Notebook (Mill Book) of James M. Minnis
1859 - 1867

Contributed by M. Lee Minnis
Abstracting & Editing by Diane Payne

Notebook of James M. Minnis
1859 - 1867

Members joined the church at bresha (desha ?)
Sept 23, 1859

David Ganes
William H. Morris
Hardy Johnson
(Note: in another part of the mill book this name appears as Hardy Tomson)
Ely Key
William G. Bos
Rachel E. Cooper
Sarah E. Culwell
Mary E. Culwell
Nancy H. Gilum
Matilda Johnson
(Note: in another part of the mill book this name appears as Matilda Tomson)
Lucinda Keen
Sarah _.? Benet
George H. Morris

G. Hunt
hind quarters 8
fore quarters 7
Louis 15 pounds

H. Gant
Levy Gant
Andrew Graves
Elvis Graves
Andrew Cline
Samuel Taylor (crossed off)
Birde Trout
George Black
Franklin Cooper
Mike Graves
Jackson Harrison
Car Gant

1860 Labor for the Church
1860 to August 1861

July 4, Sunday pr 4
Exorts 4

James Boren & Co
due to _
Minnis 2.71
May 6.00
Minnis 19.00
J. T. Minnis 2.10


S. W. Hodges due to James M. Minnis
May 3 to 3 days work 6.00
May 10 to 2 3/4 5.50

Marcus Schangle
G. L. Stewart
J. _? Lambert
1861       J. M. Minnis
Col 55 Regiment
(Note: In the book Sumner Co. TN in the Civil War, Ferguson notes this as 2nd Cavalry, Battalion, Company F. He writes "These men were from Sumner Co. and their records are almost impossible to find . . . their records were amoung the worst kept.")

His Staff Officers
Quartermaster Sergeant

John W. Bracken
      1st Lieutenant
A. C. Bell
      2nd Lieutenant
R. S. Brown
(Ferguson lists a Robert R. Brown)
      3rd Lieutenant
1 Sergeant
(Ferguson lists a John J. Chalton)
2 J. W. Williams
3 James O'Neal
4 S. A. Stewart
1 Corporal
      G. M. Cline
2 Corporal
      W. McDose? (McDole ?)
3 Corporal
      L. H. Stewart
4 Corporal
      R. S. Duffey
(Ferguson lists a Robert S. Duffer)
      Stephen Weatherford
      G. Tucker


      Eli Howell due
May 5 to 5 days worked

Amount of provision furnished to the volunteer family - 2 bushels corn to Pleas Ausbrooks

G. M. Muligin
Dr. S. Walker
Henry Muntin Jr.
Sam Carpenter
James Rodemy
Thomas Dickison
H. C. Hackney
H. Molton Company due pr boats.

A. H. Waganer $125
Anda Hilborn $125
Thomas Purcell
J. B. Stovall
James M. Garrison
A. G. Lambert
George Angle $125
Samuel Keen $150
Joseph Creecy $
William Kent $
John R. Stinson $
Granville Tucker $

Blankets for the Company

John N. Berryman
     due 1 blanket
Robert Harris
James Crawford
Philip Hawkins
Samuel Keen
J. B. Stovall
(Ferguson lists a James B. Stovall)
J. M. Costlow
(Ferguson lists a John W. Costellow)
J. L. Lorance
(Ferguson lists a John L. Lawrence)
J. F. Lambert
A. G. Lambert
(Ferguson lists a Albert G. Lambert)
B. T. Tucker
(Ferguson lists a Byrd L. Tucker)
Jerry Ramsey
(Ferguson lists a Jeremiah Ramsey)
William Kent
A. J. Hilburn
W. H. Phillips
G. Tucker
(Ferguson lists a Granville Tucker)
J. W. Cline
(Ferguson lists a Isaac Cline)
J. F. Fleming
(Ferguson lists a James F. Fleming)
L. H. Stewart
J. M. Berryman
(Ferguson lists a James M. Berryman)
William Keen
William McDose? (McDole?)
William Boswell
Elvis L. Bracken
S. Wathborde
W. P. Wagoner
Jesse Keen
A. H. Wagoner
William Carter
A. _.? Foster
Hardy Culwell

