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Sumner County, Tennessee
In the Civil War
2nd Tennessee Infantry, Company K

By Edwin L. Ferguson

Privately Printed by the Author, 1972

Thanks to the Ferguson family, for permission to reprint this book!

2nd (Bates) Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Company K

Humphrey Bate - Capt. Killed at Shiloh, Tenn. April 6, 1862. During a lull in the fighting he met his brother, Col. William B. Bate, and while talking over the battle, was in the act of giving Co. Bate a light from his cigar when he was mortally wounded.

Scott Davis - 1st Lt. Enlisted May 6, 1861. Then enlisted June 18, 1861 in Capt. David W. Alexander's company of independent cavalry. This forced his resignation from Co. K which he did Nov. 22, 1861. Was sent to Va, participated in the Cheat Mountain Campaign. Spent the winter of 1861-62 at Warm Springs and Alum Springs, Va. Trans. to McLemore's 4th Tennessee Cavalry and was in all its battles from Readyville, Tenn. to Bentonville, N. C.

Isaac P. Thompson - 2nd Lt. 1st Lt. Nov. 25, 1861 replacing Lt. Davis. Capt. April 10, 1862 replacing Capt. Bate. In hospital at Macon, Ga. July 6, 1864 with Chronic Diarrhea. Trans. to Co. I July 8, 1862.

Harvey Chenault - 3rd Lt. 2nd Lt Nov. 25, 1862 replacing Lt. Thompson. Detailed as Commissary Officer, Feb. 1, 1863 order Gen. Polk. Resigned Jan. 18, 1864

Charles B. Rogan - 1st Sgt. 1st Lt. June 13, 1863. Made Ordnance officer for Bate's Brigade Oct. 1, 1863.

Richard Wynne - 2nd Sgt. Trans. to Co. E, April 2, 1862 and elected Capt. Killed at Richmond, Ky Aug. 30, 1862.

Bailey P. Swaney - 3rd Sgt. Detailed as Scout and sent south of the Tennessee River Aug. 3, 1863 order Gen. Bragg.

Partick E.Youree - 4th Sgt. 2nd Sgt. Sept. 10, 1863. Captured at Big Creek Gap, Va. Exchanged. Wounded at Pine Mountain, East Tennessee by a bushwhacker. Shot through left hip, mini ball passing out through rectum and lower bowel and right hip near artery Sept. 4, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. Shell exploded between feet, killing man behind him. Deaf for five months and lost hand. Paroled in N. C. in May 1865.

Felix G. Haynes - 1st Corp. Shown with regiment through March 1864. Captured in Gallatin May 9, 1865 after war was over by U.S. Forces under Gen. Payne.

James W. Roberson - 2nd Corp. Bvt. 2nd Lt. April 10, 1862. Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862 by bayonet in right eye. Lost eye. Wounded at Murfreesboro by shell fragments in top of head and in right arm Dec. 31, 1862.

Joseph M. Crenshaw - 3rd Corp. Captured at Hartsville Nov. 10, 1862. Exchanged at Vicksburg, Miss. Nov. 22, 1862. On detached service getting mules for the army. Detailed as Wagon Master, Jan. 15, 1863 getting forage while in winter quarters at Dalton, Ga in winter of 1863-64.

John W. Wiseman - 4th Corp. Sent from Virginia to Tennessee to get clothing for the company. Discharged as a non-conscript April 10, 1862. Recruited by Co. H, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, see also.

Thos. J. Kennedy - Surgeon. Dismissed Dec. 29, 1862. Enlisted in Co. C, 6th Cavalry.

Rev. Joseph Cross - Regimental Chaplain.

Alexander, Richard - Enlisted Jan. 1, 1861. Absent without leave.

Ashford, Thomas R. - Assistant Surgeon July 24, 1862.

Anglea, Durrett B. - On detached service building bridges Feb. 10, 1862.

Bate, Henry C. - Made Adjutant. Trans. to 5th Cavalry Battalion. Known later as 1st Tennessee Cavalry. (Carter's)

Bate, Humphrey Howell - Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862. Left in private home, unable to be moved. Wounded through neck, in left shoulder, in right leg and in knee joint of left leg. Unable to feed himself. Furloughed indefinitely. Returned to regiment July 19, 1864 and was discharged on disability.

