Davis and Winnifred Pitt, 1820 -- Divorce

Source: Tenn. State Library & Archives Source: Reel #5193

Note: Davis & Winnifred Pitt were residents of Sumner County when the divorce matters arose.

Acts of a public or general nature passed at the Second Session of the Thirteenth General Assembly of the State of Tennessee... Murfreesborough ...1820- - - - - -Chap. 125.

AN ACT for the benefit of Dincy Partee and others.
Sec. 1. [Dincy Partee & Henderson Partee]
Sec. 2. [Sally Burns & William Burns]
Sec. 3. Be it enacted, That all the property of Winnifred Pitt now owned, or hereafter to be acquired by her, be exempted from liability for the debts of her husband, Davis Pitt, and from his disposition in any manner whatever, and to this end that they be divorced from bed and board. James Fentress,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
R. Weakley,
Speaker of the Senate.
July 29, 1820.

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