Old Hensley Cemetery #3 of 19W

Spivey Mountain, Unicoi County, Tennessee

Enumerated, documented and researched by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated on 03/15/14



PHOTOS:  (L) entrance to the cemetery from the parking lot.  I made the sign in February 2014.  (R) macro view of Old Hensley Cemetery and the unmarked graves with crosses --some of which have been recently identified by death certificates and familiar connections. --photo taken 2007 bbpytel

Also known as "Falls Branch Cemetery," is located at the summit of Spivey Mountain near the NC state line.  The cemetery is the resting ground of many descendents of Revolutionary War Veteran, Sgt. Henry "Harry" Hensley and Barbara Angel through their youngest son, William Allison "W. A" Hensley.  Around 1847, William A. moved to these parts of Tennessee after losing his land in the Bee Log area of NC due to a bond he posted for Sheriff Charles Capron Baker who absconded with Yancey Co. tax funds.  W. A. left Yancey Co. with $300 and a mare from a settlement to clear his name, after which time he acquired 600 acres on the summit of Spivey.  His widowed mother, Barbara, and unmarried sister, Zania, moved with W. A. and family to Spivey for the rest of their lives (as verified by census records).  It's strongly suspected that Zania and Barbara are buried here with unmarked graves.  The cemetery sits on part of the original track of W. A.'s land.


Location: From Erwin, take US Highway 19W towards Burnsville, NC which cuts through the Spivey Mountain gap. At the summit of Spivey Mountain, make a left onto Hensley Cemetery Road (just before you reach the Mountain Dale Freewill Baptist church on the right.  The winding one-way gravel road takes you up a steep hill passing two houses before you reach the top.  There are two sharp turns to negotiate before the road plateaus at the summit. There is a small parking lot and a wide turn around.  The Cemetery is well maintained with plenty of parking.   Old and New Hensley Cemeteries #3 are next to each other.  PHOTO: (left) the gravel road which leads to both the Old and New Hensley Cemeteries.


The listing is in order of enumeration which begins at the far east end of the cemetery. "Cross" indicates unmarked grave with a concrete cross.  Suspected unmarked graves are identified with comments based on death records and family info. Maiden names are in parenthesis, as well as any additional commentary based on family research.   Email your comments, feedback and photos.


PART I -  Index of Surnames:

ADKINS [#121-122], BRADFORD [#19], CHANDLER [#65b], DAVIS [#47], EDWARDS [#2-3; 10-11; 25-27; 118; 142], FOSTER [#1; 4-5; 123-125; 133], HENSLEY [#14, 65; 68-91; 141b], HIGGINS [#55; 104-105; 124], HONEYCUTT [#22; 112], HUGHES [#60], [HUSKINS [#68], JONES [#67], LEWIS [#91-94; 129], MARTIN [#141], MCCRACKIN [#89a], RUNION [#47], SHELTON [#60], THOMAS [#7], WILLIAMS [#6-7; 14-22], WILSON [#136 -139]


copyright.gif (18406 bytes)PHOTOS:  unless otherwise noted by Beth Bradford-Pytel.

PART II - The Grave Listings:




1.  FOSTER, Maude  [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b. July 31, 1918 - d. 1919

[infant d/o James H. Foster and Eliza Tilson #4a/b]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #473-1919, cause of death not stated; parents mentioned in record; noted buried at "Hensley Cemetery."


2.  EDWARDS, [David] Vines

a. February 1, 1911 - d. May 10, 1966

[s/o Joseph Berry Edwards #25b and 2nd wife Lula Hensley]


b. [wife - alive]


Two Infant Sons of Vines and (alive)

unnamed Infant son - b. March 18, 1939 - d. March 18, 1939

unnamed Infant son - b. Sept. 29, 1949 - d. Sept. 29, 1949

4a.  FOSTER, James Henry

b. February 14, 1880 - d. June 9, 1951

[s/o James Foster and Sarah


4b. FOSTER,  Eliza A. [TILSON]

b. May 22, 1890 - d. July 22, 1971

[w/o James; d/o Nathaniel T. Tilson and Rachel Edwards of Clear Branch area;

children: Sue Emma #5, Robert, Parley, Maude #1, Melda, Ibbie, Erwin, Ollie]

5.  FOSTER, Sue Emma

b. July 1920 - d. January 25, 2005

[d/o James H. Foster and Eliza A. Tilson #4b]

6.  WILLIAMS, Joe [Joseph] A.

b. [March] 1882 - d. 1941

[s/o Silas Williams #16 and Axie C. Bradford #19]

NOTE:  1910 Census Joe 25, Millie 38, Silas [father] 63, Randolph Thomas age 70 [father in-law]

7.  WILLIAMS, Millie R. [THOMAS]

b. 1870 - d. 1950

[w/o Joseph Williams #6; d/o Randolph Thomas and unknown]

NOTE: no tombstone - only funeral marker


8.   unmarked grave (a rock)



9.  Cross  [suspected Edwards]


10.  EDWARDS, Edna O.

b. April 16, 1932 - d. July 23, 1937

w/ footstone

[d/o Luther Berry Edwards and Emma Peterson buried Edwards Cem. #3]

11.  EDWARDS, Nina Kay

b. November 17, 1937 - d. December 8, 1938

w/ footstone

[d/o Luther B. Edwards and Emma Peterson buried Edwards Cem. #3]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Cert #29031 - died of "Whooping Cough"


12.  Cross   [suspected Edwards]


13.  Cross   [suspected Edwards]


14.  WILLIAMS, Eliza M.  [HENSLEY]

b. Sept 8, 1885 - d. Oct 2, 1951

[w/o C. R. Williams #15; d/o Cornelius E. Hensley and Rebecca Jane Hensley #119/120]

footstone "E.W."

