D. Montgomery to Isaac Moore, James Watkins, & Jefferson Montgomery
Trustees for Temperance Hall, 1855

Source: Sumner County Archives Document Loose Records #9005

Contributed by Joyce Stark Blocker (CBStark@aol.com)
© May 2000

Note - Surnames: Hall, Kirkpatrick, Moore, Montgomery, Watkins

Note: The following deed may be of interest to anyone researching the Bruce family that settled in the Millersville area:

Note: James Watkins was the son of Robert Watkins and Sarah Montgomery, my 3rd g-grandparents. James Watkins was their son who married Mary Adeline Kizer/Kiser. It is unknown what if any relationship existed between Sarah Montgomery and Daniel Montgomery. Sarah's father was William Montgomery who lived on Drake's Creek near Hendersonville, and Daniel and Jefferson's grandfather built Old Brick on Drake's Creek in Shackle Island.

Temperance Hall Trustee

Know all men by these presents that I, Daniel Montgomery of the County of Sumner and State of Tennessee for the respect that I have for the Cause of Temperance and for the purpose of Having a permanent place for a Temperance Hall for the Order of the Sons of Temperance have granted bargained and sold and by this presents do grant, bargain and sell to Isaac W. Moore, James Wakins, and Jefferson T. Montgomery, Trustes, in trust for said Society a certain lot of ground situate and adjoining the Beach Camp ground. Beginning at the west gate post in the South of Camp ground thence west to Kirkpatrick's line thence South to the turn of the road and thence east opposite said gate post thence North to the beginning for the purpose of building said Temperance Hall to them and their trustees forever subject to the following conditions if in case of two years from this date the said house is not built then this Deed to be null and void and revert back to the donar but if they build a House and put it in such repair as will be suitable for a Temperance Hall and occupy it in that way To remain in full force and virtue with the Following conditions, that is to say, if said Order or their agents shall or does neglect for the period of seven years to use said house for the purpose above mentioned or some other benevolent purpose to be null and void otherwise to remain in full force and virture given under my hand and seal this the 20th January 1855.

s/A.K.Daniel Montgomery {Seal}
John Clindenning
Tos W. McMurtry

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