Lone (Long) Hunters Monument

Contributed by Joe E. Wallen
© 2003

Note: I'm looking for the monument. I have a copy of a photo of the actual monument. Only information I have, is that it is located near Bledsoe's Lick. It's inscribed "In memory of the Lone Hunters." Would appreciate any information you might have. Thanks.

Here's what I can read from my copy of the picture:

(In large letters at the top of the monument)

Col. James Knox
Casper Mansco
Henry Knox
Richard Skaggs
Henry Skaggs
Isaac Bledsoe
Abraham Bledsoe
James Graham
Joseph Drake
John Montgomery
William Allen
William Lynch
David Lynch
Chris Stoph
(Unknown) Russell
(Unknown) Hughes

Spellings are transcribed as they are spelled on the monument.

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