William Triggs to Sallie Franklin -- Ball Invitation, 1816
Misc. Records

Source: TSL&A
Microfilm #81 Historical Records Project,
Official Project No. 65-44-1499.
Copied under Work's Progress Administration
June 20, 1936

Contributed and Transcribed by
DeAnne A. Shelley


The following is a copy of an invitation in Mrs. Walter Love's possession. It was sent to her grand mother.

Invitation to Ball

The company of Miss Sallie Franklin is solicited at a ball to be held at William Triggs in the town of Gallatin on the fourth day of July next to commence at four o'clock p.m.

Alfred H. Douglass
John H. Bowen
Robert M. Boyers
William Hadley
June 13, 1816.

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