15.  WILLIAMS, C. R. [Cornelius R.]

b. Oct. 14, 1873 - d. July 1, 1940

Gone But Not Forgotten

[s/o Silas Williams (#16) and 1st wife Axie C. Bradford (#19);

children: Harry, Harley #18, Bradie #17]

footstone "C.R.W."

NOTE:  photos of old and New tombstones

16.   WILLIAMS, Silas

"Pvt., Co., H, 3rd N.C. Mounted Infantry - Civil War -Union"


b. February 1847 - d. November 18, 1922

s/o Pitman Williams (b. 1810) and Sarah Whitson (b. 1818) buried Pitman-Williams Cem ;

1st wife- Axie C. Bradford #19

2nd wife -Martha Jane Honeycutt (d/o David Honeycutt and Margaret "Nerva" Edwards (suspected burial John C. Wilson Cem;); married Aug. 3, 1910 in Unicoi Co.; buried Ledford-Williams Cem, Yancey Co., NC; children: David, Louis, Mary; she is the sister of Texie Honeycutt #22]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #362-1922; died age 76, cause of death "Paralysis"; informant was son Joe A. Williams of Kittyton; father mentioned in record; Lived in Egypt Twp., Yancey Co., NC most of his life.  PHOTO of Silas and 2nd wife, Martha Jane and their 3 children; Catherine in the background is Martha's sister, photo courtesy Dwight Edwards.


17.  WILLIAMS, Bradie   [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b/d January 17, 1919

[infant child of C. R. Williams and Eliza Hensley #14/15]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #410;  cause of death not stated; informant R. J. Hensley of Kittyton; noted "buried Hensley Cemetery"


18.  WILLIAMS, Harley  [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b. July 31, 1916 - d. July 5, 1917

[s/o C. R. Williams and Eliza Hensley #14/15]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co., death record #489; cause of death "hives"; informant J. E. Huskins of Kittyton, noted buried "Hensley Cemetery"


19.  WILLIAMS, Axie C. [Achsa BRADFORD]

b. Sept. 14, 1842 - d. March 18, 1910

"She was the mother of eight children --

There was an angel born in heaven that was not quite complete,

So God took our darling mother to further vacant sent"


[d/o Samuel Bradford and Elizabeth Pate; w/o Silas Williams #16;

children: William Garrison, Mary, Cornelius R. #15, Nelly, Samuel, Joseph #6, Mack #21, Walter]

20.  Cross (probable WILLIAMS grave)

21.  WILLIAMS, Mack C.

b. [Feb.] 1882 - d. 1963

"He is asleep not dead"

footstone "Father"

[s/o Silas Williams #16 and Axie C. Bradford #19; wife Texie Honeycutt #9]



b. March 12, 1893 - d. July 23, 1971

"Mother I Miss You"

[d/o David Honeycutt and Manerva Edwards (suspected burial John C. Wilson Cem;)

w/o Mack Williams #21; married February 13, 1909; children: Arville, Hoy, Dee, Hettie, R.E., Martha, Marvin, Ollie, Silas, Opal

footstone "Mother"

NOTE: Texie Honeycutt is the sister of Silas Williams' (#16) 2nd wife Martha Jane Honeycutt.



23.  Cross  [suspected Edwards]


24.  EDWARDS, Harvey  [unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b.  abt. 1905 - d. June 24, 1911

[s/o Joseph B. Edwards and 2nd wife Lula Hensley]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #90980 - died of "Flux"; parents mentioned in record


25a.  EDWARDS, Sina

b. November. 22, 1866 - d. April 13, 1903

[1st w/o J.B. Edwards; children: Louisa Jane, Della M., Garrett, Onida, Bertha Lee in photo]

footstone "S.E."


25b. EDWARDS, Joseph B. [Berry]

b. May 17, 1860 - d. September 15, 1920

footstone "J.B.E."

"Mother - Father, The Angels Called Them"

[s/o Howell Edwards #27 and Louisa Jane Hensley #26]

NOTE: Unicoi Co. Death Record #20408, cause of death "Flux-Dysentery";  After the death of Sina, JB remarried Lula Hensley on March 2, 1904 (she is buried at Edwards Cem #3)  siring 5 more children: Harvey #24, Luther B., David Vines, Essie, Oscar.   Above Pboto taken abt. 1902:  [l-r] Louisa J., Della, Garrett, Onida, baby Bertha Lee. sitting on Joe's lap; courtesy of Terry Bradford.


b. July 4, 1836 - d. Oct. 2, 1900

"Mother of four children - She bore the Cross - She wears the Crown"

[w/o Howell Edwards #27 - married on July 31, 1858;

d/o William Allison Hensley and Lucinda Higgins #105a/b; 

children: Joseph Berry #25; Barbara Ann buried Elbert Peterson Cem., William Allison, Lucinda E.]

