Steel, Robert vs. Clark, William and Isaac, 1800 -- Lawsuit

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Source: Sumner Co., TN, Lawsuit #12325

To the sheriff of said county, you are commanded to take Isaac Clark and William Clark in your county and safely keep them to have before the Justice of County Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions to be held in said county at Cairo on first Monday in July next, to answer Robert Steel of a plea of debt of $463.50 to his damages fifty dollars.
David Shelby clerk of court this first Monday, 8 April, 1800

Know all men that we Robert Steel and George Smith are held and firmly bound unto Isaac Clark and William Clark in penal sum of $250.00 to be void on condition that Robert Steel doth with effect prosecute a suit by him against Isaac and William Clark to pay and satisfy all cost and damages that may be awarded for failure. Test: David Shelby
8 April 1800 signed by Robert Steel and g. Smith

Know all men by these presents that we Isaac Clark, Joseph Clark and Joseph T. Williams acknowledge ourselves indebted to Reubin Cage sheriff of Sumner Co. in the penal sum of $927.00 to be void on the condition that Isaac Clark makes his personal appearance at the next court in Cairo on 1st Monday in July next and answer Robert Steel of plea of debt of $463.50 to his damages $50.00 and not depart the same without leave of court.
Witness our hands this 2 June 1800 Isaac Clark, Joseph Clark Jas. T. Williams
Test: James Cage

Two notes to sheriff for William Clark in April and 12 July 1800, note on July 23, 1800 William Clark is not found.

I Reubin Cage, Sheriff of Sumner Co. do hear by assign the within obligation and condition to Robert Steel, plaintiff mentioned, his heirs, executors and administrators to be levied for according to the statues in such case made and provided. 26 July 1800, signed R. Cage

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