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Last Name First Name Age or DOB Birth Place
Ailor Earl J. 20 Maynardville, TN
Albright Mason 21 Galveston, TX
Albright Ulysses 1894 Knoxville, TN
Anderson Harvey 23 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Anderson Harvey L. 25 Maynardville, TN
Anderson Isaac 25 Loyston, TN
Anderson Marshall R. 22 Union Co., TN
Anderson William Robart 21
Atkins Lee Louis 1896 Luttrell, TN
Bailey John H. 22 Anderson Co., TN
Baker Walter Scott 22 Maynardville, TN
Baker William M. 21 Fork Vale, TN
Barnard George 28 Claiborne Co., TN
Beeler Adrien 18 Union Co., TN
Beeler Atsey 22 Sharps Chapel, TN
Beeler Luther L. 25 Maynardville, TN
Bolinger Howard 20 Lost Creek, TN
Booker Bert L. 1896 Luttrell, TN
Booker John E. 19 Union Co., TN
Booker Minyard T. 22
Boruff Herman A. 23 Knoxville, TN
Brantley Onis Carole 23 Lost Creek, TN
Bridges Albert S. 22 Union Co., TN
Bridges Silas W. 21 Forksoale, TN
Browning Monroe V. 22 Sharp's Chapel, TN
Bryant David M. 29 Union City, TN
Buckner Claude S. 1898 Maynardville, TN
Butcher Herbert E. 24 Union Co., TN
Cadle George W. 24 Tazewell, TN
Campbell Isaac G. 26 Maynardville, TN
Campbell Ora H. 28 Maynardville, TN
Campbell Ross Thedore 22
Carr Milton J. 34 Maynardville, TN
Carr Walter F. 1891 Maynardville, TN
Chadwick Porter O. 32 Union Co., TN
Chapman Raymond 1896 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Chesney Charles A. 21 Luttrell, TN
Clevenger Herbart D. 19 Luttrell, TN
Coffman James A. 23 Union Co., TN
Collett Charley Gibson 23
Cook James E. 26 Maynardville, TN
Cook William Green 21 Maynardville, TN
Cooke Lum E. 1895
Cooke Wylie A. 22 Maynardville, TN
Coppock Jacob L.
Maynardville, TN
Craig Rimey 1894 Sharps Chapel, TN
Crane Garret Hobert 1896 Sandy Bottom, NC
Damewood Earnest T. 31 Luttrell, TN
Damewood John Henderson 1892 Luttrell, TN
Davis Charles B. 1892 Maynardville, TN
Dossett George 1888 Fork Vale, TN
Dyer James Hobart 1895 Luttrell, TN
Dyer James Jess 1890 Luttrell, TN
Dyke Henry 22 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Dyke Mana 24 Sharps Chapel, TN
Ellison Harley Amos 1895 Lost Creek, TN
Ellison Levi 24 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Ford Frederic 1887 Union Co., TN
French Henry 18 Knox Co., TN
Frost John O. 42 Luttrell, TN
Frost Samuel L. 37 Luttrell, TN
Gilbert Thomas O. 26 Maynardville, TN
Gilbert William E. 23 Maynardville, TN
Glandon Esco 1896 Union Co., TN
Gose Charlie Marion 1888 Walkers Ford, TN
Graves Egbert Jennings 21
Graves Elmer Wesley 21
Graves Raymer E. 30 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Graves Wana 27 Sharke, TN
Graves William E. 25 Sharps Chapel, TN
Grissom John H. 26 Maynardville, TN
Grissom Lum Rosco 22 Union Co., TN
Hammock Elbert L. 28 Union Co., TN
Hansard McKinley Wate 1894 Union Co., TN
Harless Newell S. 1896 Corryton, TN
Harmon Paris L. 22 Campbell Co., TN
Harvey Charles 1895 Union Co., TN
Haynes Doctor S. 30 Maynardville, TN
Haynes James R. 26 Union Co., TN
Haynes Luther 29
Haynes Roy Lee 1898 Union Co., TN
Haynes William G. 23 Maynardville, TN
Heath Samuel R. 20 Sharps Chapel, TN
Heatherly Sam 21 Union Co., TN
Hickle Arnie 21 Union Co., TN
Hill Charles A. 26 Luttrell, TN
Hill Elbert Milton 1892 Lost Creek, TN
Hodges Lillard Birt 1892 Grainger Co., TN
Hodges Lud 1896 Brocks, TN
Holley Hubert Judson 22
Holley John Roe 21
Huffstetier Cecil C. 1891 Mayrville, TN
Hurst Rossie Theoffice 20
Hutcheison Dewey E. 18 Maynardville, TN
Irick Dallas Lowry 1890 Maynardville, TN
Irick Rogers 1892 Maynardville, TN
Irwin Hedrick 23 Lost Creek, TN
Irwin Walter 22 Lost Creek, TN
Johnson Abraham L. 20 Shaprs Chapel, TN
Johnson Curtis 21 Sharps Chapel, TN
Johnson Henry 22 Union City, TN
Johnson John 1896 Athens, TN
Johnson Vivian 1896 Maynardville, TN
Johnson William T. 26 Sharpes Chapel, TN
Jones James 28 Luttrell, TN
Kiser James E. 21 Russell Co., WI
Kiser Luke 23 Hazel, VA
