Josey, Edward Allen vs. Josey, John et al, 1808

Source: Sumner County, TN Archives, Lawsuits #7221

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  Josey, Edward Allen vs Josey, John et al   1808  


State of Tennessee                    March Term 1809

Sumner County


Allen Josey by his attorney complains of Edward Douglass administrator of John Josey deceasd of a plea of {mishap} On the case for that whereas sd John Josey in his ? became indebted to the sd Allen in the sum of six hundred & seventy one dollars for a tract of land lying ? being in the county of  Sumner on ? ? Creek  ? ? {blank space} acres sold & conveyed so much money before that time lent {Dad} ??? sd John in his lifetime by sd plaintiff {& at the special instance?}& request of the sd. John & being so indebted & in consideration thereof the sd John in his lifetime undertook & faithfully promised to pay plaintiff the afd sum of six hundred & seventy one dollars whenever he should be  ? afterwards requested and afterwards ?? on the {blank space} day of in the year 1807 at {the}County of sd John Josey decd and afterwards ? at the {blank} term of Sumner Court sd defendant took out letters of administration an all & singular the goods &chattels of the sd John & qualified & acted under sd letters Nevertheless sd John in his lifetime nor

Sd defend ? tho often requested has not paid the afd sum of six hundred & seventy on dollars to the plaintiff to his damage {indecipherable – looks like part missing or blank}

                                                                                                            {Hamilton} att






This document looks like a rough draft.  It contains blank spaces and is very difficult to read.



?  = indecipherable word 

 italics =  my best guess



It looks like Allen Josey lent his father, John Josey, $671.00 (possibly for a debt with regard to the sale of some of land) and was neither repaid by his father, nor by the adminstrator of his father’s estate. He sued and recovered that amount.less sums paid to other people to whom John Josey was apparently also in debt.  (see below).






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Noderick Buck                                     1

William Brill                                          1

Allen Josey                                           1



A Josey


E Douglass


Act filed



John Jossey Decd

In acct with  Allen Jossey


1807    To 1 tract land sold Ben Rawlings                     $ 650.

            To cash paid Jethro Roberts for the

              rent of land                                                           20

            To cash 1.50 when Mr. G? was going

              to Nashville to sell a horse                               1.50

                                                                                    $671 .50

1807    Paid Josephus Con                                          125

            Paid Ben Rawlings                                             70

            Paid  T?                                                             39

            Paid J. Tompkins                                                17 – 65

            Paid James Howard                                            ?1 - ? 4         

            Paid James McKinsey                                        35

            Paid Moses Comings                                           5

            Paid Cash to Thos Howel                                    3

            Paid Michel Loony                                              ?                              

                                                                                    $384 – 49

                        Balance due Allen Jossey

                                    $287 - 1          

                                                E ?

State of Tennessee                                Allen Jossey (signature)

Sumner County

This day appeard Allen Jossey Before me Ben Rawlings an acting Justice for the County and State above written & made oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that the above acct is just & that he has given all Credits to the best of his knowledge so help him god This March 1808                                             Allen Josey (signature)


Benjamin Rawlings JP (signature)

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