Dobbins, Minerva vs Samuel Dobbins -- Divorce

Source: Sumner Co. Archives
Lawsuit #1004, Loose Records of Sumner Co, TN
Contributed by Shari Pullon, transcribed by Diane Payne

Note: This is an abstract of the record.

Dobbins, Minerva
Dobbins, Samuel
Counter suit of Divorce

...that the charge on the _ of Saml Dobbins against his wife Minerva of adultery _ _ with Henry Beard is all together false and untrue, and from the testimony as the _ _ the said Minerva, her conducted herself as a _ _ and respectable woman, _ therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that the compls Samuel Dobbins _ _ and he pay costs of said suit...that the said Saml Dobbins on the _ of Feby 1838 _ charges his wife Minerva with adultery with the said Henry Beard, and comes here to the _ and kept her out the _ of the day _ to make his wife acknowledge the bulk of said charges, which the court is satisfied from the proof in the case as follows...about the 20th Feby 1838..that the said Saml Dobbins...of his wife Minerva...her condition intolerable..Minerva Dobbins in custody of her child James Dobbins..Minerva Dobbins a resident citizen of the State of Tennessee and County of Sumner _ show your honor that she intermarried _ Samuel Dobbins in the County.... on the 4th Dec 18312 and that they resided in sd county since that period...and acccused her of adultry with one Henry Beard. This false charge...he sd that he wanted to have a privat talk with her in the woods where no one could hear them..the charges so shocked her that she felt _ _ _ to her fate. That she acknowledged her guilt..he told that they could still live together that they would part that she could take the child James _ _ _ about 4 years old..and that he would give her four hundred dollars in March..the next month _ the 15th and 20th Feby took to her uncle about 13 miles.....

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