Escue, William, 1836 -- Estate

Transcribed by Joyce Hetrick


Abstract Estate #786, Sumner County TN. Loose Records

William ESCUE
(no date)
Inventory of farm equipment, yoke of oxen (two), ox cart, bay horse, sorrel mair (Mare) 1 lot of cotton, stand of lard, pot of lard, lot of tobacco, 2 side saddles, lot of bacon, 3 sows with pigs 19 shoats (young hogs) plows, barrels, corn, oats and fodder, flax break cash in hand $10
Accounts James ESCUE $3.25
William E. ESCUE 5.61 1/2
Record Book I (the letter after H) , page 101,

State of TN, County of Sumner
I Thomas DONOHO, clerk of the county court of Sumner have this day settled with James ESCUE and Dan'l ESCUE the adm of William ESCUE decd and found them in account as follows, to wit.
Cash in hand $10, account of sales 626.27 2/3, James ESCUE's acct 38.25, William E. ESCUE acct 5.61 rent for 1838, 8.00 total $688.14
Accounts paid:

B. (may be R.) C Morris, M. CLINE, D. McGaughey, A. A. HARVEY, D. Gains, P. W. Key, H. B. Vaughn, J Chambery (?) balances $606.21 1/2
April 16, 1839

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