The Scott Family
Excerpts from the Scott Family
by Gordon & Dolores Miltenberger

Contributed by Gordon & Dolores Miltenberger
© 1996

Reprinted with permission

NOTE: Continuing research is being made about the Scotts, and any data sent to the compiler would be gratefully received.


The origin of James Scott is unknown at this time, with the exception that according to the 1880 and 1900 census records of his son William Scott James was born in North Carolina. James Scott first appears in Sumner County Tennessee 5 January 1802 when he purchased land on Rocky Creek from James Sanders. Scott is listed as "of Sumner County." He could either just have arrived, or he could have been in the county for some time, since Sumner was formed from Davidson County in 1786.

It could be only speculation to determine the relationship of James Scott to the other people named Scott in the early Sumner County records. The dates of the early marriages are on microfilm and are in most genealogical libraries. A few of the listings are:
Samuel Scott -Caty Morrison 25 March 1795- Eillism Morrison, bond
John Scott -Betsey Bradshaw 1 November 1808- John Bradshaw, bond
Abner Scott -Patsy Duty 1 April 1810- John Mitchell, bond
Randel Scott -Frances Adkinson 16 January 1812

Land Grant Book in the Recorder's Office, Gallatin Sumner County:
page 177- State of North Carolina to George Scott 18 January 1791, Puncheon Camp Creek County of Sumner 640 acres 10 July 1788.
page 409- 11 June 1792 Sampson Wi1liams of Davidson County to John Scott of Fayette County Virginia land in Sumner County on Spencer's Creek 640 acres south of the River Ohio [no date of sale, only of registration].

Deed Books of Sumner County:
Book 1 page 494. -John Scott of Rutherford County North Carolina to John Scott Jr. for $1.00, 18 May 1797, south side of Cumberland River Sumner County, Spencer's Creek.
Book 1 page 507- John Scott to John Roberts land granted to John Scott by letters patent 1 November 1791.

Will Books of Sumner County:
Book 1788-1822 page 18- John Scott of Fayette County Kentucky 27 June 1792 makes Landon Clark, County of Davidson, Territory of U. S. south of River Ohio, lawful attorney for land in Sumner County on Spencer's Creek. Signed John Scott.

Minute Books and Estate Books: Reuben Scott vs. George Briscoe 20 April 1804.
Richard Scott bought at a sale of the estate of William Glasgow
December Term 1812; also at the estate of James Reed September term 1811.

Tax lists of Sumner County:
1790- George Scott on Stoner River
1791- Elias Scott, various places listed
1794 Joshua Scott

James Scott
born North Carolina
died before 9 February 18833 Sumner County Tennessee
Mary "Polly/Peggy" Caruthers d/o Robert Caruthers and Margaret White
born 1770-80 North Carolina
died before 18 October 1850.


  1. Elizabeth "Betsy" Scott born 18 May 1800 TN. Died 11 September TN. Buried Old Hopewell Church Cemetery, Sumner Co. TN. Married 17 December 1827 Sumner Co. TN to Isaac Day (his last wife). For more information see Isaac Day and Elizabeth Scott.

  2. Robert H. "Buck" Scott born 15 May 1802 TN. Died 6 January 1887. Buried Oak Grove Road (Benton Williams' property 1970) Trousdale Co. TN. Married 23 February 1826 Sumner Co. TN to Spicey Tinsely. For more information see Robert Scott and Spicey Tinsely.

  3. John S. Scott born 1803 TN. Married 29 November 1830 Sumner Co. TN to Mary "Polly" Riddick. Mary born abt. 1808 TN.
    Children: Napolean B. born 11 Oct. 1831 TN, married Susan D. Slate. Lutetia born abt. 1834 TN. Mary born abt. 1836 TN. James born abt. 1838 TN. Elizabeth born abt. 1841 TN. Gerome born abt. 1843 TN. Jantha born abt. 1844 TN.

  4. Mary Scott born 22 December 1804 TN. Died 16 December 1877 TN. Buried on property of Pardue (as of 1970), Trousdale Co. TN. Married John Arnold Littleton. John born 6 April 1807 NC, died 14 March 1885 TN.
    Children: William T. born 13 Aug. 1834 TN, died 21 Nov. 1901. Mary Jane born 10 March 1835 TN, died 15 March 1882 TN. Thomas "Thomey" born 23 Aug. 1837 TN, died 2 Dec. 1849 TN. James A. born 8 June 1839 TN, married Mary Louise "Molly" Mansker. John "Johney" born 19 Feb. 1841 TN, died 3 Aug. 1866 TN. Elizabeth D. born 2 Jan 1844 TN, died 29 July 1862 TN. Jonathan born abt. 1848 TN.

  5. Margaret "Peggy" Scott born ca. 1806 TN. Died 4 Aug. 1870 - Jan 1880. Married Peyton Martin. Peyton born 1795 TN, died Jan 1880 Trousdale Co. TN.
    Children: William G. born 18 May 1821 TN. Robert born 1826/28 TN, died 9 Apr. 1912 Trousdale Co. TN. Martha born 1834 TN. Susan Elizabeth born 1839 TN, married Nicholas Thompson. Ben born abt. 1840 TN.

  6. Jane Scott born ca. 1810 TN.

  7. Sarah Scott born 24 March 1810 TN. Died 19 Oct. 1885 Henry Co. TN. Buried Littleton Cem, Puryear Henry Co. TN. Married 28 March 1828 Sumner Co. TN to William Littleton. William born 16 Aug. 1805 NC. Died 15 Sept 1880 Henry Co. TN.
    Children: James Thomas born 18 Dec. 1830 TN, married Almira Lucetta Fitts. Sarah Elizabeth born abt. 1834 TN, married James E. Calloway. Isaac Franklin born 24 Sept 1837 TN, married Emily Catherine Fitts. William Robert born 16 March 1840 TN, married Sarah T. Stewart. Mary Ann born 25 July 1842 TN, married W. W. Terry. Tennie (Martha?) born abt. 1845 died young of tuberculosis. Mildred C. "Millie" born abt. 1847/48 TN, married Elisha C. Orr. Jonathan Bransford "Buck" born 24 July 1851 TN, married Ann Abbott. John born 20 Nov. 1856 TN, died 1 Jan 1873.

  8. James Scott born ca. 1815/17 TN. Married 29 July 1837 Sumner Co. TN to Elizabeth Slate. Elizabeth born abt. 1819 TN.
    Children: James born abt. 1839 TN. John H. born abt. 1841 TN. Sarah J. born abt. 1845 TN. Robert F. born abt. 1847 TN. Washington T. born April 1850 TN. Coleman born abt. 1851 TN. Lucinda born abt. 1854 TN. Frank born Jan 1860 TN.

  9. William Scott born 1 March 1818 TN. Died 10 Dec. 1905, Trousdale Co. TN. Buried Johnny Franklin's Cem, located on property of Mrs. Milly David (1972) west of Hartsville. Married 10 June 1840 Sumner Co. TN to Nancy Thompson. For more information see William Scott and Nancy Thompson.

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