Transcription of Sarah Eleanor Hollins'

Contributed by Steven L. Franklin





(title page)



OF Benjamin Joseph Franklin Jr.

AND Sarah Eleanor Hollins





R. V. Cawthorn of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee



Our family moved to Gallatin in January 1912. In a week or two, Edd and I came home from school - at church one February morning I met Ben - whom I had heard of some few weeks after "our crowd" from Nashville came home with us, we invited the young people around; up home on Sunday afternoon. Ben was there before we got the dinner dishes washed - he stood around looking at us, as though he thought us crazy. Then later we came out (in April). We gave a party and all the young folks came. Then when summer came we saw each other at church; After we both went away to school - He began writing to me from Bowling Green - then the summer of 1913 we began going together. The first Sunday night that we were going any where - he had an engagement for a certain hour - he failed to come. I waited awhile, then went on and left him - there after he was always on  - and then some.



He came to see me every week; often three or four times. He was a "devoted Brother", taking me to all things of amusement. In the summer of 1915 when I was taken sick, he came every day. When I was taken to the hospital - he came the next day. He stayed 'till I was operated on, came to my bedside before I fully regained consciousness. Then he came often to see me. When I was brought home. Nothing was sweeter than to have him near. "Showing tender mercy and loving kindness always". He would bring me candy and have me hunt for it in all kind of crazy places. Taking strolls together he'd tell me of his "dreams". With one "dream Girl" always in mind.



The first proposal was made September 13th 1914. We were friends for sometime. Then the following few months we talked as friends and lovers (varying). Along in February of March I gave him my final answer. Often though pretending I didn't care, but would change again soon. In october we set the day for our wedding, kept it a secret awhile then told our people.



"Stolen" June 1914 Then I was Angry



We gave no gift except ourselves



"Take me as I am"



After we became engaged when I left home. I received a letter every day. Usually started "MY dearest Sister" - and finished "Yours as ever, Ben". Sometimes though varied to "My Darling" signed "your impatient Lover". For a while he wrote me even while I was at home. Then it was usually "Dear Sister", signed "as ever, Ben".



Franklin - Hollins

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Hollins have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Sarah Eleanor, to Mr. Benjamin Joseph Franklin Jr. The wedding to take place of the evening of Dec. 29th at their country home near Gallatin.

(Newspaper) Clipping from "The Sumner County News" (Tennessee)of December 9th 1915.



Mr. And Mrs. Maurice Hollins entertained with a dinner party at their home "Bridgeview Farm" - December the nineteenth (Sunday). A delicious three course dinner was served. In the afternoon music was enjoyed.



Linen shower given by Misses Naomi and Cora Spivey. December the fifteenth (Wednesday). The rooms were decorated in holiday colors. A contest was held. The prize being won by the Bride-elect. Booby prize won by Miss Bessie Blanchard. Each present was accompanied by an appropriate verse, each being read aloud by the bride. Mrs. March Anderson assisted the hostess in serving a delicious salad course. Those present being:

Miss Sallie V. Franklin - centerpiece

Miss Bessie Blanchard - pillowslips

Miss Nell Anderson - towel

Mrs. March Anderson - towel

Mrs. James Spivey - Towel

Misses Spivey - centerpiece

Those who sent but could not come on account of the weather were:

Miss Eliza Franklin - centerpiece

Mrs. B.C. Jenkins - two towels

Mrs. J.C. Vaughan - berry set

Miss Agnes McGlathlin - towel

Mrs. Frank Downs - two doilys

Miss Lola Shoulders - towel



My wedding suit of underware was of crepe de chine. The teddies being made by myself, having lace trimmings. My shirt (petticoat) having a double flounce with lace at the bottom. The camisole was finger made with hems of briad stitching, it being made by Loudelle Wilson, The gown embroidered by Myrtle Ely. My second suit, was of white flaxan with crocheted yokes - the teddie yoke being made by my Grandmother some years before her death. The princess slip yoke made by Mama. The gown yoke by Gertrude Wilson Jones. Embroidered by Loudelle with all seams made on the fingers and the hem briad stitched in. The entire lot trimmed with pink ribbon. My extra teddies numbered five, not mentioning my separate suits. My petticoats (slips) being four, and extras. And my night dresses numbered twelve. These all being made at odd and different times and not all matching the teddies, slips or skirts, but all being in white - with pink and blue ribbon in them. My shoes and hose being black. Except my white slippers and hose used as my wedding slippers. Black satin evening slippers with hose to match the dresses. My breakfast caps being made by Gertrude Jones and Mrs. Downs. One a lace cap with yellow ribbon, the other crocheted of yellow thread with lace edge. A white with green ribbon being made by Lillian Jones; also a white with a yellow embroidered butterfly made by Loudelle Wilson. My handkerchiefs numbered about twenty five, all being made by my friends. Having crocheted edges or hand embroidered. My wedding handkerchiefs being hand made with drawn words, lace edgings - being made years before by my first school teacher Mrs. Amy Lawrence Coleman.



White silk taffeta - with crepe de chine over skirt - draped in the front. The skirt being hand stitched with a little crocheted edge all around the waist of taffeta with crepe-de-chine draperies - taffeta sleeves with touches of lace and the V-shaped neck bound with pearl trimmings - made by Mrs. Rusker of Nashville.



Brown coat suit with fur trimmings - with hat to  harmonize. Blouses to harmonize also. A pea green silk evening dress trimmed in lace and plaiting. An electric blue crepe-de-chine street dress with white georgette crepe trimming and white pearl buttons. Dark blue velvet dress with white collar and cuffs of crepe-de-chine and plaiting. Four little house dresses (one blue - one brown - one tan and one pink. Each trimmed with harmonizing colors). A blue velvet coat - a black hat with a yellow plume as its only trimming.



Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Hollins

Invite you to be present

At the marriage of their daughter

Sarah Eleanor


Mr. Benjamin Joseph Franklin Jr.

Wednesday evening, December twenty ninth

At seven o'clock

At their home

Gallatin Tennessee



Shower bouquet of Lillies of the Valley and brides roses, bought of Harry and Sons, Nashville



My Maid of Honor, Sallie V. Franklin, sister of Ben. She being dressed in pink satin combined with lace. Carrying a bouquet of Pink Killarney rosebuds.



The reception committee consisted of Misses Eliza Franklin and Loudelle Wilson, Messrs. John Franklin and Sam Hollins. Lillian Jones and Pat Swaney served frappe in one of the front rooms. Sallie Mai Powers kept the wedding register.



Misses McCauless?? - Placemats

Mark Downe family   - little salt pepper and tooth pick stand

Mr. and Mrs E. E. Reynolds - carving set

Mrs. Minnie Corburn - cut glass bowl and berry ladel

Mrs. ??? Harrison - two linen towels

Mrs. R. L. McMurray - embroidered centerpiece

Miss Lucille Neal - cut glass olive dish

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hollins - Japanesse plate

James Draper - gravy ladel

Eva Mitchener - meat fork

Mrs. B. C. Jenkins and Frank - baking dish

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Spivey - picture (life's beginning)

Miss Loudelle Wilson - serving tray

Miss Lillian Jones - "Brides Own Book"

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Cawthorn - berry set

Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Spivey - glass bowl

Mrs. Sue A. Coulton - casserole

Uncle Abb, Joe, and George hays - fruit bowl

L. Miller Woodson, M.D. - serving tray

Sallie, John, Bill - silver gravy boat

Louise Rutherford - salt cellars

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Atkins - hand painted plates (six) cups and saucers

Jessie Taylor - bowl

J. P. Vaughn Family - 1/2 doz. Glasses, bottle, tea strainer, biscuit cutter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McGlothlin - bowl

