Day, Isaac, 1814 -- Inventory

Day Jones


Source: Loose Records at the Tennessee State Archives

Note: The following inventory of personal property of my ancestor Isaac Day. Isaac Day was born in Caswell Co., NC about 1767 and died on May 1, 1815 in Sumner Co., TN. Unfortunately, many of the words are illegible due to the poor quality of the photocopy.

August the 16 day, 1815
Inventory of the property of Isaac Day, Deceas,d

one wagon and whip
and two mares
and two head of cattle
two beds and furniture
ten head of hogs
two ?
and four sadles
three axes
two plows
five hoes
and three ? ?
one oven and ?
one ? and ?
two Puter dishes and seven plates
four knives and six forks
four Puter ? and six spoons
one crook
two tables
two spining wheles
two pair harneses and three ?
one raser and ?
two flat irons
one pair of horse ?
one han saw
two orgers and chisel
twelve books
two ?
two barils
one frying pan
three wagon boxes
four Bridles
one bedstead

Signed, Philip Day

signed, Philip Day

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