Gallatin Cemetery
Lot 44 - Unmarked Graves

Transcribed and Contributed by Alan R. Lee
Copyright, ©2000

This lot is in the Gallatin City Cemetery. It is lot #44 in the old part of the cemetery. It was bought by L.W. Lawrence on July 29th, 1870 who was my great great grandfather. There are no markers for the individual graves.The folks buried there are as follows:

Lewis W. Lawrence B. Abt.1828 D. Abt.1898
Eliza Patton Lawrence B. Abt. 1842 D.??
Robert Edward Lee B. 2-22-1865 D. 11-2-1948
Susie Etta Lawrence Lee B. 12-3-1865 D. 12-20-1926
Thomas Jefferson Lawrence B. 5-13-1863 D. 8-30-1929
Wade Hampton Lawrence B.3-9-1878 D. 3-7-1946
Felix Lawrence B. 4-1861 D. ??
Alice Lawrence Cardwell B. 6-13-1880 D.5-22-1945, infant also but no dates.
Ada C. Lawrence Hullet B. 4-1-1876 D. 1-13-1928, infant also but no dates.
Mary E. Lawrence B. Abt. 1868 D. Abt. 6-30-1873, was buried on 7-1-1873
Mary Sue Lee B. ?? D. ??
Onie Swaney Brassell Lee B. 3-18-1895 D.5-10-1937
Charles Swaney Lee B. 8/27/1940 D. 8/28/1940, infant of Thomas W. & Letha Keith Lee
Infant child of Robert Swaney and Rosie Smith Lee, B. ?? D. ??
A Miss/Mrs. Glasgow, friend of Wade Lawrence

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