Miss Minnie Williams - quilt

Lola and Billy Shoulders - silver syrup stand

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McGlothlin - serving tray

Mrs. Odis Hadeney - centerpiece

Mr. and Mrs. Swindle - centerpiece

Claire H. Butler - handkerchiefs

"Becky" - rolling pin; fork

Emma and Abe Douglas - corset cover

Mrs. G. T. Hackney - gown yoke

J. A. Montgomery - silver tea service

H. A. Hollins - $5 gold piece

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen - sugar shell

Sallie Mae Power - cut glass bowl

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollins - cut glass vase

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Jones - cut glass vase

Mrs. Amy L. Coleman - cut glass sugar and creamer

Luella Lech - salt spoons

Mrs. R. L. Young - cut glass olive dish

Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Ely and Maria Ely - cut glass olive dish

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Riley - salad forks

Christine and Truman ward - mayonnaise jar and spoon

Mrs. S. E. Burngarner - gutter knife

Pat Swaney - butter spreaders (pearl handle)

Douglas Srygley - chocolate set

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Derryberry - china bowl (hand painted)

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Griffin - vase

Mr. and Mrs. Henou Frye - soup ladel

Miss Addie and Bert Mitchell - Bonbon set

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Farrar - cut glass dish

Miss Myrtle Cummins - sugar spoon

Miss Effie Anderson - sugar tongs

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Franklin - Salt cellar and spoons

B. R. Conway - berry ladel

Mrs. Frank M. Duffy - pickle forks

Mrs. And Misses Ely - candle stands (sticks)

Bessie Blanchard - olive dish

Dr. and Mrs. L. T. Franklin - Knives - forks and spoons (table)

Miss Eliza Franklin - dessert and teaspoons

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Power - baking dish

Mrs. B. J. Franklin - Counterpane - quilts (3), other bed, pillows, etc.

Miss Emma Williams - bowl

Miss Mary Flora - bath and guest towel, washrag

Miss Bertha Hollins - Gown Yoke and sleeves

Mrs. Clarkies ?Lolks? - three doilys (crocheted)

Willie Grey Arrington - centerpiece

Dennis Frye and Wife - bowl and meal

Lula Hicks - Pillow Slips

Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Haulin - Pillowslips, sheets and scarf

Mrs. C. D. Marrow - two linen towels

W. M. Hollins and family - table cloth and napkins

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Haulin - rocking chair

Sam and Edd Hollins - rocking chair

Maurice and Bess Hollins - carving set

Nell Anderson - meat fork

Miss Sallie and Alice Fox - salad fork

Mrs. Turner ?Jones? - set teaspoons

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Worley - Ice Bowl

Mrs. Maude Violette - butter knife

Mrs. J. Claude Darvin - soup spoons

S. P. Pittman - Cake Plate

Tuby Hays - olive spoon

Mrs. B. F. Hollins - 9X12 tray

Mr. B. F. Hollins - china cabinet

Clara Horn - garters

Mrs. C. J. Smith - guest towel

Patsy Young - pickle forks

Mr. Nickles - aluminum kitchen set

Bertha and Frances Hollins - silver sugar tongs



On Wednesday evening; December the twenty ninth, at seven o'clock, at the home of the bride "Brooklawn". Benjamin Joseph Franklin Jr. and Sarah Eleanor Hollins were united in matrimony by the Reverand R. V. Cawthorn of Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

The bridal party entered to the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march, and stood beneath an arch, made of white festooning, ferns and evergreens.

As the guest entered they were shown into the library, where the presents were on display. Later they were ushered into the sitting room, where frappee was being dispersed. There the color scheme of green and white being very effective.



(first few sentences ink smeared and unreadable)

 that if Miss Sarah Eleanor Hollins and Benjamin Joseph Franklin, Jr. both of Gallatin. The wedding was Wednesday evening at the brides home, Brooklawn, near Gallatin, the Rev. R.V Cawthorn of Mt. Juliet, Tenn. Officiating.

