the common ancestor of W02, W05, W99 and W138.

W152: JAMES E. WEST, 1871 AR
1) No match in my family file
2) James E. West (1871AR-1941OK) m. Anna Mount

W:155 EBENEZER WEST, c1800
1) No match in my family file
2) Ebenezer H. West (c1800-c1836) m. Mary Morris West

This section will focus on the various locations settled by our West family. Since county formation sometimes moved the county line from one county to another and one colony to another, it can get confusing to do research. Hopefully, this will shed a little light on the subect. Most of this information has been gathered from the Family History 101 website which includes lots of links and county formation maps for each state.

Accomack County, VA was created, one of the original 8 shires, and encompassed the entire Eastern Shore of Virginia

Note: I believe that Robert West was already in Virginia by about 1619. His first official mention in the records is in 1635 in Accomack County as the servant to the Lady Elizabeth Dale.

The County Name was changed to Northampton County, VA to make it more English-sounding.

Due to the influx of settlers, it was decided to split Northampton into 2 counties. The upper half went back to its original name, Accomac County, VA (minus the 'k') and the lower half remained Northampton County, VA.

Due to a political situation of the times, Accomac county was abolished and then later reinstated again.

The General Assembly reinstated the spelling with the 'k' making Accomac...Accomack.

Accomack and Northampton Counties merged back into one county called Northampton County, VA

SOMERSET, MD was created and formed as an original county. Neighboring Somerset to the south is ACCOMACK County, VA.

DURHAM, MD was formed from part of Somerset. This county was abolished in 1672 and incorporated into WORCESTER COUNTY.

WORCESTER, MD was formed from DURHAM COUNTY. It was lost in 1685 when the Delaware Colony was established.

1693 & 1696:
The land patented by THOMAS WEST, inherited in part by GEORGE WEST and passed on to his son LEVI WEST was known as 'WEST RECOVERY' and was located in 'Baltimore Hundred'

Baltimore Hundred
Prior 10 1775, this hundred was claimed as part of Worcester County, MD, being named for Lord Baltimore. After the boundary line was settled between DE and MD, Baltimore Hundred fell into Sussex County, DE.

'HUNDREDS' are unicorporated subdivisions of counties, equivalent to townships, and were once used as a basis for representation in the General Assembly. The divisions of the 'hundreds' comes from a time when Delaware and Maryland were colonial holdings of Great Britain.
SOURCE: Wikipedia

GEORGE & SUSANNA WEST were living in SUSSEX, part of the 'Territory of Pennsylvania'

DELAWARE, as the "lower three counties of Pennsylvania" acquired effective self-rule from PA.

A new Worcester County, MD was formed again from Somerset, MD

The MARYLAND/DELAWARE border was finally defined. Baltimore Hundred remained on the Sussex, DE side.

These three counties neighbor each other. The family owned property in all three, suggesting that they may have lived close to the tri-county border.

CRAVEN COUNTY, NC was first created in 1705 as the 1st Archdale Precinct of BATH COUNTY, NC. The name was changed in 1712, the same year that Indians destroyed the county courthouse.

CARTERET COUNTY, NC was formed from part of CRAVEN COUNTY. Carteret is a neighbor of Jones & Onslow Counties and borders the ocean.


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC was formed from New Hanover Parish and BATH County.
The county courthouse was destroyed in 1752 and again in 1755 by storms, also destroying the courthouse records.
Bordered by Jones County on the North and Carteret County on the East
The WHITE OAK RIVER, which is where LEVI owned property is the boundary between Onslow and Jones Counties.

JONES COUNTY, NC was formed from Craven
The county courthouse was detroyed by fire in 1862

Note: Levi West patented land on the WHITE OAK RIVER in 1770. Technically it would have been in Craven County, NC. It was entailed in part to some of his sons who sold the land in 1795 when it was part of Jones County, NC. The WHITE OAK RIVER is the dividing line between Onslow and Jones Counties.

Sumner County was created from Davidson County, TN and is located along the KY border.

Note: John West did not arrive in Sumner County until about 1806-1807 long after the county's official formation.


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