Pitt, Winiford vs. Pitt, Davis, -- Divorce

Source: Sumner County Loose Records, Lawsuit #6470

Note: Davis & Winnifred Pitt were residents of Sumner County when the divorce matters arose.

Note: This is only a portion of the lawsuit.

To the Honorable Thomas Stuart one of the judges of ?West Tennessee -

Your Petitioner Winiford Pitt [insertion: by her next friend A.H.Douglass] begs leave to represent to your Honor that she is a citizen of this State and has been a resident therein for seven years before the filing of this petition and is now a resident of said State That she intermarried with one Davis Pitt about twenty one or two years since that she always conducted as a prudent if[?] chaste woman and was not guilty to the best of her recollection of an offence that was inconsistent with the matrimonial vow: that about a year last spring she thought that the said Davis kept up a criminal intercourse with one Polly Strother of this county but of this she was not certain and continued to live with the said Davis under a hope that her suspicion of his inconstancy might be groundless: that in this she was disappointed and some time in last April she became so confirmed with belief that her suspicion was well founded that she has ever since refused to cohabit with him as husband and wife; that shortly after this deter

mination the said Davis actually did sleep in the same bed with the said Polly two nights at William Pitt's of this county [insertion: that the said Davis is guilty of adultery with the said Polly Strother]; that the said Davis on the 7th of June last left this country for some place unknown to this Petitioner and took off the said Polly Strother with him and continues to live with her - The premises considered may it please your Honor to dissolve the bonds of matrimony subsisting between your Petitioner & the said Davis -
Winiford Pitt
Sept 21 1819

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