New Hensley Cemetery #3 of 19W

Spivey Mountain, Unicoi County, Tennessee

Surveyed and researched by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 04/07/12



The New Hensley Cemetery (also known as W. Sherman Lewis Cemetery) is located directly behind the Old Hensley Cemetery of 19W. The graveyard is enclosed with a chain link fence and located adjacent to the U-turn.  Maiden names are in parenthesis, as well as any additional information to clarify relationships based on family research.  Actual information of each grave is in quotations.  This is an active cemetery and well taken care of.

PHOTOS:  The cemetery affords beautiful views of Little Bald Mountain.  Macro view of cemetery taken Oct. 2011; photo of Little Bald taken Feb 03 -bbpytel


SURNAMES:  CHANDLER [#5-6], FOSTER [#1; 8], HENSLEY [#1-3; 5; 9-10], HUGHES [#7], LEWIS [#9], WHITSON [#4]

1a.  HENSLEY, Robert Burton
b. May 27, 1878 - d. May 12, 1958
"Gone to Rest"
[s/o John Hensley and Mary C. McCrackin buried Old Hensley Cem  #89a/b]

HENSLEY, Nellie Catherine [FOSTER]
b. July 29, 1878 - d. February 17, 1953
[d/o David F. Foster & Leanner E. Hensley buried Foster Cem #3 children: Cinda Jane #9b, John F., Worley #2, Minnie #5b,  Ralph #10a.
NOTE:  Photo of  Robert Burton and Nellie Catherine taken on their wedding day April 25, 1897

2.  HENSLEY, Worley
b. Jan. 4, 1904 - d. Oct 21, 1973
[s/o Robert B. Hensley and Nellie C. Foster #1a/b]

NOTE:  Photo of their children taken abt. 1913 at their home on Spivey Mountain, TN. Left-right: Ralph [baby in arms], Cinda- Jane, John F, Worley, Minnie [holding doll]

3.  HENSLEY, Carroll
b. March 11, 1938 - d. March 14, 1986
"Let Our Father's Will be Done"

4a. WHITSON, Lawrence
b. August 1, 1935 - d. April 10, 2005
Married February 2, 1956
Free Mason



b.  May 6, 1935 - d. September 13, 2009

[w/o Lawrence; d/o Claude Chandler and Minnie Hensley #5a/b]

NOTE:  Elementary School teacher for 20 years serving Sweetwater, Coffee Ridge and Love Chapel Schools; Member of the Eastern Star No. 173, the Tennessee Education Association and the National Education Association.    Obituary

4c. WHITSON, Sherry Lynn
b. July 29, 1959 - d. July 29, 1959
[d/o Lawrence Whitson and Doris Chandler]

5a.  CHANDLER, Claude H.
b. June 1, 1900 - d. Feb. 8, 1983
"How Great Thou Art"
[s/o Joseph Henry Chandler and Sarah Lucretia Tilson buried #178 Clear Branch Cem]

b. Feb. 1, 1906 - d. Jan. 10, 1975
[w/o Claude; d/o Robert B. Hensley and Nellie C. Foster #1a/b;

children: Robert B. #6a,

6a. CHANDLER, Robert Boice 
b. August 29, 1943 - d. March 24, 1997
[s/o Claude H. Chandler and Minnie Hensley]

6b.  CHANDLER, Betty Jane
b. November 4, 1946 - d. May 27, 1998

Married May 20, 1964
[w/o Robert B. #6a]

7a.  HUGHES Franklin R.
b. March 13, 1941 - d. Jan. 29, 2002
"Together Forever"

7b.  (spouse alive - private)

8a.  FOSTER, R. Wayne
b. May 31, 1932 - d. April 21, 1991
footstone U.S. Air Force

9a.  LEWIS, William Sherman

b. March 27, 1888 - d. December 6, 1987

"In God We Trust - Married December 2, 1917"

[s/o Elbert B. Lewis and Nancy Jane Byrd buried Lewis #3 Cem.]


9b.  LEWIS, Cinda Jane [HENSLEY]
b. April 12, 1899 - June 11, 1984
[d/o Robert B. Hensley and Nellie C. Foster #1a/b;

children:  Brownlow, Clifford, Lloyd, Everette Old Hensley Cem., Frankie, Daniel, 4 other children alive]

NOTE:  William was a WWI Veteran -served in Germany/France;  a farmer / retired from TN State Hwy Dept; Witnessed the hanging of Mary the Elephant; Photo [left] is of William Sherman and Cinda Jane's wedding day 1917.  Standing behind Cinda Jane is her mother Nellie Catherine Foster-Hensley;  Photo courtesy of Terry Bradford /restored by B. Bradford]

10.  HENSLEY, Robert "Boyd"
b.  December 21, 1940 - d. May 12, 2010
[s/o Ralph Hensley and Annie Lee]
NOTE:  obituary

11a.  HENSLEY, Ralph

b. March 30, 1912 - d. Oct. 24, 1999

"Married December 19, 1937"

[s/o Robert B. Hensley and Nellie C. Foster #1a/b]


11b.  HENSLEY, Annie Lee

b. Dec. 9, 1913 - d. Oct. 18, 1993

[w/o Ralph Hensley]



Survey conducted by Beth Bradford-Pytel on April 23, 2003, of the New Hensley Cemetery #3 located on the summit of Spivey Mountain, 19W.   I give special thanks to my uncles Terry Bradford, Duane Bradford and late cousin Lola Hensley for lending me their fine collection of vintage family photos for digital preservation.

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