Kitts Maceo A. 20 Knoxville, TN
Kivett Henderson Cornelius 22 Sharps Chapel, TN
Kivett Ulys Grant 24
Lambdin James W. 24 Maynardville, TN
Lambdom Dewey Denis 1890 Union Co., TN
Lay Charles D. 1894 Maynardville, TN
Lester Paris M. 25 Carynton, TN
Lett Bernie 18 Maynardville, TN
Lett Holsie P. 18 Maynardville, TN
Longmire Charlie Amen 18
Longmire Joseph Lawrence 1897 Lost Creek, TN
Longmire Vaughn Velpean 23
Longmire William Harley 27
Longnire Horace 29 Lost Creek, TN
Loy Maynard L. 25 Maynardville, TN
Loy William M. 24 Maynardville, TN
Lynch Garet 1896 Claborn Co., TN
Lyons Clarence U. 23 Sharpe Chapel, TN
Maples John B. 23 Sharpes Chapel, TN
McCarty Haskell 20 Union Co., TN
McCarty James R. 24 Lost Creek, TN
McCoy Stiner 23 Maynardville, TN
Merritt Edgar Lee 23 Union Co., TN
Miller Edgar 1893 Sharps Chapel, TN
Miller McCommon 20 Sharps Chapel, TN
Mohon Admiral Dewey 21 Union Co., TN
Monday George 1895 Heins Valley, TN
Monroe Anson 1894 Maynardville, TN
Monroe George Everett 1893 Maynardville, TN
Monroe Thomas L. 23 Union Co., TN
Morton Jerome T. 24 Maynardville, TN
Mynatt Hoke 1898 Luttrell, TN
Needham Aubrey C. 23 Luttrell, TN
Needham Odra Truman 21
Oakes William H. 22 Lost Creek, TN
Odom Silas Bedford 1885 Hawkins Co., TN
Peters Charlie L. 23 Luttrell, TN
Peters Hugh Lawson 1884 Knox Co., TN
Peters Samuel L. 22 Luttrell, TN
Peters William N. 27 Luttrell, TN
Peters Zeno 28 Shaprs Chapel, TN
Petree Hasten 1891 Union Co., TN
Phipps James Albert 23 Luttrell, TN
Phipps Minyard G. 32 Union Co., TN
Phipps Thomas M. 28 Union Co., TN
Pierce John W. 27 Knox Co., TN
Pyles Alvis W. 22 Andersonville, TN
Ragland Clarence Elwood 1892 Glenmore, VA
Raley Harley I. 22 Lost Creek, TN
Ray Doctor Harvey 22 Union Co., TN
Richardson Luther 1897 Lost Creek, TN
Rimond John W. 20 Maynardville, TN
Rogers James F. 1896 Campbell Co., TN
Rose Homer M. 1897 Lee Spring, TN
Rose William Maynard 1897 Lee Springs, TN
Rosenbalm Paul Haskel 1895 Union Co., TN
Rouse Lindsay 1894 New Tasewell, TN
Russell Thomas Jefferson 1895 Union Co., TN
Russell Willoughby 21 Sharpes Chapel, TN
Sampson Lonnie T. 21 Lone Mountain, TN
Sands Thed 23 Taswell, TN
Settles George W. 1889 Union Co., TN
Seymore George W. 1897 Powder Springs, TN
Sharp Brice 25 Lost Creek, TN
Sharp Claude James 1896 Groin, TN
Sharp Dewey M. 19 Union Co., TN
Sharp Lee Edgar 23 Anderson Co., TN
Sharpe Emory L. 1895 Luttrell, TN
Sharpe Homer 21 Union Co., TN
Shelby Harrison 28 Tasewell, TN
Shumate Berton Daniel 1888 Union Co., TN
Shumate Ewin 1896 Luttrell, TN
Skaggs James Stirling 1889 Elks, NV
Slaughter Henry 21 Scott Co., TN
Smith Claude R. 18 Union Co., TN
Smith Herbert A. 28 Maynardville, TN
Smith Herbert Walton 1897 Union Co., TN
Stiner Jesse L. 19 Union Co., TN
Stiner Monroe 21 Union Co., TN
Stiner Sherman 23 Sharps Chapel, TN
Stone Fred Oscar

Stookesbury Lawrence 22 Andersonville, TN
Strevel Herbert H. 25 Maynardville, TN
Sweat William 23 Union Co., TN
Taylor Sherman Curtis 23 Union Co., TN
Taylor William A. 20 Maynardville, TN
Tharp Charlie 1892 Luttrell, TN
Tharp Charlie E. 22 Maynardville, TN
Troxler Shad 1893 Maynardville, TN
Turner Lem V. 21 Maynardville, TN
Turner Robert Lee 23 Maynardville, TN
Turner William H. 1897 Union Co., TN
Vittetoe Rhube 20 Luttrell, TN
Waddington Hubert 1891 Luttrell, TN
Waggoner Hila M. 24 Union Co., TN
Wallace Virgil 18 Union Co., TN
Walton Gilbert Worth 24 Union Co., TN
Warwick Claud 1892 Luttrell, TN
Weaver Curtis 1897 Lost Creek, TN
Weaver Osro 26 Lost Creek, TN
White Frank 26 Union Co., TN
White William 24 Union Co., TN
Wilson Elmer R. 24 Lost Creek, TN
Wilson Nelse 1894 Union Co., TN
Wilson Robert 25 Union Co., TN
Wolfenbarger Horace V. 23 Union Co., TN
Wolfenberger Rhubert 26 Knoxville, TN
Woods John Newton 26 Maynardville, TN
Woolard William A. 28 Maynardville, TN
Wright James H. 27 Union Co., TN
Wynegar Esco C. 24 Luttrell, TN
Wyrick George Raymond 1889 Union Co., TN
Wyrick John 30 Sharps Chapel, TN