Miss Luella Leek of Nashville and Douglas Srygley of Montgomery, Ala. Rendered a musical program  before the entrance of the bridal party. To the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march played by Miss Leek, the bridal party entered, led by the groomsmen, Dr. John Franklin and Samuel Hollins. They were followed by the groom and his best man, Edgar B. Hollins. The maid of honor, Miss Sallie V. Franklin, entered alone, preceding the bride, who also entered alone. The bride wore white crepe de chine and taffeta combined with lace and pearl trim ??????.

A reception followed the ceremony. Misses Lillian Jones and Miss Loudelle Wilson of Nashville, Miss Eliza Franklin and Pat Swaney of Gallatin assisting the bridal party in receiving the guests. Miss Sallie Mae Power of Guthrie, Ky., presided over the wedding register.

Out-of-town guests for the wedding were Dr. and Mrs. L. T. Franklin of Chillicothe, O.: Miss Sallie Mae Power and Mrs. M. I. Conway of Guthrie, Ky.; Mr. and Mrs. J. E?. Derryberry, Portland, Tenn.; Mr. Douglas Srygley, Montgomery, Ala.; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hollins, Bethpage, Tenn.; Miss Maria Ely, Clarksville, Tenn.; Miss Louise Rutherford, Athens, Ala.; Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Jones, Miss Loudette Wilson, Miss Lillian Jones, and Miss Luella Leek of Nashville.



Douglas Srygley, Montgomery, Ala.

Luella Leek, Nashville, Tenn.

Lillian Jones, Nashville, Tenn.

Loudelle Wilson, Nashville, Tenn.

Pat Swaney, Gallatin, Tenn.

R. Vester Cawthon, Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

Sallie S. Franklin, Gallatin, Tenn.

John Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Derryberry, Portland, Tenn.

Eliza Franklin, Gallatin, Tenn.

Maria Ely, Clarksville, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Downs

Major Jones

Mr. H. Frey

J. P. Vaughn

L. T. Franklin, M.D., Chillicothe, O.

J. C. Franklin

Bessie Blanchard

Mrs. B. C. Jenkins

Mrs. L. T. Franklin, Chillicothe, O.

Ralph McGlothlin

J. W. Dickerson

W. A. Franklin

Mrs. Ralph McGlothlin

Eva Mitchener

Mrs. M. I. Conway, Guthrie, Ky.

B. R. Violett

Jessie Taylor

Karl S. Franklin




The groom was very handsomely dressed in a black suit and white vest with gray gloves. His boutonniere was a bride rose.



Our little trip that we had planned was knocked out on account of the Brother from a distance here for only a short time, and a wedding dinner to be given by his people. Our trip was to slip away in an auto, without anyone knowing it.



Sunday, January 30th 1916 we invited Messrs Bill and Bob Franklin, William Ken and Edgar Hollins, Misses Sallie Franklin, Eva Mitchener and Agnes McGlothlin, on account of death in family some were unable to come, however all seemed to enjoy themselves.



At night when he'd work in the field late, I'd sit up stairs alone and play or read for a while, if he was too long coming I'd go down stairs and talk to the others then when he came home I'd hustle to him.



                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDSIRE

                                                                                                Richard Hollins

                                                HER PATERNAL GRANDSIRE

                                                Samuel P. Hollins

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDAME

                                                                                                Margaret Higgerson

                        HER FATHER

                        Ben F. Hollins

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDSIRE

                                                                                                John Knott

                                                HER PATERNAL GRANDAME

                                                Francis Knot Hollins

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDAME

                                                                                                Barbara Walters


Sarah Eleanor Hollins

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDSIRE

                                                                                                John Y. Fox

                                                HER MATERNAL GRANDSIRE

                                                Ferdie F. Fox

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDAME

                                                                                                Fannie Smith


Fannie Fox Hollins

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDSIRE

                                                                                                Jesse Ely

                                                HER MATERNAL GRANDAME

                                                Amand Ely Fox

                                                                                                HER GREAT GRANDAME

                                                                                                Charlotte Jamison



As the roses soon wither and fade away, so also will these little incidents of our two lives fade away from all. In a careless manner have I written these few things in this little book, that my children may know, (when we grow old and feeble) that we were once young and enjoyed life as they will.

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