Sumner County, TN Lawsuit #10104
From the Loose Records of Sumner Co, TN

The State vs. Cavitt, Andrew

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I Andrew Cavitt, Davis Pit(t), and Jacob Parker _ our silver indebted to the
State of Tenneessee in the sum of two thousand dollars but to be ___ ___ of
___ good and ___ but to be paid on condition that Andrew Cavitt does make his
personal  appearance at __ next ___ Cavitt to be held for the county of Sumner
at the court house in Gallantin and the ___ monday in month next, then and
there to answer a charge of ___ ___ against for ___ in his ___ ___ for
counterfitting money ___ ___ ___ _____ __ be oath ___ win to be in full face
in law as ___ ___ hand this 14th day, 1819.
Andrew Cavitt
Davis Pit(t)
Jacob Parker
State vs Andrew Cavitt
This day ___ makes oath, that so much publicity has been given by the
prosecutor and others to circumstances calculated to incriminate him, that a
degree of prejudice exists in the public mind in Sumner County against him,
that he does believe that a fair and impartial trail cannot be had in this
county.  He states, that great pains have been taken by the prosecutor, who is
a man of great influence in Sumner County to ___ belief of his guilt, and he
has so far succeeded.  That an unprejudiced trial, he believes, can not be had
---he further says, that neither the Counties of Davidson , ___ or ___ are free
from the ___ exception, he therefore says that the ___ may be changed---
Andrew Cavitt
12th March 1819
State of Tenneessee
Sumner County
This day came before  me Edu (?) Douglas(?) a justice of the peace for said
county.  John M. Byon(?) and made oath that the night of the ___ ___ he heard
Andrew Cavitt give instructions to a young man by the name of William May, to
go to his Uncle Michael Cavitt's and ___ certain boxes of his, he ___ ___ __
went, advised his __ when the said Michael Cavitt, his son and daughter, took
the boxes in order to deposit them in some ___ place when he the said Byon
stopped them and took possession of them.
These are therefore in the name of the State to command you to take the body
of Andrew Cavitt and __ safely keep so that you have him before ___ proper
authority to be examined ___ the above States __ and be further __ with as the
case ___.
Given and my hand and seal this 14th of Jan. 1819
signed (?) Eau Douglas
State of Tenneessee
To the Sheriff of Sumner County ___
We command you as you have before been commanded to take the body of
Alexander Cavitt of to be found in your county. and him safely keep, so that
you have him before the Judge of our Circuit Court to be  holden(sic)for the
County of Sumner on the second Monday in September next, then and there
to answer the charge of Government exhibited against him for willfully and
knowingly, aiding and asisting and being concerned with Michael Cavitt,
in _____, concealing, hiding and ___, the mould, stamp, die, punch, and other
machines and instruments, designed, intended, and calculated for
forging and counterfitting of Spanish milled dollars, and further to hide and
 perform the ___ sentence and decree of our county __ have then there this writ,
 ___ Anthony B. Shelby, clerk of said court at office the second Monday in March
in the year A.D. 1819 and 43 years of our Independence.
Anthony B. Shelby

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