27.  EDWARDS, Howell  [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b.  October 1835 - d. 1911

[wife is Louisa-Jane #26; s/o  John "Broke-Leg" Edwards [b. Jan 3, 1806] and Leonnah Briggs buried Sampson-Wilson Cem. #29a/b, Yancey NC]

NOTE:  Born in Bald Mnt. area -Egypt Twp., Yancey Co., NC; 1900 Census shows he was born in October 1835, married 42 yrs and sired 4 children



28-39.  Crosses  (entire row of 12 graves marked with crosses --no identification)




40-46. Crosses (entire row of 7 graves marked with crosses -- no identification)


47.  DAVIS, Lora M. [Margaret] RUNION

b. [May 1905] 1906 - d. [Feb. 3] 1933

[located behind first cross in Row 6; ground stone facing -west]

[d/o ____ Runion and Martha; w/o Floyd Davis]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #4434-1933; cause of death "homicide, neck broken, blow to the head"; informant William Runion of Clear Branch;



48-54.  Crosses (7 graves marked with crosses --no identification)


55a.  HIGGINS, George W. [Washington]

b. March 14, 1824 - d. July 28, 1863

"A kind and affectionate husband, a fond father and

friend to all --- Gone"

[s/o Holland Higgins and Barbara Hensley; Barbara buried Higgins Chapel Cem. #98; Holland buried in Temple Hill, Unicoi Co. TN.

footstone GWH

55b.  HIGGINS, Mary [Mary Jane HENSLEY]

b. October 24, 1826 - d. July 21, 1903

"Mother of three children"

[w/o George W.; d/o Benjamin Hensley and Louisa Shelton

children: Samuel, Joseph and unknown?]

56-59.  Crosses (4 graves marked with crosses -- no identification)



60.   SHELTON, Elvira  [HUGHES [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b.  July 5, 1833 - d. January  6, 1921

[d/o Joseph Hughes and Emaline Bennett of Egypt Twp., Yancey Co., NC]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #302-1921, widow,  d/o Joseph Hughes and Emaline Bennett of NC; cause of  death "Old Age";  informant Lizzie Watts of  Kittyton;  buried in "Hensley Cem."    During the 1860 Census, Egypt Twp.,  house #792, Elvira was 13  living with mother Emeline Bennett-Hughes-Hensley who remarried to Wallace Hensley on August 28, 1854 in Yancey Co., NC after the death of Joseph Hughes.  In the household also noted is her blood siblings Jeremiah and Rachel.  Next door was J. M Watts and Elizabeth;  There is another Virah Hughs-Shelton  buried in Watts Cemetery.


61.  HENSLEY, Noah  [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b. May 23, 1881 - d. July 28, 1919

[s/o Joseph C. Hensley and Matilda "Tilda" Foster; married Ulsey Watts]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death record #473 - died of "colic"; married; informant Lizzie Watts of Kittyton, TN; noted he was buried at "Hensley Cemetery"


62.  HENSLEY, Lula  [suspected --unmarked grave w/ Cross]

b. February 04, 1917 - February 19, 1917

[d/o Noah Hensley #58 and Ulsey Watts]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co., Death record #443 - died of "croup"; buried at "Hensley Cemetery"


63.  HENSLEY, William Henderson   [unmarked w/ Cross]

b. 1828 - d.  January 1928

[s/o John Hensley, Esq. and Ursla; wife Julia Ann Hensley #64]



64.  HENSLEY, Julia Ann   [unmarked w/ Cross]

b. December 10, 1848 - d. December 30, 1914

[d/o William Kimsey Hensley and Elvira Chandler #65a/b; married William Henderson Hensley on May 31, 1868;

children: William Kims, Ulysses, Henry G., Joseph, Enos, Charles, Sarah Ann.

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #64-1914; widow;  cause of death "Old Age"; informant J. E. Huskins Kittyton, TN; parents mentioned in record; noted buried "Hensley Cem."

65a.  HENSLEY, W. K. [William Kimsey]

no dates on stone [b. 1827 - d. December 11, 1867]

Pvt. and Cpl. Co. M., 8th TENN Cavalry  Union

[s/o William A. Hensley and Lucinda Higgins #106a/b;]

NOTE:  Family records show W. K. was born abt. 1827 in the Bald Mnt. area of  Yancey Co., NC. ;   He died shortly after the Civil War from medical complications post his service.  Per 1890 Civil War Veteran Census [ U-248-1] served as Corporal Co. M, 8th Tenn Cavalry from 15 Sept 1863 - 11 Sept 1965; widow received benefits in Clear Branch P.O. Box.

65b.  HENSLEY, Elvira  [CHANDLER]

b. Sept. 28, 1827 - d. Aug. 27, 1910

Wife of W. K. HENSLEY -- In God We Trust

footstone "E.H"

[w/o William Kimsey #65a, also known as Ella; d/o Joseph T. Chandler and Martha Holly buried Chandler #2 Ceme 19W: children: William Harrison, Julia Ann, Elizabeth, Joseph C., Rebecca Jane #120, Melissa C., Thomas N., Mary Celeste #68, Calvin G.]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #90976, born in Madison Co., NC, died of "cancer" age 83.