Bate, William B. - Elected Colonel of the regiment. Made Brigadier General. Then Major General. Wounded severely at Shiloh April 6,1862. Both bones in left leg broken and arteries severed. Doctors said his leg must be amputated. He refused and kept his pistol under his pillow to prevent its being done. Did not see his old command until much later in the war, then not as Col. but Brigadier General.

Bate, James H. - Made Major. Wounded in left side below waist at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. In hospital three months, then back to regiment.

Bate, William R. - Trans. to a Kentucky Regiment and was retired from service July 1, 1864.

Bentley, Andrew J. - Died at Okolona, Miss. July 11, 1862.

Boren, James M. - Made Sert. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. In hospital at Newman Ga. Paroled in N. C. in June 1865

Branham, John T. - Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Paroled in North Carolina in 1865.

Bryson, Geo. G. - Wounded at Shiloh, Tenn. April 6, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Paroled in North Carolina in 1865.

Buckner, Alexander - Shown present at Lynchburg, Va. on May 1, 1861.

Burton, James M. - Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. In hospital at Atlanta, Ga. Discharged on disability Sept. 24, 1864.

Bright, Charles T. - Trans. to Huggin's Light Artillery Battery.

Byrd, Mathew L. - Detailed to Regimental Band, July 15, 1861. Deserted at Tunnel Hill, Ga. Jan. 29, 1864. Captured at Lebanon, Tenn. and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio.

Carr, William C. - Captured at Franklin, Tenn. Nov. 24, 1864. Sent to Camp Chase, Ohio.

Chenault, John - Detailed as Regimental Wagon Master Nov. 1, 1862. Wagon Master for Gen. Polk's Brigade Dec. 25, 1863.

Cox, Van Buren - Company blacksmith. 2nd Sgt. April 10, 1862. Captured at Nashville Dec. 15, 1864. Sent to Camp Chase, Ohio.

Davis, William A. - Wounded in left arm near shoulder at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862. Wounded in right ankle at Jonesboro, Ga. Sept. 1, 1864.

Davis, Willis B. - Trans. from Co. D, 9th Tennessee Cavalry on Dec. 8, 1862. Wounded at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862 in the arm.

Dickerson, James W. - Wounded at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862. Died from wounds on Aug. 31, 1862.

Dickerson, Thomas H. - Absent after Dec. 31, 1861.

Drake, Edwin L. - 2nd Lt. April 10, 1862. Then 1st Lt. Paroled as Lt. Col. at Greensboro, N. C. May 1, 1865. Was in battles of Aquia Creek, Va., Manassas, Va., Shiloh, Tenn., Corinth, Miss., Richmond, Ky., Murfreesboro, Tenn., Chickamauga Ga., Missionary Ridge, Ga., Dalton, Ga., Peachtree Creek, Ga., and Bentonville, N. C. Wounded by shell fragment right ear and ear drum at Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863. Wounded right hip at Peachtree Creek July 18, 1864 and at Bentonville, N. C. March 21, 1865. Was a doctor.

Drake, John P. - Corp. April 10, 1862. Detailed to care for Government livestock order Col. Robinson Jan. 6, 1863.

Ferguson, Charles L. - Trans. to Co. K, 24th Tennessee Infantry May 20, 1863.

Ferguson, Wm. W. - Musician in Regimental Band.

Foster, William R. - Died at Winchester, Va., in 1861.

Glenn, Thompson S. - In battles of Shiloh, Tenn., Richmond, Ky., Perryville, Ky., Murfreesboro, Tenn., Chickamauga, Ga., Missionary Ridge, Ga., Ringgold Gap, Ga., Dalton, Ga., Jonesboro, Ga.. Wounded in foot at Chickamauga Sept. 20, 1863. Sent home from Murfreesboro in Dec. 1864 by Gen. Bate for clothing. Battle of Nashville was fought. Hood retreated. Was cut off and unable to rejoin regiment. Marked deserted Dec. 24, 1864.

Hallum, Henry - Captured on retreat from Tullahoma in May 1863. Sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. Exchanged Aug. 25, 1863. On detached service in Atlanta Arsenal by order of Gen. Bragg July 1, 1864.

