William Keen, 1819
Inventory of Goods

Submitted by Kathy Hesketh at k.hesketh@earthlink.net


Note: This was copied at the bottom of John Stowers Record of Account of Sale... I'm not related to this man, just sending it for someone else's benefit.

Inventory of the personal Estate of William Keen Dec'd by William
Woodall Admr.

1 Mare
1 looking glass
1 Flax wheel
1 Cow & Calf
1 pewter Bason 6 plates
1 pair cards
14 head of hogs
4 Earthen plates
1 Loom
A parcel of Corn
Set Knives & forks
2 Bedsteads
A parcel of Tobacco
Broken pewter
Other articles of
Domestic use of small value too tedious to mention
2 Stacks fodder
1 pot
This 15th
November 1819
Crop of flax 1 Kettle
2 Beds & furniture
1 skillet
1 Table
2 pails
Wm Woodall
1 Chest
2 ploughs
2 Chairs
1 pair harness & chains
1 flat Iron
1 Axe
1 cotton wheel
1 Hoe

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