Mitchell, Henry, 1819 -- Account

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Source: LDS FILM #0467482 Sumner County, TN Inv. & Settlements 1808-1836
page 394

Record of the Acct. Sales of Goods of Henry MITCHELL, decd, returned Feb 7, 1819

Four augers

Four Chissls Thos WHITE 1.12

Sillplains Moses DUNCAN 2.93 3/4

Jointer Roundshave Cumpas __oose Archibald MITCHEL 4.00

Handsaw Archibald MITCHELL 2.62

Trow David McCRADY 1.87

Tenant Saw Whitfield HOLLOWAY 1.00

Two small saws William FLEMING 0.87

Two flat Irons William CARROL? 3.00

Tin strainer John MITCHEL 0.50

Plain gage square hammer & chisel Thomas WHITE 1.12

Two plains bits Charles TURNER 1.87

Hand Jointer Square and draw knife Solomon DAVIS 1.25

Brass tea kettle Thomas WHITE 3.67

Coffee Mill and noggin John MITCHELL 0.67

Brass skillet Robert FLEMING 6.25

Scythe Blade Samuel H. LAUDERDALE 2.12

Scythe blade James PERRY 1.00

Scythe blade John MITCHELL 1.25

One axe William PHILLIP 1.18

One ax John HUNT 2.12

Small stelyards Whitfield HOLLOWAY 1.87

Robert FLEMING 2.31

Large Steliards Freeman CENTER 6.00

Stone Jarr John MITCHELL 2.87

Stone Jarr Whitfield HOLLOWAY 3.50

Foot Adz Morgan PEMBICOST 3.00

Bud bit file two Elisha ROBERSON 0.25

Pair hairns and Chains Nathan HOLLOWAY 1.87

Iron wedge Thomas Hunt 1.50

Pair Harris(?) Chains Kendle Brinkley 1.43

Clevis (?) Nathan Holloway .56

Clevis (?) Kindle Brinkley .50

Tung plow Freeman Center 1.50

Shovel plow Nathan Holloway 1.50

Shovel Plow Kendle Brinkley 2.00

Coulter William Jones 1.81

Broad ax John Parks 2.62

Grubbing hoe James Stovall 1.37

Grubing hoe Solomon Davis 2.00

Helling hoe Kendle Brinkley 0.56

Helling hoe Moses Henry 0.50

Helling hoe John M Rice 0.25

Helling hoe Thomas Hunt 0.75

Washing tub William Phillips 1.00

Two bags James Perry 1.56

Hand basket Jno Mitchell 0.43

Crock keeler Wm. Jones 0.25

____ and half bushel Thos Hunt 0.75

_______ John Mitchell 0.50

____ pail Jesse Flippin 0.50

(?) Wm Phillips 1.12

? Ladle John Pitts 0.43

? Loom Whitfield Holloway 8.64

? Archibald Mitchell 3.50

? Archibald Mitchell 2.81
? Archibald Mitchell 5.00


Pothooks Jno Mitchell 00.37

Barr of Steel John Henderson 2.62

Shells and led Jno Mitchell 0.25

Cotton wheel Jesse Tuttle 0.72

Flax wheel Elisabeth Boykin 3.93

Cotton Wheel James Hunt 2.67

Hackle Moses Duncan 0.81

Bowl & Decanter Thos White 0.72

Stone jug Robert Fleming 0.50

Dish five plates five spoons, two biscuit Nathan Holloway 4.25

One dish William Phillips 1.56

Five plates Thos Hunt 0.56

Bowl & pitcher Thos White 0.43

One pitcher Moses Duncan 0.50

Cups and saucers Jesse Roberson 0.75

Tea pot Wm Phillips 0.25

Candlestick Thos White 0.18

Tea canester James Stovall 0.31

Sugar box Burges Tollis 0.37

Snuff Bottle James Stovall 0.18

Spelling book Ichee Rice 0.58

Comb case Moses Duncan 0.67

One dish John Mitchell 1.00

Salt seller Elisha Roberson 0.43

One slay John gillispee 1.12

One slay Ichee Rice 0.56

Two slays Ichee Rice 0.50

One table Jno Mitchell 4.00

Razor and box Jno Mitchell 1.82

One trunk Jno Mitchell 1.00

One grind stone Solomon Davis 0.75

One hoan Jno Mitchell 1.00

Whet stone Goldsbury Thurman 0.37

Swingletree (?) James Hunt 0.43

Crop cut saw John Mitchell 10.50

Shovel & tongs Roney Crews 0.62

Whip saw John Weeks 13.6 1/4

cart wheels John Mitchell 20.00

Knives & forks John Mitchell 1.50

Saddle bags Whitfield Holloway 3.81

Three chairs John Mitchell 2.12

Four chairs John Mitchell 2.50

One chest William Phillips 3.12

One bridle Nathan Holloway 1.12

Sadle & blanket Archibald Mitchell 6.50

One bible John Mitchell 0.31

Shot gun Jesse Roberson 6.40

One bed furniture Whitfield Holloway 24.00

One bed stead Whitfield Holloway 2.57

One bed quilt Whitfield Holloway 1.06

Counterpen Elisha Roberson 3.06

Counterpen Charles Turner 2.93

Counterpen Charles Turner 1.62

Counterpen Elisha Roberson 3.12

Ten barrels corn Whitfield Holloway 18.25

Ten barrels corn John Weeks 18.12

Ten barrels corn Nathan Holloway 17.81

Ten barrels corn Jesse Flippin 17.00

Ten barrels corn William Fleming 12.19

Ten barrels corn Jno Mitchell 17.50

Three hogs first choice Whitfield Holloway 22.10

Three hogs, 2nd choice John Mitchell 23.00

Page 395

Articles      Names       Price

three hogs, last choice William Phillips 18.12

One Rye stack Jno Mitchell 2.87

One stack oats Jno Mitchell 8.56

Some flax Jno Mitchell 8.12

One oxen yoke Jno Mitchell 0.25

One hogshead Edward Williams 1.00

One hogshead David McCready 0.75

One gray mare Burges Follis 42.25

Eight first choice hogs Moses Henry 29.12

Eight hogs 2nd choice John Bailey 19.50

One sow and six pigs Thomas Hunt 5.64

One sow Jno Bailey 6.50

Five hogs second pen Jno Bailey 17.50

Twenty nine shoats Jno Bailey 36.12

One sow and six pigs Philip Ashlock 6.62

One sow and three pigs Burges Tollis 3.00

One sow and shoats Burges Tollis 2.25

One lame sow Burges Tollis 1.57

Some wool Jno Mitchell 4.81

Wire sifter Wm Phillips 3.31

Bread tray Whitfield Holloway 00.06

One barrel and some salt Jno Mitchell 9.50

Two barrels Archibald Mitchell 1.00

One colt David Mccrady 8.00

? & buttons Wm Phillips 1.00

One pair cards Thomas White 0.13

One pain? Card William fleming 0.21

One currey comb Jesse Roberson 0.25

One reap hook Whitfield Holloway 0.25

One reap hook William Phillips 1.20

One hog chain John Hunt 3.00

Two bushels of corn William Phillips 4.50

Eight bushels of corn David McCrady 4.56

Twenty three bushels of shattered corn William Phillips 5.62

One barrel David McCrady 0.25

One barrel William Phillips 0.25

State of Tennessee
Sumner County

We John & Archibald Mitchell do certify that the foregoing is a true statement of the account of the sales of the personal property of Henry Mitchel, deceased. Given and entered this 16th day of February 1819.
John Mitchell (seal)
Archibald Mitchell (seal)

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