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Source: Sumner Co., TN Archives James Steel Estate # 594

To estate of James Steel, desc'd

To Charles Miers 2 bushels corn, 2 __bushels Virginia____, Charles Miers proved the ___ ___ before me 23 Aug. 1793  ____Douglass

I Charles Miers do assign over the milk in account to Reuben Cage given under my hand 31st day of Aug. 1793 witnessed: Henery Robinson                 signed with his mark Charles Miers


The estate of James Steel Desc'd

To D. Shelby

to taking administration bond letters D.10

To sundry__two inventory and of sales, doll 1.50

To announcing the county seat_to a certificate certifying that Robert Steel was administrator of SD. .40

To order and copy ____commissioners to settle with the administrator .25

Received the above from Robert Steel 3.15

David Shelby


James Steel, Desc'd to Nathaniel Parker

To Sundries out of my store to the amount of 9 pounds, 14 shilling, and nine pence This day came before one Nathaniel Parker and made oath that the above account is just and he never received no satisfaction for the same from James Steel, signed by Nathaniel Parker witnessed by Thomas Marten


James Steel, desc'd to Matthew Alexander

due to Matthew Alexander for 6 1/2 pounds tobacco 4 shilling, 20 July 1793  proved the above according to law before me , J. Winchester


State of Tennessee

Sumner Co., January term 1798

On motion ordered that James Winchester and James Reece Esq. be appointed to settle with the Admr. of James Steel, desc'd and that they make report thereof to our court.

David Shelby


The Estate of James Steel, desc'd

to Elisha Cleary to the seasons of 3 mares to Slim (?) 26/8 4 pounds

this day came Elisha Cleary before me and made oath that the above account as it now stands is just and true after giving just credit, sworn before me the 23rd Sept. 1793 signed Elisha Clary



This indenture William Cage Squire of the one part and James Steel, order from the county court of SD. county: Acct E. Clary vs Estate of James Steel


James Steel, desc'd to John Morgan for whiskey 1 pound and 1 shilling

this day John Morgan came before me a Justice of the Peace for Sumner Co. and made oath that the above amount is just and true as it stands and that he never received no pay nor satisfaction, signed by John Morgan witnessed by Tho. Marten


1794 The Estate of James Steel to Robert Steel

2 days taking care of horses               @ .75   1.50

2 days attending sale                                     @ .75   1.50

1 day reaping oats                                .75 Total $3.75


Received of Robert Steel for crying the property of James Steel, desc'd  Sept. 17. 1794 signed Peter Looney


this day came Robert Blair before me one of the Justices of the Peace for Sullivan Co., and makes oath that the Estate of James Steel of Sumner Co., desc'd ____justly indebted to him the sum of 1 and 20 pounds of iron, signed Robert Blair

Sworn to before me the 16 Feb. 1796 James (Shine?)


9 Feb. 1798 The_____ Acct of 120 pounds of iron is settled to a pence, Virginia money_____equal to ___dollars.


The Estate of James Steel desc'd to J. Scott 13 pounds of salt one dollar, Sept 5,1793

this day came Joshua Scott before me and made oath that the amount is just and true 5 Sept. 1793

Thomas Marten JP


2 Sept. 1793 received from Robert Steel six shilling on account of James Steel desc'd for making coffin by me Joseph Morgan.


Sept. 3 1793 James Steel desc'd to Robert Shaw to a settlement by cash 2.1/2 dollars. This day personally appeared before a Justice of Peace for Sumner Co., and made oath that the above account is just and true as it stands stated. Sworn before me the date and day above written.

Thos. Marten


The Estate of James Steel, desc'd, To Robert Steel Administrator

1. Nathaniel Parker              proved account            12.46

2. Elisha Cleary                        proved account            10.00

3. John Morgan                        proved account              3.50

4. Robert Shaw                        proved account              2.50

5. Joseph Morgan                        receipts                          1.00

6. Charles Myers              proved account              3.33

7. Joshua Scott             proved account              1.00

8. Matthew Alexander            proved account                            .66

9. Robert Blair              proved account                        10.00

10. Robert Steel                 proved account              3.75

11. Peter Looney             cryer receipt              1.00

12. David Shelby              clerk fee                      3.15

Total                                                                            52.35

signed James Reece and J. Winchester

settlement of account of R. Steel against the Estate of James Steel, Desc'd ____to April term 1798


Sumner Co., TN Archives lawsuit Steele/ lawsuit # 12866 Recorded in Liber D page 11.

State of Tennessee

County of Sumner

In obedience to an order of last Dec. term, we James Winchester and John Morgan have examined and settled the accounts of Robert Steel guardian to Rebecca Steel and Polly Steel, orphans of James Steel, desc'd, Also in part that the law Robert Steel has fully and fairly settled with and paid his said wards Rebecca and Polly their dividends of their fathers estate as appears by the statement below.

1804, June 10 Rebecca Steel to Robert Steel her guardian

            To cash paid you                                   69.00

            To cash pd. 2 years schooling                      12.00

30 Nov.. 1807 To cash                                      7.68

Continued credit                                        88.68

By your dividend including ___of your fathers estate 88.68


1804 June 26 Polly Steel to Robert Steel her guardian

            To cash pd. 2 years schooling                      12.00

            To expense in raising and taking

            care of 12 head of cattle                12.00

1807, Nov. 30

            to cash paid you                                   36.00

            To cash paid in full                                 40.38

            Total                                                    100.38

By your dividends including interest of your fathers estate  100.38


November 30 1807 received of Robert Steel one hundred dollars and thirty eight cents and being in full my part of my father James Steel Estate rec. by me signed Polley Steel

John Morgan

November 30 1807 received of Robert Steel eighty eight dollars and ninety three cents it being in full my part of my fathers estate rec. by me. signed Rebecky Steel

John Morgan

[There is a mistake in the accounting of Rebecca's share, noted in figure 88.68 and the receipt of 88.93.]



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