Bright Berry Harris and Sarah Walton

Contributed by Connie Moretti
Connie Moretti

Sarah "Sally" WALTON was born 06 March 1794 in Sumner County, Tennessee, and died 06 January 1863 in Sumner County, Tennessee. She married Bright Berry HARRIS 16 October 1810 in Sumner County, TN), son of Tyree HARRIS and Sophy HERD.

>From HARRIS 1929, by M.K. Harris, page 41:
"She [author's grandmother] was a quiet and sensible, kind hearted Christian woman, her time and energies fully occupied looking after her household and the welfare of the numerous colored women and children on the place, doing deeds of charity in the neighborhood and loved and respected by all who knew her. At the time my grandmothers were married it was the custom for a bride to don a lace cap the day after she was married and to wear one for the rest of her life. Both of my grandmothers conformed to this custom." Page 43: The(ir) residence was a long two-story house on a bluff overlooking a small creek, the Pe-De, a short distance above its confluence with West Station Camp Creek. On the opposite side of the creek on a bluff above the Station Camp resided Josiah WALTON, a brother of my grandmother"

Children of Sarah Walton and Bright HARRIS are:

  1. Tyree (son of Bright Berry)4 Harris, born 13 January 1812; died in "early in Life".

  2. Isaac Walton Harris, born 04 July 1814 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 15 May 1884 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

  3. John (son of Bright Berry) Harris, born 17 December 1817; died in early manhood.

  4. Allen (Dr) Harris, born 20 October 1821; died 20 January 1884 in Dyer County, Tennessee.

  5. Albert Gallatin Harris, born 28 December 1823 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 1890 in Dyer County, Tennessee.

  6. Elijah (son of Bright Berry) Harris, born 20 March 1826; died 21 July 1908.

  7. Anne E (HASSELL) Harris, born 12 August 1828 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 09 March 1890 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

  8. Martha K (DOUGLASS) Harris, born 15 October 1830 in tombstone in Dyer says Sept 30 1830; died 1912 in Newbern, Dyer County, Tennessee.

  9. Susan C (GILLESPIE) Harris, born 01 March 1833 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 01 April 1915 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

  10. Sarah Jane (GRAY) Harris, born 31 July 1837 in Sumner County, Tennessee; died 09 February 1878 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

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