Rural Hamlets of Upper Sumner County:
Fountain Head, Bucklodge, and South Tunnel

School paper by Denise Harper Wilson, 1983
Used by permission.

The Bucklodge Community

Bucklodge is two and a half miles south of Fountain Head. The railroad was the starting of Bucklodge. The way Bucklodge got its name was from a big buck lodging his antlers in a tree. In the 1800's Mr. WILSON was the only store owner. During the Civil War Fort Mitchell stood near what was the Rock Quarry. The southern soldiers were on top of a hill, and they could see all around them. There was also a camp at South Tunnel. The trains would stop for cord wood and fill up with water from the water tank to make steam at Bucklodge. After the Civil War there was once three stores: WILSON, Baxter HIETT, and Jim BUTT. One of the stores was made of stone. Baxter HIETT built a wooden store building for $200.
Once Bucklodge was changed to Freelandburg because Mr. FREELAND owned a store and he change the name. He would sell huge amounts of sugar to people because they had a still. He would have a box car full of sugar on a side track. He had a small Post Office in the store. This store didn't last long and it was soon changed back to Bucklodge
The Rock Quarries at Bucklodge were on Mr. Wesley CRON's grandfather's place. The crushed rock was used for state highways. The state would bring prisoners out of Nashville Penitentiary. A big truck with small windows and bars on them hauled the prisoners. There were several guards with shot guns to keep them from escaping.

Bucklodge Church of Church

Bucklodge Church began in 1891 when Brother John H. CURRY came to the area from Ohio and began preaching in the school house on Saturday nights and Sunday. One dark or uninformed period at Bucklodge occurred from the mid 20's through 1931. In 1932, Brother A.J. ROLLINGS began preaching every Sunday at Bucklodge.
In July 1955, the congregation built a new building where they are meeting today. There has been several improvements and additions to the building. The average attendance is 25, but the attendance has increased to about 50 in the past few months.

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