Copeland, Mrs. Georgia vs. John Campbell, 1922

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Source: Sumner Co., TN Archives, Lawsuit #1216

J. D. G. Morton, C & M
John D. Campbell
Mrs. Georgia Copeland et al
John D. Campbell et al

May it please the court:

In these causes, I beg leave to report that pursuant to the decree of sale therein made January 27th, 1922, and entered of record in Minute Book No 25, page 364, I advertised the land therein ordered sold , as ordered therein, and on the 27th day of May, 1922, offered same for sale at public auction at the Courthouse door in Gallatin, upon the terms set out in said decree, at which time and place the same was struck off to A. E. Galbraith at the bid of $2600.00; thereafter the bid was advanced by John D. Campbell to $3162.41, and the bidding thereupon reopened, and kept open until the until the 12th day of August, 1922, and proper notice of said reopening being given to the original bidder, and on said date, August 12th, 1922, the said land was struck off to John D. Campbell, at said bid of $3162.42. The said J. D. Campbell was the owner of said under purchase in the case of Mrs. Georgia Copeland et al vs. John D. Campbell, and the said land having been sold in said cause on the 18th day of December, 1920, and having executed his three notes for $937.50 each due respectively 1, 2, and 3 years from said date for the balance of the money due, and this sale being had upon a decree upon the first of said notes. The proceeds of said notes given for the sale of the land originally belonged to the parties to said cause, except John D. Campbell, to wit:
Mrs. Georgia Copeland
Mrs. Sarah Cash
Mrs. Florence McCormack
Mrs. Esma Duvall
Mrs. Ella Kirkham
Mrs. Cora Whitesides
Each of whom owned a 1/6 interest in the proceeds of said notes, except that the share of Mrs. Copeland was encumbered by the sum of $50.00 to be paid to John D. Campbell, and the proceeds of the sale of the said lands in this case belong to the same parties in interest. Mrs. Ella Kirkham and Mrs. Cora Whitesides, and their respective husbands, have filed with me an order, properly executed and acknowledged, directing that all of their respective interests in the said fund represented by the three purchase money notes given in the original sale and the judgment herein be paid to the order of John D. Campbell, or credited upon the notes, and judgment in these cases, and crediting said interests upon the purchase price at the instant sale, left a balance to be paid by John D. Campbell of $715.00 upon the case payment, which he paid to me. In compliance with the terms of said sale. The interests of the said Mrs. Kirkham and Mrs. Whiteside (sic) have been credited upon the other two notes in the original case.

Respectfully submitted this July 28th, 1922

J. D. G. Morton
Clerk and Master

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