66.  HENSLEY, unnamed infant  [suspected --unmarked w/ Cross]

b/d.  March 29, 1916

[infant child of John Burton Hensley and Martha Ann Hensley #115/116]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #455 indicates child was "Stillborn", the parents are J. B. Hensley and Martha Hensley; informant J. E. Hensley;

buried at Hensley Cemetery.  Mother was 50 yrs old when she gave birth to "stillborn."

67.  JONES, Gaither B.

Tennessee - Cpl.,  329th Infantry - WWI

[b. September 4, 1892  -  d.  July 24, 1922

[s/o William H. Jones and Mary Catherine Hensley]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #322; married; cause of death "fargugitis"; informant H. E. Huskins of Kittyton, TN; birth and death dates and parents mentioned in record

68. HUSKINS, Mary Celeste [HENSLEY]

b. Aug. 18, 1863 - d.  Sept 20, 1939

Rest in Peace

footstone "Mother"

[d/o William Kimmsey Hensley and Elvira Chandler #65a/b;  w/o Ebb Huskins;

children: Ella-Ann, Gaither, Rufus]

NOTE: family photo (l-r) Gaither Huskins, Ella-Ann Huskins-Jones, Mary Celeste Hensley-Huskins, Lula Hensley, Elvira Chanlder-Hensley.  Photo courtesy of Dwight Edwards.



69a.  HENSLEY, Hiram Cornelius

b. July 4, 1862 - d. March 12, 1933

In Loving Memory of Father and Mother

Footstones "Father" & "Mother"

[s/o Barnett L. Hensley and Lucinda Hensley #70a/b]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #6838-1933;  died of "atrophy of liver"; informant- S. V. Hensley of Clear Branch; buried at Hensley Cem.


69b. HENSLEY, Polly Ann [Mary Ann HENSLEY]

b. June 11, 1870 - d. Jan 25, 1949

His wife  [d/o Robert Burton Hensley and Catherine J. Edwards #3;  children: Hattie, Silvanus, Robert W. #79, Mary C. [twin], Martha [twin], Vauda Bell #81, Joseph R., Vernon #80]

NOTE:     Family photo of Hiram C. and Polly Ann's Family     courtesy of Lola Hensley.   In 1906, Hiram C. Hensley filed an application with the Bureau of Indian Affairs claiming he was a descendant of Martin B. Maney and Keziah Vann through his mother Lucinda Hensley [d/o Lewis  Hensley and Elizabeth Metcalf] requesting a review into his claim for a Cherokee pension.   ==> See Original Documents Filed with the Bureau of Indian Affairs

70a.  HENSLEY, B. L. [Barnett L.]

b. June 28, 1832 - d. November 19, 1916

A kind father and a devoted Christian

[s/o William S. Hensley and Mary "Polly" Howell]

NOTE: Lifetime Farmer;  During the Civil War he was conscripted to serve in the 3rd N.C. Mtd. Infantry under Capt, George Kirk.   According to his DEPOSITION dated Sept. 11, 1905, attesting for 2nd cousin William Issam Hensley, he went with Col. Kirk over into Greene Co., TN through the Bald Mnt. area.   After his service, he lived in Kentucky for about a year before returning to TN.   Per Unicoi Co., TN death record #534 1916,-died of " diarrhea" at age 84; informant H.C. Hensley; record notes he died Nov. 29; he was the son of William Hensley [NC]  and Polly Howell [NC].  Photo was verified by fellow descendant and taken about 1908 when Barnett was an old man.   --photo of Barnett courtesy of Terry Bradford.

70b.  HENSLEY, Lucinda (Van)

b. January 18, 1837 - d. January 16, 1883

The mother of nine children --Precious mother, thou hast left us,

Left us forever more --But we hope to meet her on that bright and happy shore

[wife/first cousin of Barnett - married December 22, 1959.  d/o Lewis Hensley and Elizabeth Metcalf;  "Nine children": Martha Jane, Hiram Cornelius-#69, Ruhama buried Samuel L. Bradford Cem, Nancy, Joseph B., Garfield, and 3 unknown.

71-75.  Crosses (5 graves marked with crosses)

NOTE:  suspected unmarked graves of William Harrison Hensley and Martha Jane Hensley

76.  HENSLEY, Eligah B.

Son of W. H. and M. J. Hensley

[b. abt. 1881 - died abt 1901; s/o William Harrison Hensley and Martha Jane Hensley]

footstone "E.B.H."

77.  Cross (suspected grave of Celia A. Hensley --w/o Eligah B.)

78.  HENSLEY, Ida G.

b. Nov. 26, 1901 - d. Aug. 31. 1902

Daughter of W. H. and M. J. Hensley

[d/o William Harrison Hensley and Martha Jane Hensley]


ROW 10


79.  HENSLEY, R. W. [Robert W.]

b.  August 27, 1894 - d. November 19, 1910

Son of H.C. and P.A. Hensley

A loved one of us is gone, a voice we loved is still,

A place is vacant in our home, which never can be filled.

[s/o Hiram Cornelius Hensley and Polly Ann Hensley #69a/b]

NOTE: Unicoi Co. Death Record #90974 - died age 16 from  "accidental gunshot."

Family explains that Robert was hunting in the Dan Hampton Hollow (also known as Cold Fields) near the Yancey Co. border.  He leaned his hog riffle against a log at which time the gun accidentally fell and discharged striking him to his death.  Joseph Hensley (brother of R.W.) said that there was a small building near where Robert was killed.  He said he and some men took the door off the jam and laid Robert's body on it and carried him back home.

