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Biography Of William Bridges and Family

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William Bridges was born in 1775, the son of Joseph Bridges, Jr. Willliam probably died between 1850-1860 in Scott Co. TN. His wife, Mary Harris, was born about 1780 in Spartenburg SC. She was the daughter of Wade Harris. William and Mary had at least two sons, Morris (b. 1797) and Ruben H. (b. c1804)

Both Morris and Mary (Snodderly) Bridges are buried in the Lost CreekCemetery, Union Co., TN.

The name Bridges in Anglo saxon or Old Englisn means " one who dwells by the bridge: The Bridges were listed as some of the early settlers of Va. Thomas Bridges, as a 12 yr. old lad, came over on the Marbaduke in 1623 along w/several other Bridges to Va.

George Washington was born near Bridges Creek in Va. By 1740 the Bridges were moving with the frontier to eastern N.C. Joseph Bridges was a wealthy land owner. Wm. born in 1775, later moved to Spartanburg Country, S. C.

There he married Mary Harris, daughter of Wade Harris. In 1799 he moved to Grainger Co, Tn between the head of the Barren Creek & the Powell River. The deed was signed by Stockley Donnelson, brother-in-law of Andrew Jackson.

Morris Bridges was born in S.C., circa 1797. He later married Mary Snodderly b 1806, Lost Creek. In 1834, the Bridges moved to Northern Alabama in the Sequatchie Valley. Morris moved to Clear Creek near Lost Creek, on March 1, 1830 where he joined Lost Creek Baptist Church. Morris died in August, 1849 probably of typhoid fever. He is buried in Lost Creek Cemetery.

Children of Morris & Mary Bridges; George, John, Mary, Wm. Philpeny, Andrew, Sarah, Charlotte, Isaac, & Louisa. (Given to me by Cindy Sue)

William Bridges married Mary Harris and they moved to Spartenburg, South Carolina where their sons, Reubin and Morris were born.

William and his brother, Thomas, bought 300 acres laying between Barren Creek and Powell River in what is now Claiborne County Tennessee. By the time of the 1840 census only Reubin and Morris were still living in Claiborne County. The rest of the family had moved to Alabama and Northwest Georgia. Morris was living at Lost Creek which later became Union County.

Reubin and his wife, Serepta (Lois had it spelled as Serbetha) had moved to Braden Mountain which later became part of Scott County TN.

William and Mary (Harris) were living with Reubin in the 1850 census (along with 4 of Reubin's children: Nancy, Mary, David and Andrew),and by the 1860 census only Mary was still listed as living with Reubin so therefore William died sometime between 1850-60.

Reuben/Ruben Bridges was born about 1804 NC and died about 1861 probably in TN. His wife, Serepta Lawson, was born about 1815/18 and died in 1880 in Scott Co. TN. They had the following children: Elizabeth (b. c1828); Young (b. c1833); Nancy (b. 1834-1837); Mary L. (b. 1838); Andrew (b. 1847) and David L(awson) b. 1848-1849.

In the 1850 Scott Co TN census Reuben Bridges, age 48 b. SC, is listed as a Farmer. His wife Serepta (Lawson), age 34 TN; William Bridges age 74 born in NC; Mary, age 70 born in SC; Elizabeth, 22 TN; Young, 17 TN; Nancy, 16 TN; Mary L., 12 TN; David, 2 TN; and Andrew, 3 TN.

In the1860 Scott Co TN census William is no longer listed, although Mary is listed. By 1870 Mary is no longer listed.

On the request for a marriage license Reuben is listed with the middle initial of 'H'. Serepta married second, Bryant Honeycutt.

#259-260, 24 Feb 1855. Judgement against Rubin Bridges. 22 May 1851 Court of Campbell Co. TN $81.43 - 1/2 for Robert Ross. 50 acres sold at auction by Joel Chitwood to pay judgement.

1830 Clairborne Co. TN census: a Reuben H. Bridges: 1,1,-,-,1(Male) and 1,-,-,-,1 (Female). A William Bridges was listed in Clairborne Co. TN: -,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,1 (Male) and -,-,-,-,1,-,-,-,-,- (Female).

1820 Giles Co. TN (roll 21) a Reuben Bridges is listed while a William Bridges is listed in Maury Co. (roll 25). Note: Giles was formed in 1809 was part of Maury Co. and originally in NC.

On 2 July 1850 a William Bridge(s) and his wife of Scott Co. were allowed $10 for keeping, feeding and clothing so far as necessary William Lawson - pauper of Scott Co.

Information received relating to work done by Harvey Bridges has a Morris Bridges (his line) as a brother to Reuben, with their parents being William and Mary (Harris) Bridges [which would agree with 1850 census info.] and William's father as Joseph Jr.

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