Farm in Same Family For Nearly 100 Years

Contributed by Dave Stallings

Special to the Banner

Gallatin, Tenn., April 20.----Near Fountain Head, in the Fourteenth Civil District, this county, is situated a farm which has been in the possession of members of the same family for nearly 100 years. The farm was first purchased by John Reddick, who was born in North Carolina nearly 132 years ago and who removed to this county with his wife and settled near where Anglea is situated, about ten miles east of Fountain Head. Since that time the property has descended from generation to generation and is now in possession of one of his great-granddaughters, Mrs. W. E. Thomasson. S. T. Reddick, grandson of John Reddick, I speaking of the place says that in the days of his grandfather wild turkeys, deers and wolves roamed in abundance in the neighborhood and in those days the young people would walk to church and carry their shoes in their hands until they arrived near the church and then put them on.

Transcribed from unidentified newspaper clipping, probably from the Nashville Banner. The year "1911" is penciled in at the top. The year 1911 and the note "132 years ago" are reasonably consistent with the birth of 1774 for John Reddick. S. T. Reddick is Sidney T. Reddick, 1834-1920, son of Newton Blackburn Reddick, 1809-1887, oldest son of John Reddick.

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