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Unicoi County, Tennessee
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Updated December 18, 2011



I.  Genealogical and Historical Societies

The Unicoi County Historical Society
405 Ohio Avenue
Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-6307
Located at Unicoi County Public Library

Watauga Association of Genealogists
Upper East Tennessee
P.O. Box 117
Johnson City, Tennessee 37605-0117
Publications: The Bulletin (May and October)

East Tennessee Historical Society
601 S. Gay Street
P.O. Box 1629
Knoxville, Tennessee  37901-1629

II.  Libraries / Reference Centers with Genealogical Resources

Unicoi Co. Public Library
Col. J. F. Toney Memorial Library
201 Nolichucky Avenue
Erwin, Tennessee 37650-1237
Director:  Jane Garrett
(423) 743-6533      Fax: (423) 743-6533
Online Resources

Sullivan County Public Library
1655 State Route 37

P.O. Box 510
Blountville, Tennessee 37617
Director:  Theresa McMahan
(423) 279-2714   Fax: (423) 279-2836
Notes:  Genealogical holdings are extensive.

Kingsport Public Library
400 Broad Street
Kingsport, Tennessee 37660-4292
(423) 229-9489   Fax: (423) 224-2558
Director:  Helen Whittaker
Notes:  Genealogical holdings are very good - Closed on Sundays

Johnson City Public Library
100 West Millard Street
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423)434-4450  Fax: (423)434-4469
Director:  Nelson Worley  - Open 7 days a week

Charles C. Sherrod Library
East Tennessee State University
Campus Box 70665
Johnson City, Tennessee 37641-0665
(423) 439-5308 or  Toll Free (866) 542-3878
Notes:  Microfilm collection is extensive including Census records and local newspapers.
Card catalogue on-line:

Archives of Appalachia
East Tennessee State University
Campus Box 70295
Johnson City, Tennessee 37614
(423) 439-4338   Fax: (423) 439-4126

Notes:  holding include 400+ collections of personal papers of families and individuals,
records of businesses and organizations in southern Appalachia.  A large photographic
collection 250,000+ images

The Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection
500 West Church Ave.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
(423) 544-5744; no fax services on-site.
Notes:  The most outstanding collection of genealogical and historical materials in the
eastern Tennessee area.

State Library of North Carolina
109 E. Jones Street
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-2807
The State Library Catalog
Notes:  Most settlers of Unicoi County moved from the adjoining NC counties of  Avery,
Burke, Madison, Mitchell and Yancey

Tennessee State Library & Archives
403 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0312
(615) 741-2764   Fax: (615) 741 - 6471
TSLA's  Online Catalog

LDS Family History Centers
Johnson City/Watauga Tennessee
211 Mayflower Rd
Johnson City, Washington, Tennessee, United States
(423) 926-2492
Hours: M 10am-4pm, T 1pm-4pm, W 7pm-8:30pm
Closed:  Mondays and holidays

III. County Offices with Genealogical Records

County Clerk Office
P.O. Box 305
Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-3381
Fax: (423) 743-7115
Hours: 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM Monday through Friday;   9:00 AM ~ Noon on Saturdays
Dates of Available Records: Marriage records 1876 to present
Notes:  County Clerk's Office will retrieve records and make copies for 25 cents per page.
They will accept telephone, FAX, and mail inquiries, but will not make copies except through
 prepaid requests.   Request must include groom's name, the bride, and approximate date of marriage.

Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 305
Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-6104
Hours: 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
Date of Records: 1876 to present
Restrictions: Limited staffing does not allow personnel to retrieve and copy property transfer records.
All records are available for research, and copies may be made for 25 cents per page.