80.  HENSLEY, Vernon

b. May 11, 1909 - d. October 23, 1910

Son of H.C. and P.A. Hensley 

[infant s/o Hiram Cornelius Hensley and Polly Ann Hensley #69a/b]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #90975, died 1 year and 4 months - cause of death "croup"; inscription is extremely faded

81.  HENSLEY, Vauda Bell

b. Aug. 18, 1900 - d. Jan. 16, 1901

Daughter of H.C. and P.A. Hensley

[infant d/o Hiram Cornelius Hensley and Polly Ann Hensley #69a/b;

inscription extremely faded]

82 -86  Crosses  (5 graves marked with crosses -- no identification)

87.  HENSLEY, Vernie E.

b. March 19, 1911 - d. June 19, 1965

footstone Daughter

[d/o Thomas Watsel Hensley and Amanda Jane #90a/b]

88.  HENSLEY, Mariah Cordelia

Daughter of Silas and Sarah Hensley.....At Rest

b. June 25, 1870 - d. April 12, 1875

[d/o of Silas Hensley and Sarah Hensley #106a/b]

footstone "M.C.H."


March 20, 1844 - d. Sept 19, 1900

Mother of Six Children ---Gone but not forgotten

[w/o John Hensley #89b - married January 23, 1864;

children: Nancy E., Martha C., Lucinda B., Thomas W. #90a, Robert B. buried new Hensley #3]

footstone "M.C.H."

PHOTO:  wedding photo - circa abt. 1865-67;  probably taken about the same time with his younger brother Silas #106.

89b.  HENSLEY, John H.

b. March 19, 1840 - d. March 29, 1927

Heaven has claimed its own

[s/o William A. Hensley and Lucinda Higgins #105a/b]

footstone "J.H."

NOTE: According to Unicoi Co. death record #6787-1927, filed in Unicoi Co., he is the son of "WA Hensley and Lucinda Higgins."  Death cause was not mentioned but the informant was his son, R. B. Hensley.    Like his older brother William Kimsey #64a, John also served in US Civil War-Union, Co. G., 3rd Reg, NC Mntd Infantry; Listed as John "H" Hensley, Rank-In Private, Rank-Out Private, film M391 Roll 1 http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss

90a.  HENSLEY, Thomas Watsel

b. Sept. 21, 1876 - d. June 15, 1953

Gone but not forgotten

[s/o  John Hensley and Mary C. Edwards #11-12]

Note:  Served as Brownlow Post Master - Feb 14, 1899; Death Cert. indicates spelling of middle name "Waitsel"


90b.  HENSLEY, Amanda Jane [JONES]

b. August 19, 1876 - d. Feb. 6, 1965

[w/o Thomas; d/o Elbert Jones and Margaret M. Edwards; children: Bertha L., Seslor, Vernie E. #87, Aurbie]

ROW 11

91.  LEWIS, Mary C.  [Mary Catherine HENSLEY]

b. Jan 22, 1898 - d. May 16, 1955

The sweetest mother and a faithful friend

footstone Mother

[twin d/o Hiram Cornelius and Polly Ann Hensley  #69a/b; w/o Mallie L. Lewis;

children: Ross #93, Audie #94]

92.  LEWIS, Mallie L.

b. Sept. 19, 1891 - d. Nov. 4, 1946

In loving memory of husband and father - footstone Father

[wife Mary C. Hensley, s/o Robert Hiram Lewis and Ban Hensley buried Martins Creek #629/630siblings: Goldman buried Sam Bradford Cem., John B., Janis A., and Harris]

93.  LEWIS, Ross

b. May 14, 1915 - d. Nov. 11, 1934

Son of Mary and Mallie Lewis - Gone but not forgotten

[s/o Mary Hensley and Mallie Lewis,-#91-92]  footstone "R.L."


94.  LEWIS, Audie

b. Oct. 20, 1917 - d. July 7, 1921

Daughter of M.L & M.C. Lewis - footstone A.L

[can not read inscription; d/o Mary C Hensley and Mallie Lewis #91-92]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #375, cause of death "flux",  buried Hensley Cem., parents mentioned in record


95-101.   unmarked with Crosses


102.  HENSLEY, Barbara ANGEL  [commemorative placard]

b.  abt. 1755 - d. abt. 1852

[d/o Charles Angel and Sibella W. Cummings of Surry (now Stokes Co.) NC in the Bellew area; w/o Sgt. Henry Harry Hensley buried Hensley Cem , Yancey Co.; children:

1)  George Washington, b. 1775 (md. Lucinda; moved to TN);

2)  James b. Feb. 15, 1779 (md. Nancy Anderson; moved to Clay Co., KY); buried Hensley Cem. Red Bird River

3)  Nancy b. 1774 (md. William Jesse Lewis; moved to Madison Co., NC);

4)  Henry Halen b. 1781 (md. Mary Howard; remained in Yancey NC); suspected buried Hensley Cem. Bee Log

5)  Lewis (md. Nancy Howard, sister to Mary Howard; moved to Harlan Co., KY); at age 62, he was killed by his brother-in-law (Mary's brother) Samuel Howard Jr. --stabbed to death in 1844.  Jury acquitted Sam on the grounds of self defense.  SEE info about his killing

6)  Benjamin b. 1791 (md. Louisa Shelton; 1824 acquired 62 acres in the Flag Pond area, Unicoi Co., TN);

7)  Barbara b. Dec. 27, 1792  (md. Holland Higgins; moved to Flag Pond, TN; buried Higgins Chapel Cem.)

