Wedding Invitation for Annie Lee Goodall
and Gordon Moore, 1909

Contributed by Karen Moore Waugh

A complete (as complete as I can read these old signatures) listing of the people who attended my grandmother's wedding in 1909.I have included newspaper account of the Mt. Juliet wedding held at "Oakland", the Goodall family home in Wilson Co. TN. The bride is from Mt. Juliet, the groom from New Middleton in Smith Co. TN.

The Invitation

Mr. & Mrs. George V. Goodall
will give in marriage their daughter
Annie Lee
Mr. Gordon Moore
on the afternoon of Thursday, the seventh day of October
Nineteen hundred and nine
at half after three o'clock
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

The honor of your presence is requested.

NOTE: Where it is difficult to determine just exactly which letter or name is written, the letter will be followed by an asterisk*, the name by two**.

Those who signed the Wedding Book

Mrs. C. G.* Everett
Mr. & Mrs. Elbert W. Young & son
Hooper Jennings
Mrs. P.* H. Frazier
Sam Cook
Mrs. F. E. Moore
Mrs. W. S. Marks
Miss Foy Dell Carver
J. W. Grigg
Kate Moore (sister of groom)
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McFarland
W.B. Nokes
Helen Stroud
Mr. Briut** Jennings
Mrs. J. D. Bradford (Mrs. Mary Moore Bradford, sister of groom)
Gussie Lou Lincoln
Grace Truman Betty
James Conick** Betty
Joe Eastes
J. Chas Jackson
D.* E. Seay, Lebanon
W. A. Neal, Grant
Miss Ellen Hatfield (provided piano music for ceremony)
Bettie Hatfield
Altha Everett
Duke Ward (best man)
Effie Sweatt (cousin to bride, maid of honor), of Kentucky
E. A. Elam (elder & minister who officiated)
W.W. McFarland
Mrs. F. A. McFarland
Elizabeth Wood
Mrs. Will P. Thomson
Laura F. Wallace
Lelia Bridgewater (perhaps a cousin to bride)
Carolyn Johns
Miss Annie Bridgewater (a cousin to the bride)
Miss Willette. B. Thomson, Hendersonville
Mrs. L. S. Lovelace
Jno. D. Glenn, Lebanon
Mrs. John D. Glenn, Lebanon (Martha Goodall Glenn, aunt to bride)
A.H. Goodall
Mrs. A. H. Goodall
A. Gordon Goodall
George Van Buren Goodall, Jr.
Martha Louise Goodall
Will H. Waters
Roy F. Garrette**
Loucile** Cragwall**
J. W. Cragwall
J. S. Hatfield
Katie Johnson
Mary McDaniel
Grady McDaniel
Miss May Sweatt, Mt. Juliet
Mrs. Mattie W. Touralieraclies** (honestly, this is what it looks like)
E.A. Sweatt
Ruby Garrett
Nell Bridgewater
Mr. & Mrs. W. W.* Grigg
Miss Annie Grigg
Mr. & Mrs. R.* C.* Hardison
Elizabeth Jennings
Mary Jennings
John L. Jennings
Mrs. J. B. Ward
Mrs. W.S. Haley
Mrs. W.A. Neal

Newspaper Article

A home wedding which possessed distinctive beauty of plan, though arranged on simple lines, was that of Miss Annie Lee Goodall and Mr. Gordon Moore of Louisville, Ky., which took place at 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at "Oakland" the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. George V. Goodall. Elder E. C. Elam officiated in the presence of a company of relatives and near friends.

The bride was attractive in a dainty white hand-made lingerie gown of lace and embroidery, over a taffeta silk princess. Her veil of tulle was caught with sprays of lilies of the valley, and her shower bouquet was of bride roses, lilies of the valley and maidenhair ferns. She carried an exquisite point lace handkerchief used by her mother at her own marriage. Mr. Duke Ward was best man and the brides attendant, Miss Effie Sweatt, appeared in a beautiful lingerie gown and carried Marechal Neil roses.

Miss Ellen Hatfield, who was attired in a pale messaline silk, played Mendelsohn's wedding march for the entrance of the bridal party and during the ceremony "Hearts and Flowers."

Miss Althea Everett, in a becoming cream costume, kept the wedding register of the bride, and Misses May Sweatt of Mt. Juliet, and Willette Thompson of Hendersonville received. Little Anna Bridgewater served frappe in a prettily decorated hall. The wedding colors used in decoration were white and gold against a background of green formed of potted plants and ferns.

The display of wedding presents, many of which were handsome silver and cut glass pieces, attested the popularity of the young couple.

The bridal party left in an automobile at 4:30 for Nashville, where Mr. and Mrs. Moore took the train for Louisville, their future home. Mrs. Moore's going away dress was a handsome tailored blue cloth suit and a hat to match.

They lived in Louisville for about five years before returning to Smith County. The enduring family anecdote to this wedding is that while my grandmother was a very dainty lady, her new husband was a bit of a large bull in the china shop. While boarding the train to Louisville that evening, he managed to drop all the wedding gifts he was carrying and break many of the aforementioned "handsome cut glass pieces."

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