Benjamin Tucker Bell and
Grandson, Wm. Turner Bell, Jr.

Submitted by
Sherry Falcon

Many thanks to Mr. Walter Buckingham who gave
me copies of these photos years ago.



Benjamin Tucker Bell

William Turner Bell, Jr.



Benjamin Tucker Bell

William Turner Bell, Jr.
taken about 1867 in TX

Benjamin Tucker Bell was born in South Carolina in 1800 and died in 1870 in Williamson County, IL. Although he lived most of his life in Wilson County, TN, Benjamin Bell's descendants migrated into the community of Bethpage in Sumner County. Benjamin's son, William Turner Bell, Sr., owned land in Mutton Hollow that he allowed his son-in-law, Joel Dudley Templeton, to sharecrop.

W. T. Sr. sold a portion of the same tract to his son, William Turner Bell, Jr. The two-story log home of Wm. T. Bell, Jr. still stands along the "old road" in Bethpage.

A generation later, land sharecropped by Joel Dudley "Dud" Templeton was deeded to his son, Benjamin Leonadas Templeton. Only a pile of weathered lumber and rusted roofing tin marks the spot where the house once stood that was built by Ben Templeton and Ben Shrum.

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