8)  Zania #103, b. 1794  (never married; moved w/brother & mother to Spivey, TN)

9)  William Allison #105a (md. Lucinda Higgins d/o Holland; moved to Spivey, TN); buried Hensley #3 Cem]

NOTE: Barbara met Henry Hensley in Surry Co., NC and they married about 1771 in Surry Co., NC.  She is mentioned in both her father and mother's Wills respectively.  After the death of her husband, during the 1830 Buncombe Co. census (now Yancey Co.), youngest son William A. took over the household and she and Zania were living with him. During the 1850 Wash. Co., TN census, Barbara Angel-Hensley age 95 and Zania Hensley age 57 were living with William A. Hensley and family.  Barbara died sometime before 1860 as she was gone during this census.  On September 7, 2013,  I created the commemorative placard and placed (left photo) on one of the concrete crosses that would appear to be a logical location within the cemetery.




103.  HENSLEY, Zania   [unmarked w/cross]

b. abt. 1794 - d. abt. 1868

[d/o Barbara Angel and Henry Harry Hensley - never married; no known children]

*NOTE:  During the 1850 and 1960 Washington Co., TN Census, Zania was living wtih her brother's family.  Zania never married and died sometime before 1870 as she was gone during this census.

104.  HIGGINS, Dora E.

b. March 25, 1886 - d. February 17, 1904

She faltered by the wayside and the angels took her home

[d/o George Washington Higgins and Martha C. Hensley]


105a.  HENSLEY, William A. (Allison)

b. September 18, 1798 - d. November 5, 1889

The First Settlers on Spivey Mountain

[s/o Henry "Harry Hensley and Barbara Angel]

footstone "Husband"

NOTE: Blacksmith, farmer; served as Sheriff for Yancey Co. in 1837;  moved to Unicoi Co., TN side abt. 1845 bring along his widowed mother and single sister who never married.  He was also know as a great fist fighter. 


105b.  HENSLEY, Lucinda [HIGGINS]

b. July 8, 1803 - May 24, 1898

[d/o Holland Higgins (buried Higgins #2 Cem. Temple Hill) and unknown companion; children: William K. #65, Cornelia, Robert Burton #117, Elizabeth Martin's Creek #278; Louisa Jane #26, Richmond, John #89b, Silas #116]

NOTE:  According to the Unicoi Co. death record #6787-1927 of son John Hensley, it states he was the son of WA Hensley and Lucinda Higgins.  Lucinda's father, Holland had a prior relation with an unknown woman and sired two children, Lucinda and Elizabeth, before he married William's sister, Barbara Hensley (buried Higgins Chapel Cem #98) .  Lucinda's father was murdered on Nov. 30, 1824, by David Greer who was found not guilty by the court; however, he was later killed by local residents to avenge the unjust ruling and murder.  The murder of Holland Higgins was very personal to William A. because of family ties through his wife (d/o Holland) and sister (w/o Holland who just had a baby son a few months before and became a widow to raise 9 children on her own.    More info on William A. and Lucinda Higgins.  

106a.  HENSLEY, Silas

b. Nov. 2, 1845 - d. Nov. 4, 1935

His Record is on High -  footstone S.H.

[s/o of William A. Hensley and Lucinda #105a/b]

NOTE: wedding photo circa abt. 1867 probably taken about the same time with is older brother John and wife Mary #89.

106b.  HENSLEY, Sarah E. [HENSLEY

b. January 7, 1846 - d. August 16, 1936

Her End was Peace -  footstone S.E.H.

[d/o Silas A. Hensley and Carlotta "Lottie" Briggs buried John C. Wilson Cem Yancey Co., NC;

children: William Garrison #128; Mariah C. #88; Allison Woodville buried Clear Branch Cem.,

Howell  buried New Bradford Cem. ; Burgess G. buried Clear Branch Cem.

NOTE:  Sarah is the twin sister to Howell M. Hensley buried Watts Cemetery -#37

ROW 12

107-111.   Crosses [5 graves with crosses --no identification]

NOTE:  possibly Higgins / Honeycutt graves? in relation to Cora Lee Higgins



b. April 11, 1879 - d. May 21, 1904

Mother of Three Children

footstone C.L.H.

[d/o Samuel Higgins and Margaret M. Higgins; married Baulis M. Honeycutt on June 24, 1897

children: Lester and 2 others

113.  HENSLEY, Loften M.

b. Nov. 26, 1897 - d. Jan. 25, 1916

Gone to a brighter home - footstone

[s/o Cornelius E. Hensley and Rebecca Jane Hensley #119-120]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #439, cause of death "lagrippe"; informant - father in Kittyton; buried Hensley Cem. "Lagrippe" or Spanish Flu  was a pandemic disease which covered the entire globe killing abt. 50 million, many of whom were young healthy people.

114.  HENSLEY, Hester B.

b. March 20, 1881 - d. Oct. 20, 1930

We will  meet again

[d/o Cornelius E. and Rebecca Jane Hensley #119-120]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #29520, cause of death "tuberculosis of bowels"; informant father of Clear Branch; buried Hensley Cem.

