Sumner County Court Record Transcriptions

Henry Strater, petition, 1817

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State of Tennessee Sumner County
At a Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions held for the County aforesaid on the fourth Monday in February in the year 1817 & 41st year of American Independence~
The Petition of Henry Strater for the emancipation of a negro man named Ben was exhibited to Court on the words following to wit To the worshipful the County Court of the County of Sumner now in Session the prayer of Henry Strater your petitioner petitioning humbly sheweth to the Court that whereas his servant Ben having heretofore demeaned himself a true faithful honest and deligent servant in all his services he feels disposed to emancipate said Ben for the effectual attainment of which agreeably to the law in such cases made and provided he prays your worships will grant an order granting the prayer of your petitioner to the Clerk of the Court direct that this may become a matter of record as by law directed and your petitioner in duty bound will ever pray &c

Henry Strater
His X Mark

and on said petition the Chairman of the Court reported as follows to wit, In the opinion of the Court it is deemed consistent with the good order policy and interest of the State that the prayer of the petitioner should be granted.

W. Hall Ck SC

Whereupon the Court ordered the emancipation of said negro as follows to wit, on petition of Henry Strater, nine Justices being present, it is ordered by the Court that negro Ben, Slave of the said Petitioner be emancipated & set free, the Chairman of the Court having previously reported on said petition that to accede to the prayer of said petitioner would be consistent with the interest & policy of the State thereupon said Henry Strater with Francis M. Weatherred & John Bentley his securities entered into bond in the penalty of five hundred dollars conditioned as the law dictates.

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