Jacob Gant due plank from J. Boren

Boots Drawn

G. Tucker 1 pair
W. P. Wagoner 1
John Stinson 1
B. T. Tucker 1
Isaac M. Cline 1
Joseph Creasy 1
William Trout 1
James Stinson 1
Abner Tontes? 1
Samuel H. Keen 1

May 13, 1862

Amount drawn and paid to my company
J. M. Minnis Capt.
H. Calwell $120.00
Wm. H. Eskew $120
Wm. H. Philips $120
B. T. Tucker $120
Joseph Creasy $120
Wm. Kent $120
John W. Dinning $120
A. H. Wagoner $120
Isaac Rippy $120
Henry Gant $120
Wm. Turner $120
J. F. Lamber $134.20
C. G. Simmons $150
J. S. Morton $84.80
H. M. Simmons $144
J. R. Stinson $120
Isaac Cline $120
R. F. Harris $122.30
R. W. Hilburn $92.06
A. D. Graves $84.80
J. W. Cline $120
Henry Harrison $120
E. F. McNeil $120
J. R. Sanders $56
A. S. Foster $120
J. F. Gray $120
J. W. Costalow $124
W. P. Cane $82.40
James M. Berryman $120
Wm. Trout $120
W. S. Rosewell $120
W. P. Wagoner $125
E. L. Bracken $120
Edward Rippy $120
J. N. Berryman $131.50
S. or J.? N. Simmons $120
W. R. Hodges $120
A. G. Lambert $120
James Crawford $120
Andrew Hilborn $120

July 9, 1862

Amount drawn and paid to my men
      J. M. Minnis
G. W. Black $120
Wm. McDole $120
R. S. Duffer $131.50


B. T. Tucker due
      To J. M. Minnis
One pair pants $8.00
J. W. Dinning due
      J. M. Minnis
To money loaned $120.00
James W. Crawford due
      J. M. Minnis
Money loaned $30.00
James Throgmorton
To balance due
on G. B. Anglea horse?            $25.00
James W. Costalow
due to
      J. M. Minnis
loan money $41.10
Elvis Bracken due
to balance due
in settlement Oct the 15th 1862       25
in making change the
next day       50

Steven Bracken
(?)Fay Bracken
Granville Graves
Jas. R. Graves
there the men that taken my horse from Anda Rippy.

Sept 6 1866

Grannville Harrison due
      to 9 yards calico 2.50

Reverse Book

May 1 2       Sunday Preach       1 time
2       1
3       1
4       1
June 2       1
3       funeral       1
4       preached       1
July 1       1 funeral       3
3       1 funeral       2
3       1 exhortation
End of years
Labor July 1860

55th Regiment Tenn Militia

J. M. Minnis Colonel
      his staff
Regimental quartermaster
1 Surgeon
1 Sergant Major
1 Quartermaster sergant
1 drum major
1 fife major

Amount Paide for ration Oct 1862

      for bread $4.00
Minnis meal $3.00
_? for baking $6.00
Wagoner for cooking $4.50
Cline for cooking $2.25
Hilburn for cooking $2.00

Hd Qtrs 1 Tenn Cav

near Mr. Gates Sep 23, 1867
The guards and pickets will _?
Capt. Minnis to Baldwin
James T. Wheeler
Col._ ? 1 Tenn Cav

1866 Mill Book

H. H. Harrison due
      to 2 1/2 bushels meal 2.50
J. W. Dinning due
      2 bushels meal 2.00
John Boz? due
      1 to bushel M 1.00
J. M. Minnis due
      to 1 bushel M 1.00
H. Thompson
      by 6 days work
W. Berry
      5 days work