ROW 13


115.  HENSLEY, Martha Ann

b. May 5, 1862 - d. March 28, 1939

[w/o John Burton Hensley #116; children: William Farris, Richard, Edward, Clyde, unnamed infant]

116.  HENSLEY, John B. [Burton]

b. August 4, 1860 - d. Jan. 14, 1921

Resting till the resurrection morning

[s/o Robert B. Hensley and Catherine Jane Edwards. #117/118]

footstone "J.B.H."

117.  HENSLEY,  R. B. [Robert Burton]

b. March 2, 1833 - d. Feb. 25, 1905

He bore the cross, he wears the crown

footstone R.B.H.

[s/o of William A. Hensley and Lucinda Higgins #106a/b; wife - Catherine Jane Edwards #118;  

married March 31, 1953]

118.  HENSLEY, Catherine Jane [EDWARDS]

b. March 24, 1832 - d. April 25, 1914

Earth has lost its look of gladness, Heaven seems to us more bright

Since the spirit of our dear mother took her happy home ****...

footstone C.H.

[d/o John Broke-Leg Edwards [b. Jan 3, 1806] and Leonnah Briggs [b. 1810] buried Sampson Creek, Yancey Co., NC;  w/o Robert Burton Hensley #117; children: Cornelia, Cornelius E. "Big #119, Leanner E. buried Foster Cem #3, John Burton #116, Martha Jane, Mary "Polly" Ann #69b, Lucinda E. #128b]

NOTE:  family photo of Robert B. and Catherine J. Hensley; her brother is Howell Edwards-#27

119.  HENSLEY, Cornelius E.

b. July 14, 1855 - d. June 21, 1947

There is rest in heaven

[also known as Cornelius "Big", s/o Robert Burton and Catherine J. Edwards #117/118]

120. HENSLEY, Rebecca Jane [HENSLEY]

b. Nov. 21, 1855 - d. May 10, 1944

Wonderful Mother

[d/o William Kimsey Hensley and Elvira Chandler #65a/b; wife & first cousin of Cornelius E. #119; children: Loften M. #113, Hester B. #114, Eliza M. #14, Tokie H. #122, Luduskie F., Robert Floyd, Catherine]

NOTE:  Photo of Rebecca Jane and Cornelius Hensley courtesy Dwight Edwards

ROW 14


121.  ADKINS, Bruce

b. Aug. 7, 1915 - d. Aug. 20, 1969

[ground stone; s/o David M. Adkins & Tokie Hensley #122a/b]

122a.   ADKINS, David M.

b. Aug. 10, 1884 - d. Aug. 19, 1959

footstone "D.M.A."


122b.  ADKINS, Tokie [HENSLEY]

b. June 5, 1885 - d. Dec. 25. 1979

[d/o Cornelius E. & Rebecca Jane Hensley #119/120]

NOTE: full name - LaTokay Hester Hensley

footstone "T.H.A."

123.  FOSTER, Claude

b. 1904 - d. 1960

[s/o Joseph Harrison Foster and Matilda Jane Higgins #124a/b]

124a. FOSTER, Joseph Harrison

b. January 3, 1874 - d. April 28, 1953

Rest in Peace - footstone Mother and Father


124b.  FOSTER, Matilda Jane [HIGGINS]

b. August 8, 1883 - d. October  8, 1959

[w/o Joseph H.; children: Nora, Claude #123, Ida, Carl, Bert, Guy, Pearl, Kelly, Clay #125]

125.  FOSTER, Clay

b. May 18, 1918 - d. July 16, 1962

Tennessee - PFC 198, AAA AW BN CAC - WWII

[s/o of Joseph Foster and Matilda J. Higgins #124a/b]

126. HENSLEY, Virgie Iola

"Daughter of W.G. and Cinda E. Hensley"

b. December 25, 1902 - d. July 4, 1906

Gone Home -  footstone

[d/o William G. and Lucinda #128a/b]

NOTW: grave is surrounded by purple Irises that bloom in May

127.  HENSLEY, Bonnie Kate

b. April 29, 1908 - d. July 19, 1921

Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection

footstone "B.K.H."

[d/o William G. Hensley and Lucinda Hensley #128a/b]


128a.  HENSLEY, William Garrison

b. June 25, 1868 - d. May 25, 1957

[s/o of Silas Hensley & Sarah E. Hensley #]


128b.  HENSLEY, Cinda E. [Lucinda E. HENSLEY]

b. August 20, 1875 - December 11, 1963

[w/o William G.; d/o Robert B. Hensley and Catherine J. Edwards #118; children: Arthur #132, Minta Jane Foster Cem #2, Virgie Iola #126, Bonnie Kate #127, Lola buried Hensley Cem #2

ROW 15


129.  LEWIS, Everette

b. Aug. 12, 1925 - d. Sept. 20, 1925

"Son of Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Lewis"

[s/o William Sherman Lewis and Cinda Jane Hensley New Hensley #3 Cem]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #331-1925; cause of death not stated; informant father of Clear Branch; parents mentioned in record; buried Hensley Cem.

130.  HENSLEY, Ernest F.

March 19, 1896 - d. May 12, 1905

"Son of E. B and Celia A. Hensley Asleep in Jesus' blessed thought"

footstone E.F.H.

