William J. Fleming, 1892 -- Estate Record

Source: Record #3301
Typed from microfilm photocopy
Reel #5191 Sumner County, Tennessee Archives

Contributed by Robyn Collins at RobCOLL224@aol.com


Inventory of W. J. Fleming Estate
2/3 interest in saw mill and engine
1 cupboard one clock 2 looking
glasses 4 chairs one 2 horse wagon
one log chain and mowing blade
one cross cut saw 2 table shawls
one mule one frow one sewing machine
one feather bed one chest

This Nov the 1st 1892
S. B. Fleming adm. (his signature)


2/3 interest of sawmill and engine
sold to J.E. Freeland, $200.00
one cupboard sold to S.B. Fleming, 3.80
one clock sold to S.B. Fleming, 1.50
4 chairs sold to S.B. Fleming, .70
one 2 horse wagon sold to R.E. Fleming, 11.50
one log chain sold to R.E. Fleming, 1.10
one mowing blade sold to J.W. Mattox, .30
one cross cut saw sold to R.E. Perdue, 1.10
one table shawl sold to S.B. Fleming, .75
one table shawl sold to J.H. Fleming, .75
one mule sold to E.S. Maye, 72.00
one frow sold to J.O. Perdue, .15
one sewing machine sold to J.O. Perdue, 15.25
one looking glass sold to R.E. Fleming, .40
one feather bed sold to J.O. Perdue, 10.70
one chest sold to J.W. Mattox, 2.10
one looking glass sold to W.B. Hodges, .25


Pondville, Tenn.
March the 12 -93

Mr. Harris Brown Clerk
Sir you will please find enclosed inventory and list of sale of W.J. Fleming estate. I have been waiting to come over and have failed to get over and I thought I would mail you the papers and I will be over as soon as I can. I hope it will not make any difference by letting this go over the time.
Yours respectfully
S.B. Fleming (his signature)

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