Sumner County, TN Lawsuit #13757
From the Loose Records of Sumner Co, TN

Trousdale, Wm. vs Gilbert, John, 1830

Submitted by Larry Hallstrom at

 State of Tennefsee  }          To any lawful officer & C.
 Sumner County      }           you are hereby commanded 

 that of the goods and Chattels (land? & Tu______ ) of John Gilbert you cause
 to be made the sum of twenty dollars debt with interest from the 23rd of
 November 1823 and all legal costs of suit to satisfy a Judgment & Costs Wm.
 Trousdale obtained against said Gilbert before William Montgomery Jnr on the
 17th of May 1828 given under my hand at office this 15th day of October 1830.
                                A.H. Douglass  Clk
 October 14th 1830 Came to hand & ________  property of John Gilbert to become
 at to satifsy this Execution this Land the with in E_______ an twenty five
 acres of Land where on Said John Gilbert now lives bounded by John Curry on
 north lying on the head waters of East Station Creek as the property of John
                                        Solomon Sh____

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