Wayne County, Tennessee
Family and Friends

  George Washington Cooper Family
It appears this family photo was taken about 1894 at the Duncan Studio in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Back Row, Left to Right:
1) Hettie J. Cooper, about age ten, born 1884, Wayne County, Tennessee; later married Fred O. Brown.
2) Vina A. Cooper Brown, about age eighteen, born 1876 in Alabama; married J. M. Brown.
3) James M. Cooper, about age sixteen, born 1878, Wayne County, Tennessee; later married Lucy Lee Bramhall.
4) Leander Burr Cooper, about age thirteen, born 1881, Wayne County, Tennessee; later married Nora Grace Higdon.
5) Amanda E. Cooper Betterton, about age twenty three, born 1871 in Alabama; married Samuel Garland Betterton.

Front Row, Left to Right:
6) Samuel Joseph Cooper, about age twenty, born 1873 in Alabama; Never married.
7) Martha Jane McFall Cooper, about age forty eight, born 1846 in Tennessee; married George Washington Cooper. She was a daughter of Samuel David McFall and Sarah Lovina Tursey Faires.
8) George Washington Cooper, about age fifty three, born 1841, Wayne County, Tennessee; married Martha Jane McFall. He was a son of Joseph Cooper and Martha Ann Hill Cooper. (He may have actually been Joseph's little brother, George, son of Stephen and Elizabeth Cooper of Wayne County, Tennessee.)
9) Lias W., also know as William E. "Loss" about age nineteen, born 1875 in Tennessee; married first Mary Galeanor in 1904 and she died in 1905; second Dovie Williams.

Infant in Third Row:
10) Irvin Cooper, about age two, 1892 in Missouri, probably Winona, Shannon County. Later married Lydia Ava Harrod. This family moved to Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon.

Not Shown:
11) George K. Cooper , 1869-1893; passed away in 1893 at the age of 24 years, leaving behind his widow, Orpha A. West Cooper. He is buried in Cooper Cemetery, Winona, Shannon County, Missouri.
12) Willy W. Cooper, 1882-1889; passed away in 1889 at the age of seven years.


Submitted by Donita Barkley & Barbara Cooper McGee


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