Alexander Stark et al vs. Searcy, Hetty et al -- 1861

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To Hon Geo W. Allen judge of the County Court of Sumner County.

Alexander Stark, Fanny Stark & husband Wm. Stark, citizens of Sumner County
Hetty Searcy resident of Arkansas, Margaret Benson and husband James Benson of Arkansas, Sarah Pride & husband Albert Pride citizens of Shelby Cty Tenn.

Complainants would show the court that they are the children of Alexander Stark who died some years since, having made his will which was admitted to probate in the County Court of Sumner County at the April Term 1845, a copy of which will be exhibited in the trial, in this will, he gave to his wife Peggy a life estate in all of his property, at her death he gives his son Alexander a negro man named Bob, the balance of his negroes he gave to his children Alexander, Hetty, Margaret or Peggy, and Sally to be equally divided among themselves at the death of his wife. Complts would show that the said Peggy Stark wife of the testator has lately died, and that there are in the hands of cplts as ___ with the will annexed, the following slaves; to be divided among complts and Defts under the will, vis;

Charlotte aged 30 years, Gilbert 35 years old, Sophy 18 years old, Aletha 25 years old, Bethemie 24 years old with infant child, Joshua 23 years old, Randal 15 years old, Henry 13 years old, Hardy 11 years old, Joe 9 years old, Mary 7years old, Charlotte jr 5 years old, Sam 11 years old, Lewis 9 years old, Jim 7years old, George 6 years old, Joshua jr 3 years old, Gilbert jr 8 months old, Fanny 5 years old, Moses 4 years old, Sam jr 2 years old, Anfield 12 months old.

Complainant would show that they are anxious forsaid negroes to be divided, they would show that Hetty Searcy is a resident of Arkansas, that Margaret has intermarried with James Benson and they are residents of Arkansas, Sarah has intermarried with Albert Pride and they are residents of Shelby County Tennessee. Fanny has intermarried with Complt Wm Stark.

These premises considered Cplts pray that said negroes be equally divided among tho seen titled under the will, let publications be made ___ to the ___residents, let process issue as to the Defdts in Shelby Cty, let the parties named as Defdts in the caption of this be made Defendants. Give to Cplts such other & further relief as the nature of their case may demand.
Ben F. Allen, Sol.

I acknowledge myself security for costs.
Ben F. Allen {Seal}

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