Harper, Alfred Noel - 3rd Lt. In battle of Bull Run, Va. July 21, 1861. Exchanged places with Lt. Henry W. Williams of Co. C, 7th Cavalry Battalion. Discharged. Enlisted in Co. F. 9th Tennessee Cavalry, Sept. 1, 1862. Made 3rd Lt. Wounded at Mt. Sterling, Ky June 9, 1864. Left on field supposedly mortally wounded. Captured. Carried to Camp Douglas, Ill. Ball entered neck below right ear and passed out through left jaw. Throat abscessed. Pieces of bone worked out.

Harper, Noel C. - Trans. to Co. H, this regiment, see also.

Hamilton, John L. - Wounded slightly eight times. Seriously wounded in right thigh at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862. Knocked down at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863 by shell striking gun, breaking right shoulder and shattering shoulder joint and upper right arm. In hospital at Atlanta, Ga six months. On way home with broken shoulder was captured Nov. 7, 1864. Escaped Nov. 10, 1864. Captured again at Columbia, Tenn. and kept in prison three days. Given choice of a northern prison or taking the oath. Oath. Was from Fountain Head.

Haynes, Henry Clay - In battles at Perryville, Ky., Murfreesboro, Tenn., Chickamauga, Ga., Florence, Ala., Jonesboro Ga. Wounded at Chickamauga Sept. 20, 1863. Wounded in left shoulder at Jonesboro Sept. 1, 1864. Wounded at Franklin, Tenn Nov. 30, 1864. Paroled in April 1865.

Haynes, James W. - Wounded severely in side at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862. Captured and sent to Camp Butler, Il. Exchanged March 20, 1863. Made Acting Sgt Major. Captured again May 3, 1863.

Head, Milton Elkana - Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862. Shot through right lung. Unfit for active duty until Sept. Captured Big Creek Gap (Cumberland) Sept. 9, 1862. Exchanged Sept. 12, 1862. Offered Medical Discharge on Disability but refused it. On detached service in Quartermaster Dept. Dec. 20, 1863 order Gen. Hardee. In other battles at Bull Run (Manassas) Va., Acquia Creek, Va., Pine Mountain, Tenn. and Missionary Ridge, Ga. Paroled in North Carolina in 1865.

Hibbett, John B. - Detailed as Hospital Steward at Murfreesboro. Captured there. Exchanged. In hospital, then trans. to Cavalry, Co. H, 9th Tennessee Cavalry.

Holt, James A. - Detailed as Regimental Teamster Jan. 15, 1863, order Gen. Polk. Then detailed to Supply Dept. order Gen. Bragg.

Horvy, Coleman - Paroled May 1, 1865.

Hunt, Thomas J. - Detailed as Regimental Teamster Jan. 15, 1863 order Gen. Polk. Detailed to Supply Train order Gen. Polk. Deserted at Chattanooga Feb. 19, 1864. Oath.

Hunt, William T. - Furloughed Feb. 19, 1862.

Jameson, James B. - Killed at Shiloh April 6, 1862.

Johnson, James P. - Absent without leave. Enlisted in Co. I, 4th Tennessee Cavalry. McLemore's, see also.

Johnson, Stephen C. - Sgt. Wounded at Perryville, Ky. Oct. 8, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Hospital at Chattanooga. Given sick furlough April 6, 1864. Wounded and captured at Bentonville, N. C. March 21, 1865. Paroled May 11, 1865.

Jones, John W. - Absent without leave. Appears on roll in Co. C, 24th Tennessee Infantry and Co. G, 9th Tennessee Cavalry regiments see also.

Jones, Raymond W. - Detailed as Hospital Nurse. Given 60 furlough in 1862. On way home horse fell on him permanently injuring him. Captured by U.S. forces under the Gen. Payne at Gallatin and forced to take oath or go to prison. Oath.

Law, Tilman C. - Discharged Sept. 30, 1861.

Lewis, James M. - Killed at Shiloh April 6, 1862.

Littleton, Wm. T. - Wounded at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862. Enlisted in Co. I, 7th Cavalry.

Mansker, Wm. T. - Severely wounded in thigh and captured at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862. Sent to Rock Island, Ill. Paroled April 22, 1865.

