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Mount Olive Church

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This Indenture made and entered into on this 9th day of August 1911 by and between ISAAC BRIDGES and ALDRIDGE SETTLES and SHERMAN GLANDEN and their wifes of the first and Mount Olive Church and Trustee of same and their successors so long as missioners Baptist use the property after that falls back first parties for and in the consideration of the sum of one dollar in hands paid for which the receipt is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained sold and conveyed in fee simple into the said Missionary Baptist Church Mount Olive Trustees and their successors so long as as it is held for asid church purposes all of the following tract of land lying and being in the 5th Civil District and is bounded as follows beginning on a chestnut corner between ISAAC BRIDGES and ALDRIDGE SETTLES thence running southward 4 rods to a stone thence northerly from dogwood 20 rods thence southerly 6 rods to the begining containing 1 acre more or less to have and to hold to the said Mount Olive Baptist Church Trustee and their sucessors so long as they use said property with the appurtanences and all thereinto of sid tract of land and that we ahave a lawfull right to convey it and that is is not incumbered ant that will forever warrant and defend the title of said land against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever:

Witness our signatures this August 9, 1911.

A. Settles
H.L. Allen
Sarah Settles
Isaac Bridges
Sara A. Bridges
Sherman Glandon
Lucy Glandon

State of Tennessee Union County

Personally appeared before me W.A. Fletcher a Notary Public in afore said county and state duly authorized to administer oathes the within named A. SETTLES, SARAH SETTLES, ISAAC BRIDGES and SARAH HILL, G.W. GLANDON, LUCY GLANDON the bargainors with whom I am personally acquainted with and who acknowledged the execution of said deed to have been done by then for the purposes therein contained and SARAH SETTLES, SARAH HILL, LUCY GLANDON Wifes of A. SETTLES, I. BRIDGES. G.W. GLANDON personally appeared before me privately and apart from their said husbands the SARAH SETTLES, SARAH HILL, LUCY GLANDON acknowledged that they executed the within deed to have been done by them freely volunteerly and understandingly without compulsion or constraint from their said husbands and for the purposes therein contained:

Witness my hand and official seat at Sharps Chapel,

Tenn. this August 9th 1911

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