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NAME: Acuff, Stokely


UNIT: 26th Inf.

NAME: Brewer, Anderson.

WIDOW: Brewer, Lauvina J.

PENSION #: W2418

NAME: Brewer, Richard

PENSION #: S4835

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Brewer, Richard.

WIDOW: Brewer, Katherine C.

PENSION #: W5633

NAME: Browning, Abraham

PENSION #: S10444

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Browning, Abraham.

WIDOW: Browning, Mary A.

PENSION #: W2849

NAME: Broyles, J.S.

PENSION #: S2276

UNIT: 5th Cav.

NAME: Brummett, John B.

WIDOW: Brummett, Corinne Belle

PENSION #: W11030

NAME: Burnett, J.K.P.

PENSION #: S14176

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Burnett, John

PENSION #: S2624

UNIT: 1st Cav.

NAME: Burnett, Martin.

WIDOW: Burnett, Relda Jane

PENSION #: W2924

NAME: Burnett, William

PENSION #: S5844

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Burnette, James Knox Polk.

WDW: Burnette, Louisa Angeline Carter

PENSION #: W9295

NAME: Cale, James

PENSION #: S3353

UNIT: 29th Inf.

NAME: Capps, John A.

PENSION #: S2273

UNIT: 1st Cav.

NAME: Chesney, James P.

PENSION #: S2300

UNIT: 22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME: Chesney, James Polk.

WIDOW: Chesney, Phebe E.

PENSION #: W2180

NAME: Coffman, Jacob

PENSION #: S2853

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Cole, Henry

PENSION #: S2949

UNIT: 63rd Inf.

NAME: Cook, Thomas F.

PENSION #: S4418

UNIT: 1st Cav.

NAME: Dail, William N.

PENSION #: S5768

UNIT: 2nd Cav.

NAME: Donahew, A.V.

PENSION #: S11448

UNIT: 5th Bn. Cav.

NAME: Donehew, Berry L.

PENSION #: S8905

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Dyer, John A.

WIDOW: Dyer, Sarah

PENSION #: W3715

NAME: Dyer, W.R.

PENSION #: S8925

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Eaker, Al fred

PENSION #: S7720

UNIT: 16th N.C. Inf.

NAME: Eaker, Alfred.

WIDOW: Eaker, Mary

PENSION #: W5034

NAME: Edmondson, F.R.

PENSION #: S11151

UNIT: 37th Inf.

NAME: Flanary, Isaac.

WIDOW: Flanary, Margaret Johnson

PENSION #: W8729

NAME: Frost, Stephen

PENSION #: S8653

UNIT: 4th Bn. Cav.

NAME: Glenn, Benjamin.

PENSION #: S2588

UNIT: 30th Bn. Va. Sharpshooters.

NAME: Grizzel, J.H.

PENSION #: S13252

UNIT: 2nd Ky. Cav.

NAME: Grizzel, John H.

WIDOW: Grizzel, Martha

PENSION #: W5196

NAME: Haynes, Jacob

PENSION #: S7632

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Hickle, D.A.

WIDOW: Hickle, Mary J.

PENSION #: W5892

NAME: Hickle, Drury A.

PENSION #: S10567

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Hodges, John

PENSION #: S2625

UNIT: 2nd Cav.

NAME: Hubbs, G.W.

PENSION #: S1978

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Hurst, Eldridge

PENSION #: S2685

UNIT: 49th Inf.

NAME: Hurst, Napoleon.

WIDOW: Hurst, Polly Anne

PENSION #: W8659

NAME: Inklebarger, John T.

WIDOW: Inklebarger, Adeline

PENSION #: W4866

NAME: Kelly, Campbell

PENSION #: S2513

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Kelly, Samuel Nathan.

WIDOW: Kelly, Caroline

PENSION #: W1949

NAME: Kinsley, S. E. G.

PENSION #: S4759

UNIT: 31st Inf.

NAME: Kitts, C. N.

PENSION #: S2087

UNIT: 2nd Cav.

NAME: Kitts, Carack Nelson.

WIDOW: Kitts, Mary Emeline

PENSION #: W1675

NAME: Kitts, John

PENSION #: S2341

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Lambert, J. R.

PENSION #: S11616

UNIT: 29th Va. Inf.

NAME: Lay, David

PENSION #: S10445

UNIT: 5th Bn., N.C. Cav.

NAME: Mendenhall, Obediah Ruffin Smith.

WIDOW: Mendenhall, Emaline Victory

PENSION #: W5426

NAME: Merdenhall, O.S.R.

PENSION #: S2186

UNIT: 37th N. C. Inf.

NAME: Miller, E.D.

PENSION #: S10204

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Miller, John

PENSION #: S16202

UNIT: 37th Inf.

NAME: Monroe, Alex L.

PENSION #: S2937

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Needham, Miles M.

PENSION #: S2133

UNIT: 2nd (Ashby's) Cav.

NAME: Palen, Daniel

PENSION #: S14410

UNIT: 50th Va. Inf.

NAME: Pugh, James M.

PENSION #: S5869

UNIT: 25th Va. Cav.

NAME: Ryan, J.M.

PENSION #: S11300

UNIT: 61st Inf.

NAME: Satterfield, James

PENSION #: S5466

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Seal, James M.

PENSION #: S4203

UNIT: 1st Cav.

NAME: Setters, J.J.

PENSION #: S2154

UNIT: 7th Cav.

NAME: Smith, James C.

PENSION #: S2207

UNIT: 5th Cav.

NAME: Smith, James Calvin.

WIDOW: Smith, Cassie

PENSION #: W2957

NAME: Smith, John

PENSION #: S4427

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.

NAME: Spraker, Stephen.

WIDOW: Spraker, Sarah

PENSION #: W4315

NAME: Thompson, John B.

PENSION #: S3520

UNIT: Allison's Squadron, Cav.

NAME: Vandergriff, Linzy

WIDOW: Vandergriff, Rachel Malinda

PENSION #: W1979

NAME: Walker, Jonathan

PENSION #: S15696

UNIT: 63rd Inf.

NAME: Waynes, Jacob

PENSION #: S7134

UNIT: 1st Cav.

NAME: Widders, John A.

PENSION #: S2343 & S5756

UNIT: 31st Inf.

NAME: Yadon, Joseph

PENSION #: S14989

UNIT: 1st (Carter's) Cav.