Martin, William R. - Wounded at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862. Leg amputated. Died of wound on Sept. 7, 1862.

Mathis, Jesse O. - Trans. to Co. F, 42nd Infantry. Made Sgt.

Maxwell, J. G. - Shown as 1st Lt. then Capt. No more.

McDaniel, James R. - Killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862. A cousin of Col. Bate.

McGhee, Jesse - Died at Kingston, Ga. April 5, 1864.

McKendree, James M. - Trans. to 7th Kentucky Cavalry April 20, 1862.

Mitchener, E. N. - Shown present at Murfreesboro first day of battle, Dec. 31, 1862.

Padgett, Wm. D. - Discharged at Wartrace, Tenn. April 29, 1863 order Gen. Bragg.

Padgett, Wm. W. - Killed at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863.

Patterson, Lawson M. - Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. Sent to hospital. Deserted Dec. 13, 1864. Oath.

Payne, William G. - 4th Corp. April 10, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. Captured. Sent to U.S. hospital then on to prison March 1, 1864.

Peddicord, Columbus A. - Musician in Regimental Band. Detailed to Secret Service as Scout by Gen. Kirby Smith on invasion of Kentucky. In hospital at Richmond, Va. Sept. 25, 1864. From Castallion Springs.

Pike, John Franklin - In battles at Manassas, Va., Shiloh, Richmond, Ky., Perryville, Ky., Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge. Wounded at Shiloh in neck. Hospital one month. Ball still in neck. Wounded in knee at Murfreesboro. Hospital two months. Captured in Georgia in Nov. 1864. Oath at Nashville in Nov. 1864.

Pike, William W. - Captured at Franklin, Tenn. Dec. 12, 1864. Sent to Camp Chase, Ohio.

Pollard, James H. - Enlisted in March 1861 in an Arkansas Infantry Regiment. Trans. to this company after enlisting in Co. C, 9th Tennessee Cavalry to which he had never reported. Paroled from hospital at Atlanta, Ga. in 1865.

Pollard, William S. - Trans. from Co. I to this company Sept. 1, 1862. Enlisted in Co. A, 9th Tennessee Cavalry. Remained until Dec. 1862, then back to this company. Deserted Feb. 1, 1863 on Bragg's retreat from Tullahoma.

Quinn, William C. - Killed at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862.

Rieves, Richard B. - Detailed as ambulance driver for Gen. Polk's division. Discharged as ambulance driver Dec. 20, 1862. Detailed as Hospital Nurse. Discharged on disability May 1, 1864.

Roark, John A. - Captured at Gallatin May 10, 1863. Enlisted in the 25th Michigan Infantry, U.S. Army June 16, 1863.

Rogan, John M. - Died at Tupelo, Miss. July 1, 1862.

Rucker, Alexander C. - Trans. to Signal Corps June 10, 1862.

Sarver, James W. - Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862. Died of wound.

Saunders, James N. - 4th Sgt. April 10, 1862. Wounded at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862.

Scurlock, Robert C. - Shown on roll through June 1862. No more.

Seip, John - Trans. from Co. H to this company April 3, 1862. Wounded severely in lung at Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862. Wounded at Taylor's Ridge Nov. 27, 1863 (Missionary Ridge) on Bragg's retreat after the battle of Missionary Ridge.

Shaver, Milton L. - Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Given sick furlough April 5, 1864.

Shelton, William B. - Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862. Sent to hospital at Memphis. Enlisted in Co. C, 7th Cavalry Battalion, see also.

Shelton, Dawson J. - In hospital at Atlanta, Ga. Feb. 1, 1864.

Smith, Wade H. - Captured at Rock House Tavern just south of Coat's Town now Westmoreland, Tenn. March 5, 1863. Sent to City Point, Va. Exchanged. Enlisted in Co. A, 29th Tennessee Infantry.

Staley, David B. - Absent without leave.

Stone, Moses B. H. - 1st Sgt. April 10, 1862. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Deserted.

Stone, James M. - Detailed as Forage Master Feb. 10, 1863 order of Gen. Polk. Then detailed as ambulance driver. Detailed to Supply Train Feb. 19, 1864, in the Quartermaster Dept. order of Gen. Johnston.

