John Stowers, 1819
Inventory of Goods

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Note from Kathy: John Stowers and his family move into Sumner Co. from North Carolina. John died in 1819 in Sumner County. He was married to Catherine Beavers. I have a transcription of the Inventory of his estate. The original copy came from the Tennessee State Archives. The Stowers family ended up in Macon County after it was formed from Sumner Co.

Inventory of Goods of John Stowers, dec'd

Recod of Invty of the Goods of John Stowers dec'd Retuned to November Term 1819

July 9th 1819 An inventory of the property to wit

Four head of Horses, four head of cattle, Twenty three head of hoggs and a parcel of corn and three beds and furniture and one Lomb, Two pair Lamps & Slay and five wheels & check real and books, & one shovel. Two pots, one oven, one skillet, Two dishes and ten plates, Twelve knives and forks, one bole, one coffee pot, one lot of cups & saucers and spoons and one set of Table spoons and crocks and six Tins, one Candle stick. one glass & three bottles, one Bible Gun and pair of stettards? One hand saw and draw knife one auger, one flat Iron and gimlets, one Saddle, two bridles and one bit, three chairs, one bread tray, two Lifters and Some shoemakers tools, Two files, Two barrels, one wash tub, Two Churns, Three Piggins, one Table, one set of Razors & Strop, one plow and one set of guns, Two axes and two hoes, three pair of hose stairs? & Two baskets, two pair of cotton cards, (Seather?) Two hides of Leather in Tan and some Tand, one grind stone, one Iron wedge, three veals, six head of geese, one horse comb

Catharine X Stowers

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