[s/o of Elijah B. and Celia A. Hensley #76/77]

ROW 16


131.  HENSLEY, William B.

b. July 5, 1925 - d. June 10, 1997

Free Mason - I will lift up mine eye unto the hills

[s/o Arthur Hensley and Amanda E. Foster #132/133]

NOTE:  Known as "WB"; never married

PHOTO:  The Family of Arthur and Amanda E. Hensley - abt. 1952

back row [l-r]: sons Winfred, William B. #131; sister, Lola; son Ray #134; dau. Miliam

seated [l-r]: parents Lucinda, William G. #128a/b; Arthur #132 and wife Amanda E. #133.

photo courtesy of Lola Hensley, d/o W.G. and Cindy, who shared her vintage photo collection with me in 2004 before she passed away.

132.  HENSLEY, Arthur

b. September 19, 1893 - d. August 25, 1964

"His toils are past, His work is done, He fought the fight, the victory won"

[s/o William Garrison and Lucinda Hensley-#128a/b]

footstone "Father"

133. HENSLEY, Amanda E. [FOSTER]

b. May 20, 1892 - d. June 28, 1964"

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal"  -  footstone  Mother

[d/o David F. Foster & Leannah E Hensley buried Foster Cemetery #3

w/o Arthur Hensley #132; children: Milam (buried Evergreen-Erwin), Winfred, Orville #134, Ray #135, William B. #131]

134. HENSLEY, Orville F.

b. July 27, 1919 - d. June 13, 1943

"PFC Co., D., 1st Staging area BN, US Army,

Killed in the line of duty in North Africa - WWII

A glorious death is his who for his country falls"

[s/o Arthur and Amanda #132/133]

PHOTO: Orville -tall man on the right with 2 of his army buddies - photo courtesy of Lola Hensley.

135.  HENSLEY, Ray

b. Sept. 21, 1920 - d. July 14, 1994

"CPL, 5th Army - Anti Aircraft Div."

footstone "Ray Hensley, CPL US ARMY, WWII, Sept, 21, 1920 - July 14, 1994"

[s/o Arthur Hensley #2 & Amanda E. Foster #132/133]

PHOTO:  WW11 army photo of Ray courtesy of Michael K. Hensley

ROW 17


136a. WILSON, William Thomas

b. November 7, 1879 - d. December 26, 1955

[s/o Edward "Ned" Amos Wilson and Leannah Edwards of Bee Log, NC]


136b.  WILSON, Cora Etta [WILSON]

b. April 18, 1884 - April 10, 1950

They gave their today for our tomorrow

[w/o William Thomas Wilson; d/o Rev. Rexter Samuel Wilson and Emily C. Honeycutt; children: Hillard I. (buried Edwards Cem), Samuel E., John Laskie, Greely #137, Oneece #138, Leanna #139]

137.  WILSON, Greely

b. April 18, 1919 - d. September 20, 1924

[s/o W. Thomas Wilson and Cora Etta Wilson #136a/b]

NOTE:  a tree stands between the crosses of #2 and #3

138.  WILSON, Oneece

b. June 16, 1926 - d. December 12, 1929

[d/o  Thomas Wilson and Cora Etta Wilson  #136a/b]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #3115-1929; "Onesel"  age 4 yrs, 7 months, 13 days; cause of death "unknown"; informant W.F. Hensley of Clear Branch; died Dec 15, 1929; parents mention in record.

139.  WILSON, Leanna

b. May 11, 1914 - d. Jan. 11, 1995

"In Loving Memory"

[d/o W. Thomas and Cora Etta Wilson #136a/b]

ROW 18


140.  Cross (no identification)

ROW 19


141a.   MARTIN, Preston

b. July 2, 1897 - d. Jan 6, 1990

[s/o Jesse A. C. Martin [b. 1859] of Ramseytown, NC and Martha Jane Hensley [b. 1860]

NOTE:  Preston's mother is  d/o Barnett L. Hensley and Lucinda Hensley  #70a/b].  Both parents died of Tuberculosis and buried in the Bee Log area of Yancey Co., NC.


141b.  MARTIN, Martha Lucinda [HENSLEY]

b. Jan 22, 1898 - d. April 1, 1952

"In loving memory of father and mother"- Footstones Father - Mother

[twin d/o Hiram Cornelius Hensley and Polly Ann Hensley #69a/b]

142.  EDWARDS, Virgil Thomas

b. February 12, 1960 - d. May 12, 2004

"Gone But Never Forgotten"

s/o Maynard B. Edwards and Annie Grace Martin

NOTE: died from serious injuries sustained by an auto accident  Obituary



Initial survey (photos) conducted by Beth Bradford-Pytel on April 23, 2003. The Old Hensley Cemetery #3 is located on the summit of Spivey Mountain, 19W, Unicoi Co., TN.   I give special thanks to uncles Terry Bradford (late) and Duane Bradford and cousin Lola Hensley (late) for lending me their collection of vintage photos for digital preservation and sharing their knowledge of our family history.   I also give special thanks to cousin Dwight Edwards for his collaboration and photos.


PHOTOS:  (L) the turn off from 19W onto Hensley Cemetery Road which leads up the steep hill to the graveyard taken Oct. 2011;

(r) macro view of the cemetery taken April 2003  --bbpytel

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