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Record of the Taxable Property and Polls in Sumner County for the year 1821


Transcribed by Linda Carpenter and E. James Keen
Coded by Danene Vincent, 1997
Source: Sumner County Tax Book, 1816-1822; Tax Aggregates 1838-1884
Original book at the Sumner County Archives; also available on
Microfilm Reel #332

*The polls and taxes are not included. For more information contact the Sumner County Archives.

Persons NameQuantity of LandSituation
William Raelf--
Robert T. Ritchey--
John Ruyle, Sr.145Manskers Creek
Moses Ruyle, Sr.145Ruyles Branch
Kenas Rice--
John Ruyle, Jr.--
John Ruyle, Henry's son--
Ferdnand Runman20Madisons Creek
Moses Ruyle, Jr.--
Andrew Rule297Bledsoe Creek, Edward Jones agent
John Roberts--
Henry Reymer--
William Rice120Bledsoe Creek
Samuel Rogers85Station Camp Creek
Stanton Rogers, heirs75Station Camp Creek
Ruth Rogers100Station Camp Creek
Tabitha Rogers80Station Camp Creek
James Rogers60Station Camp Creek
John Ralph50Drakes Creek Waters
Thomas Ralph60-
Henry Reid100-
James Rutherford307Station Camp Creek
Armstead Rogers, Sr.300Station Camp Creek
George Riden40Station Camp Creek
Benjamin Rawlings697 1/2Station Camp Creek
Benjamin Rawlings130where John Lewis Lives
Lemuel Rogers113Station Camp Creek
David M. Richardson--
Robert H. Rutherford100Deshas Creek
William Roney126Deshas Creek
Samuel Roney90Deshas Creek
John Roney--
James Roney, Sr.314Drakes Creek
Thomas Ritter200Drakes Creek
William Ritter--
Alexander Rasco358Station Camp Creek
Alexander Rasco290Sharps Creek
Alexander Rasco277Drakes Creek Waters
Peyton Rasco--
Thomas Rasco--
John Rice--
Ezekiel Rose50Barrens
Reuben Ross175-
John Ross--
Nathaniel Rice100-
Henry M. Rutledge1000Drakes Creek
John Rider100Track Branch
John Rider124Track Branch
James Rickman--
Thomas Rickman150-
David Rickman135Goose Creek
Franky Rickman150-
Thomas Rousley--
Mary Rickman150-
Stanley Rumley--
James Regan26Goose Creek
John Rhoads31 3/4-
Jacob Richard204Long Creek
James Rumley80Goose Creek
Elijah Robertson87Goose Creek
Joseph Robb243Deshas Creek
James Robb520Trammel Creek
John Reddick122 1/2-
James Rippy455Cumberland Fork Drakes Creek
Samuel Ross240Trammel Creek
Nehemiah Roten100Trammel Creek
John M. Rice--
John Rowland540Goose Creek
James Rankin, Jr.100Rock Creek
Elijah Rutledge90Cumberland River
John Reaves--
Charles Robertson--
William Reed450Rock Creek
James Rankin, Sr.178Rock Creek
Aquilla Redditt200Rock Creek
Samuel Richardson30R Fork Bledsoe Creek
Jesse Robertson157 1/2R Fork Bledsoe Creek
Elisha Robertson--
Frances Rogan320Bledsoe Creek
John Riggs--
Joseph Ruff--
Edmond Rawlings, Doctor--
James Roney 232 1/2Waters of Red River
William Right--
Edward Rippey200Waters of Red River
Jesse Rippey109S Fork Drakes Creek
William Robertson--
John Robertson640S Fork Drakes Creek
James Reed320Drakes Creek
George Reed, dec'd, heirs by James Reed agent330Drakes Creek
Henry Rhoads115on the Ridge

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