Sumner County, TN Lawsuit #9307
From the Loose Records of Sumner Co, TN

State vs. Hiatt, William et al, 1832
(Cavit, Hiatt, Linsey, Roney, Turner)

Submitted by Rita Bryant at

State of Tenneessee
To the Sheriff of Sumner County---Greeting:
We command you to summon Leaton(?) H. Turner, James Roney, Linsey(?)
___, Simon Hiatt personally to appear before the judge of our 4th Circuit
court, now sitting at the courthouse in the town of Gallatin there to testify
and the truth to say in behalf of the State in a certain matter of controversy
in our said court depending, wherein the State is plaintiff, and William Hiatt
and Matty Cavit are defendants;
and this they shall in no wise omit, under penality prescribed by law.

Witness  M. Baldridge, clerk of our said court, at office, this 2nd
Monday in ___ A.D. 1832
State of Tenneessee
To the Sheriff of Sumner County---Greeting:
We command you to take the body of William Hiatt and Matty Cavett if they be
found in your county, and them safely keep, so that you have them before the
Judge of our 4th Circuit, at the circuit court now setting for the county of
Sumner at the court-house in the town of Gallatin on the 2nd Monday in
September to answer the State of Tenneessee on a punishment for open and
notorious lewdness.
Herein fail not; and have then there this writ.
Witness, M. Baldridge, clerk of our said court, at office, the 2nd Monday in
September A.D. 1832
State of Tenneessee, Sumner County to ___:
The Grand Jurors for the State of Tenneessee duly elected empanneled,
sworn and charged to inquire for the body of the County of Sumner ___ __
their oath present that William Hiatt late of the county aforesaid, yoeman and
Matty Cavitt late of the county aforesaid ___ with force and arms at the
county aforesaid upon the first day of January in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and twenty-two being persons of evil conviction and
regardless of the obligation of morality and decency unlawfully, wickedly,
openly, notoriously, lewdly and indecently and did live together and carnally
know each other as husband and wife without having been previously and
lawfully married and that they __ there so
lived together and carnally knew each other from day and year aforesaid to the
day of finding of this ___without ever having been lawfully married.  And to
the jurors aforesaid do say that they the said William Hiatt and Matty Cavitt
then and there in manner and ___ aforesaid have been committed and were guilty
of open and notorious lewdness and indecency, to the great damage and common
nuisance of the people of said State to the evil example of all others in the
like care offending and against the peace and dignity of the State.  We find
the ___ bill to be __ ___.
Tho R. Anderson
Joshua W. Talley
John T. Carr
E. L. Douglas
Saml Davis
George Hull(?)
Levi Donnely
James L. Martin
Tha. C. Beard
John Martin
J. A. Patterson
Seaton H. Turner

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