Sumner County, TN Lawsuit #10039
From the Loose Records of Sumner Co, TN

Stalcup, Stephen vs. Stalcup, Peggy, 1818
(Cavitt, Pill/Pull, Stalcup)

Submitted by Rita Bryant at

To the Honourable Thomas Stuart ___ of the ___ of the ___ county in and for
the State of
Your Petitioner  Stephen Stalcup who is a citizen of this state and has been a
resident therein from his nativity to this _  leave _ represent to your Honor
that some time in January 1818 he intermarried with a certain Peggy Pill (or
Pull?) of the county of Sumner and State aforesaid; that they lived together _
a few months, perhaps about four when he discovered that the said Peggy kept
up an unusual intercourse with one Andrew Cavitt; that he always _ said Peffy
tenderly and affectionatly _ said discovery;  that he was not guilty of adultry or
any offense that was _ with the matrimonial vow after said marriage until he
discovered that the said Peggy was guilty of the crime of adultry with the
aforesaid Cavitt.  That __ his life __ and _ never since admitted him in to
his _ as a wife;  that after your Petitioner remained absent from this country
about four months and on his return found the said Peffy actually cohabited
with the said Andrew as husband and wife and says she is married to him; that
h _ and believes that she has a child by the said Andrew:  all of which_ deeds
are _ with the matrimonial vow and have __ your Petitioners conditions
intolerable __ please your Honor to dissolve the bonds of matrimony subsisting
between your Petitioner and the said Peggy.
Stephen Stalcup
State of Tenneessee
Sumner County
This day, Stephen Stalcup _ personally appeared before me, John Rutherford,
an acting  Justice of the Peace for said county  and made oath, that the facts
contained in the __ petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief and
that said complaint is not made out of levity or by collusion between husband
and wife for the __ purpose of being freed and so separated from each other;
but in sincerity and truth for the causes set forth in said petition.
Stephen Stalcup
Sworn to me this 20th day of Sep 1819
Signed John Rutherford
Stephen Stalcup vs Peggy Stalcup
Petition filed 18 Sept 1819
April term 1820
Be it remembered that on the 19th day of April 1820 the last day of the above
term of Sumner Co. court the above case came on for __ in part the said Peggy
Stalcup was called to come into court and answer the petition of the said
Stephen for a divorce but came not;  that it appeared to the satisfaction of
the court that a copy of the said _ petition and delivered by the sheriff of
this county;  that the said Petitioner Stephen Stalcup also proved to the
satisfaction of the court that the said Peggy was guilty of adultry as set
forth in his petition, it therefore ordered, judged, and decreed by the court
that the marriage subsisting between the said Stephen Stalcup and Peggy
Stalcup the above named parties be dissolved and the said Stephen Stalcup pay
the costs of this suit.

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