Stone, John W. - 2nd Corp. April 10, 1862. Regimental Color Guard. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Given a 40 day furlough Oct. 21, 1863. Paroled in N. C. May 6, 1865.

Suddarth, James N. - Absent behind enemy lines.

Sutherland, Alex. R. - Bvt. 2nd Lt. April 3, 1862. Wounded in right leg at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862. Leg amputated. Died of wound.

Terry, John H. W. - Detailed as sharpshooter to use the imported Whitworth rifle from England by order of Gen. Cleburne. In battles at Shiloh, Richmond, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Ringgold Gap, Rocky Faced Ridge, Dalton and Kennesaw Mountain. Wounded in right leg on skirmish line at Richmond, Ky. then severely in breast. Wounded slightly at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 19, 1863. Wounded severely in left leg at Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. Sept. 20, 1864. In hospital at Cuthbert, Ga. to end of war. On crutches some time after the war. Leg ulcerated and never did heal properly.

Thompson, David - Killed at Shiloh April 6, 1862.

Thompson, George W. - Killed at Shiloh April 6, 1862.

Thompson, Charley - Colored cook for the Thompson boys. Served to the end.

Turner, John B. - Furloughed home to Tennessee from Virginia Feb. 14, 1862. Absent behind enemy lines in Tennessee.

Webb, William D. - Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863. Captured at Gallatin Dec. 15, 1864. This poor fellow was one of many trying to visit home on Hood's invasion of Tennessee. Sent to Camp Douglas, Ill.

Wilks, John Talbas - In battles at Shiloh, Richmond, Perryville, Murfreesboro, and Chickamauga. Wounded five times. Wounded at Richmond, Ky. Aug. 30, 1862 in arm below elbow. Wounded at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863 through shoulder and through thigh, shattering bone. Sent to hospital at Atlanta, Ga. Given sick furlough from hospital on April 4, 1864. Never able for field service again but remained to the end. Paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina May 11, 1865. Made 3rd Corp. May 10, 1862.

Williams, Henry W. - Trans. to this company from Co. C, 7th Cavalry Battalion April 1, 1862. Detailed as Teamster Feb. 10, 1863 order Gen. Polk.

Williams, Samuel A. - Wounded in Georgia. Left leg amputated at Macon, Ga. Oct. 12, 1864.

Williams, Wm. F. - Kilied at Chickamauga, Ga. on Sept. 20, 1863. Due $109.88 back pay.

Winchester, Napoleon B. - On detached service for regiment.

Wynne, Edmund A. - Deserted Dec. 12, 1864.

Wright, Robert Barr - Wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862 through right ankle joint causing permanent disability. Offered a discharge on disability. Refused it. On detached service as Teamster and Wagon Master through 1863-64 and 65. Then Acting Quartermaster pressing stock for army use. Paroled in Alabama May 12, 1865. See note end of company history.

Wynne, Andrew J. - Detailed as hospital steward to June 1, 1862. Enlisted in 8th Tennessee Cavalry.

Wynne, Joseph G. - Trans. to Co. F, 9th Tennessee Cavalry Dec. 1, 1862, see also.

Young, Elmore A. - Killed at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept. 20, 1863.

Winston, Noel C. - Trans. from Co. K, 20th Tennessee Infantry at Cumberland Ford, Ky. Sept. 20, 1861. Then trans. to Co. H, 9th Tennessee Cavalry Sept. 1, 1862. See these records.

Youree, John R. - Shown present to March 1, 1863 then trans. to another regiment. Unknown.

Youree, William B. - Trans. from Co. C, 7th Cavalry Battalion April 1, 1862. Killed at Atlanta, Ga. July 22, 1864.

In addition to being seriously wounded at Shiloh, Robert Barr Wright had his life saved by a minnie ball striking a double cased silver watch in his pocket. This watch, still showing the dent, is proudly owned now by a descendent, Jule Simpson, now living in the Rock Bridge Community of Sumner County.

In all these Civil War records a lot of so-called desertions will be noticed. True, there were desertions, but due consideration must be given to the fact that records were lost or captured, men scattered, or left on the battlefield killed, wounded or captured, and because they were not present to answer at roll call, were marked deserted. Neither did they have men or paper for such work.

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