Mill Book

Sept 1       J. W. Dinnig cr
      by 5 1/2 days work
R. Kent cr
      by 5 days work
John Minnis cr
      by 6 days work
Sept 8       H. Tompson cr
      by 6 days work
W. Berry cr
      by 6 days work
W. Dinning
      4 1/2 days work

1866 Mill Book

Sept 8 R. Kent cr
      by 3 days work
J. Minnis cr
      by 5 days work
W. Perry Due
      to one bushel Meal
John Key due
      to 1/2 bushel Meal 1.00
J. M. Minnis Due
      to 1 1/2 bushel Meal 1.00
Left 4 R. Hill due to 1 bushel M 1.00

1866 Mill Book

Sept 15 R. Kent cr
      by 5 days work
      to 1/2 bushel meal 50
J. W. Dinning cr
      by 5 days work
H. Tompson cr
     by 5 1/2 days work
W. Perry cr
      by 6 days work
      to 1 1/2 bushel meal 1.50
Sept 15
H. Harrison due
      to 3 pecks meal 75
Robert Anderson due
      to 1/2 bushel meal
J. M. Minnis due
      to 1 bushel meal
John Minnis cr
      by 5 days work
J. Parker
Sept 22
H. Tomson due
      to 30 lb bacon 6.60
      to coffee 1.00
      to megar .50
R. Kent due
      to 2 pair shoes 4.75
      to gallon sider .25
      to one knife 1.00
J. M. Deberry cr
      by $7 paide to R. Kent
Sept 29
the mill due to R. Kent for Planks. Due R. Kent in settlement of $2.87cts 1 more paid.

Sept 20, 1866

Benets Wagon
Hills Wagon
Goods from Franklin
J. M. Minnis cr
      coffee 2.00
J. W. Dinning due
      to coffee 1.00
      10 yards calico 2.20
J. M. Minnis due
      to 15 3/4 yards domestic 3.95
      25 doz cotton 6.75
Sept 29 Mill Book
Andy Graves due
      to 1 pair shoes 2.75
Granville Harrison due
      to 1 pair shoes 2.50

Settled with Henry and Granville Harrison up to date and _? then both $2.00 this September 29th, 1866.

Oct 3 Mill Book 1866

A. Graves due       to 20 doz 500 thread 7.40
      powder 1.50
      lead 1.20
      gun caps 1.00
      pants and linen 8.90
J. M. Minnis due
      to one pair shoes 2.50
John Minnis due
      to one pair shoes 2.50
M. Cooper due
      to 52 1/2 lb bacon 11.80
Sept 29
H. Tompson due
      to 1 bushel meal 1.00
W. Perry cr
      by 5 days work
      to 1 bushel meal due 1.00
Granville Harris cr
      by 3 1/2 days work due
      to 1/2 bushel meal
J. M. Dinning cr
      by 3 days work
H. Harrison due
      to 1/2 bushel meal .50
Sept 29
J. Minnis cr
J. W. Debery due
Oct 2
Andrew Graves due
H. Harrison due
W. Perry due
Oct 6
W. Perry cr
W. Perry due
J. W. Dinning cr
Gran Harris cr
John Minnis cr
J. M. Minnis cr
J. M. Debery due
A. Harrison due
Morton Carter due
Eaton Carter due
R. Kent due
D. Graves due
J. W. Dinning due
P. Graves
Isaac Rippy
Oct 13
H. Tompson cr
W. Perry cr/due
Granville Harrison cr/due
John Minnis cr
J. W. Dinning worked for H. Harrsion 5 days
Oct 26
J. W. Dinning worked for H. Harrsion 6 1/2 days.
Oct 26
M. Cooper due
J. Minnis cr/due
Mill due for meal David Simmons
Robert Anderson due
Oct 13 Mill Book
H. Tompson due
J. M. Minnis
Oct 20
H. Tompson cr
W. Perry cr/due
Gran Harrison cr
J. M. Minnis cr/due
John Minnis cr
Robert Anderson due
Isaac Kent due
M. Cooper due
1866 plank received by Moore & _? an order from Aspely from E. Duffy.

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