John M. Frazor, 1865 -- Estate Settlement

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To the ___ County Court of Sumner County, sitting at Gallatin
Juris petitioners William Frazor, Theophilus Frazor, G. W. Frazor, Jesse G. Turner & wife Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Frazor, David Vaughan & wife Mary Jane Vaughan, formerly Mary Jane Frazor, all citizens of Sumner County-and G. W. Terry, adm. of John M. Frazor and Marion Frazor dec'd would respectfully show unto Jesse Herron that John M. Frazor and Marion Frazor departed this life intestate and join petitioner G. W. Terry administrator in his estate. The remainder of Juris petitioners are the heirs at law of the deceased. All of petitioners are of age and claim in their own right, except Elizabeth, intermarried with Jesse G. Turner and Mary Jane, intermarried with David Vaughan. The two parties deceased left the petitioners their only heirs at law, and, ___, they did not have a joint interest in the land, still the petitioner has such an interest and ___, file this petition for the sale of both tracts. Juris petitioners would show that John M. Frazor owned a tract of land of thirty five acres in Sumner County, adjoining the land of James Frazor & others. Marion Frazor owned a tract of forty acres, adjoined the lands of John E. Turner & others. These are all the lands owned by the deceased. There is plenty of personal property to pay the debts of the estate. The Court will see that said lands cannot be divided without a sale. It is thin and broken and has ___ little wood and timber. Juris petitioners would further show that it will be manifest for their interest to sell said land in order to divide the same. They therefore pray that said lands be sold upon such terms as to the court ___ with; and as in ___ ___ will we pray. G. W. Head
Theophilus Frazor, et al_ Ex parte
We are aquainted with the two tracts of land mentioned in the pleadings_one tract of 35 acres_The other of forty acres. The land is broken and thin_not valuable_very little timber-___wood on the 35 acres. The 35 acre tract belongs to John M. Frazor's estate. The 40 acre tract, to the estate of Marion Frazor. The heirs are five in number. The land could not, on account of its quantity and situation, be divided among thhe heirs. It is manifestly to their interest not to divide the land, but to sell it. Think it should be sold. The thirty five acre tract is worth ten dollars per acre, on twelve months credit. The 40 acre tract is worth ten dollars per acre on a credit of twelve months.
J. E. Turner
I think the thirty five acre tract is worth twelve dollars fifty cents per acres. ___ in the balance of the statement.
A. Matthews
Sworn in Open Court
August 7th 1865
John S. Bugg Clk

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