IV.  Museums with Historical Events

Unicoi County Heritage Museum
1523 Sane Whitson Drive, P.O. Box 307
Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 743-9449
Note:  The museum's collection is housed in a turn of the century residence built in 1903.  Local civic and historical clubs decorate rooms in with antique furnishings, turn of the century garments and accessories, pottery made in Unicoi County by Southern Potteries, Inc., cooking utensils, native black bear which was accidentally killed, replica of old Main Street, Clinchfield Railroad room; documents, photographs, artifacts, military clothing, and historic memorabilia exhibited in the History Room & War Room, Greasy Cove School House, the Amphitheater, and the Pat Alderman Nature Trail maintained by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.   The Heritage Players, a local theatrical group, perform historical programs at the Museum's outdoor amphitheater


V. Newspapers

The Erwin Record
218 Gay Street
Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-4122
Frequency of publication: Weekly
Years of operation: 1928 to present
Years on film at TSLA or elsewhere: TSLA, 1/27/1928-12/1993; Knox County Public Library,
1/27/1928-12/25/1957; ETSU, 1928-12/1989; All issues on microfilm at the Unicoi County Public Library.
Files from 1955 to present are at the Erwin Record office.
Online Obituary Search

The Johnson City Press
216 Gay Street
Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-4141
Online Obituary Search

The Valley Beautiful Beacon
Weekly online publication about the Erwin-Flag Pond areas. 
 Established April 2005
 Publication owned by approximately 60 local residents to include
 government leaders, retail and industrial owners, doctors, attorneys, and members of the general public. 
 Betty B. Chandler - Chief Editor

The Erwin Magnet-Times
Frequency of publication: Semiweekly (twice a week)
Years of operation:4/5/1927-?1928
Years on film at TSLA: 4/5/1927-12/1927
Special Notes: Supersedes Erwin Times and Erwin Magnet.

The Erwin Magnet
Frequency of publication: Semiweekly (twice a week)
Years of operation: 1894-1927
Years on film at TSLA or elsewhere: Some issues available Unicoi County Public Library;

TSLA holds 3/31M/1892-4/1/1927.

The Erwin Times
Frequency of publication: Three times a week
Years of operation: 5/17/1926-4/5/1927
Years on film at TSLA: 5/17/1926-2/15/1927
Special Notes: United with Erwin Magnet to form Erwin Magnet-Times.

The Unicoi County Progress
Frequency of publication: Weekly
Years of operation: 3/1/1928-3/?/1929
Years on film at TSLA: call for exact holdings (615) 741-2561 (M-F 8A-4:30P)
Special Notes: Merged with Erwin Record.

The Erwin Unakean
Years of operation: 2/1887-1890?
Years on film at TSLA: 2/1887

The Tri-Weekly
Published three times a week
Years of operation: 7/12/1935-1935?
Years on film at TSLA: 7/12/1935, 8/23/1935, 9/29/1935

The Erwin Observer
Weekly publication
Years of operation: 4/1?/1937-?1942
Years on film at TSLA: call for exact holdings (615) 741-2561 (M-F 8A-4:30P)

The Erwin News
Weekly publication
Years of operation: 5/9?/1924-1925
Years on film at TSLA:  (615) 741-2561 (M-F 8A-4:30P)

VI.  Schools

Unicoi County High School
500 Unaka Avenue, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1632

Unicoi County Vocational School
100 Okolona Road, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1639

Unicoi County Middle School
600 Mohawk Drive, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1653

Love Chapel School
Love Station, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1657

Rock Creek School
1121 East Erwin Road, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1648

Temple Hill School
Asheville Highway, Erwin, Tennessee 37650
(423) 743-1661

Unicoi Elementary School
Route 1, Unicoi, Tennessee 37692-1665
(423) 743-1665

VII. Funeral Homes

Erwin Memorial Funeral Home
1015 North Main, Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 743-1390
Year of origination: 1966

Ledford Funeral Home & Chapel
720 Ohio Ave., Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 743-1380  Fax: (423) 743-1357

Year of origination: 1954

Unicoi Funeral Home
Highway 23, Unicoi, TN 37650
(423) 928-4595

Year of origination: 1954

Valley Funeral Home & Chapel
1085 North Main Ave., Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 743-9187  Fax 423-9189
Year of origination: 1988

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