Wayne County, Tennessee
Friends And Family

     The following identified photographs have been submitted by people who are interested in preserving the visual history of Wayne County, Tennessee and in sharing that record with our readers. Do you have photographs of Wayne County, Tennessee friends and family that you would like to share with others? If so, please send in jpg format, with accompanying identification text, to Jerry W. Murphy.

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Thomas S. Ray (1834 -1908) Robert Rains
Nicholas Eli Evens and wife Sarah Ann Deliah Still Evens Paula DeGraf
David Wesley Evens and nephew William Walter Evens Paula DeGraf
David Wesley Evens and wife Eliza Anderson (Helms) Evens Paula DeGraf
Jesse Downing and wife, Lydia W. Morrow Downing Edgar D. Byler, III
Sarah Defoe Wayne Batson
Julia Elizabeth Marcum Tate (1850 - 1928) Geraldine Wilson
John Woodford Gallien - ca. 1900 John Gallien
Moses Lee Gallien (1871 - 1909) John Gallien
Babe Gallien (1882 - 1970) John Gallien
Newt Gallien (1887 - 1970) John Gallien
J. W. Gallien and first wife, Maude House John Gallien
J. W. Gallien and second wife, Lula Sinclair John Gallien
Lillian Sinclair Gallien, third wife of J. W. Gallien John Gallien
Glenn Sinclair Gallien John Gallien
Lillian Gallien Wuelker John Gallien
Med Warren Nelson Gallien (1879 - 1960) John Gallien
Dicemous Green Gallien (1842-1907) and wife, Mary Ellen Murphy Gallien  (1843 - 1928) John Gallien
Wayne County, Tennessee County Officials ca. 1928 John Gallien
John Addison Roberts Beverly Holderby
Resign (Henry) and John Sinclair John Gallien
Gregory Sinclair John Gallien
William Sinclair John Gallien
Thomas Kerr Hurst Family, ca. 1898 John Gallien
William Alexander Walker Family, ca. 1888 John Gallien
Mary Belle (Hurst) Gallien John Gallien
Calvin B. Murphy (1820 - ca. 1865) John Gallien
Jane Sinclair Dickey John Gallien
John and Sarah Murphy Rogers Family   John Gallien
Calvin W. "Charlie" Spivey Family  John Gallien
Richard Kelley Sr. of Lawrence and Wayne Counties  Anna Eaton
Emanuel Jefferson Clements Family ca. 1891  Lynda Green
William F. and Adaline (Griggs) Creecy Stacey E. Holt
Joseph Caroline Creecy Family ca. 1908   Stacey E. Holt
William F. and Adaline (Griggs) Creecy with the Joseph C. Creecy Family about 1910  Stacey E. Holt
James Brown Creecy and wife Lydia Smith Creecy  Jessica L. Daily-Geary
James Brown Creecy   Jessica L. Daily-Geary
Sarah Creecy Richards Caughman   Jessica L. Daily-Geary
Thomas Edison Beverage  Jean Mayfield Cuevas
James T. and Eliza C. Hays Whitten Family - 1915  Edgar D. Byler, III
John M. and Sarah Pigg Hays  - 1887   Edgar D. Byler, III
Richard Franklin Moore and wife Josephine (Jesse Fina) Creecy Moore.   Bonnie Braswell
Elias Frierson McCulley  Alan McCulley
Martha Louise Jones McCulley Alan McCulley
Canzada Hayes Brewer Wayne County Historical Society
John, Jr. and Mary E. Holt Hayes Wayne County Historical Society
John Hayes, Jr. Wayne County Historical Society
M. E. McCorkle Wayne County Historical Society
Mary Maudine Strickland Wayne County Historical Society
Mel B. McCall (1858 - 1940)     Edgar D. Byler, III
Jerry H. and Malinda J. Martin Pigg     Wayne County Historical Society
Collinwood Beauties From The 1920's:    
Carmen Wisdom, Boothe Scott and Eva Morris
Edgar D. Byler, III
Horton Brothers: Joseph H. Horton and     
Zachariah J. Horton
Belle Ayers Moore
Wayne County Historical Society
The Aaron A. Whitten Family 1903     Edgar D. Byler, III
George Washington Whitten (1825-1908)     Roy V. Whitten
Solon L. Whitten Family         Brenda London
Solon L. Whitten, wife, sister and sister-in-law     Brenda London
Martha Lou Whitten and brother, John Berlin Whitten   Brenda London
C. S. Bowden, Lt., 19th (Biffle's) TN Cav., CSA Garry Brewer
Richard Hardwick Garry Brewer
William J. Jackson, 19th (Biffle's) TN Cav. CSA Garry Brewer
Richard M. Brewer and Sanders Brewer
Co. E, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, USA

Garry Brewer
Richard M. and Sarah Lackey Brewer, ca. 1900 Garry Brewer
Protilla Wallace (19 Feb 1859 - 15 Dec 1944) Jim Nye
Wallace Postcard Photo Jim Nye
T. J. Whitby Family Wayne County Historical Society
David Clay Whitten Family ca. 1875 Ken Willis
Robert Henry Clay Sims and Family about 1898 Mrs. Preston West via
Edgar D. Byler, III
Robert H. C. Sims and wife, Jemima C. Copeland Sims Mrs. Preston West via
Edgar D. Byler, III
Robert H. C. Sims and wife, Jemima C. Copeland Sims Mrs. Preston West via
Edgar D. Byler, III
Edward F. Parker and family, ca. 1898 Mrs. Preston West via
Edgar D. Byler, III
Jess and Leona Holt Balentine Family 1902 Jo Ann Whitworth
David M. Balentine Jo Ann Whitworth
Jerry W. Murphy's Photographs Jerry W. Murphy
Newman W. Bratcher Family Bill Freeman
The Andrew Whitworth Family 1897 Grace Wright Carver
W. F. Wright Birthday 1925 Grace Wright Carver
W. F. Wright Family 1925 Grace Wright Carver
Carver Brothers - 1921    Grace Wright Carver
John Crockett Beavers Family - 1887   Berry Beavers
Henry & Elizabeth Beavers Tilley   Berry Beavers
William James Lay    Cheryl Dedrickson
Louannah Wallace   James D. Nye
H. C. Reaves Family - 1898     Theda Schutt
Children of Calvin and Sarah Horton Reeves     Scott Adams
Patrick and Agnes Daniel Butler   Jerry L. Butler
Robert Akin Grimes Family about 1895   Caneta Hankins
Emma Grimes   Caneta Hankins
James T. and Martha M. Walker Grimes     Caneta Hankins
James Thomas Grimes (1881 - 1971) 1900     Caneta Hankins
Mattie, Mamie and Elsie Grimes     Caneta Hankins
Merriman, Grimes, Whitley, Grimes (ca. 1904)     Caneta Hankins
Grimes House     Caneta Hankins
Mary Francis Wallace Givens & daughters about 1903  James D. Nye
John Riley Arrick and wife Manerva Viola Harrison   Randy Arrick
Marcellus Rux Rochelle and              
Cynthia Elizabeth Harbison Rochelle   
The Rochelle's
Jessie Franklin Trimmer and
Mary Elizabeth Dixon Trimmer
Betty Barnett
Martin - Arnett Family 1920 Erick, Oklahoma     Kay Appleby
James B. Higgins Photos   Alva Jo Westland
Franklin Lay Family 1912   Margaret Freemon
James H. Martin Family 1898   ydphtwl@bellsouth.net
Osborne Family - 1915     Treasia Osborne Papa
Neil S. Griggs    Cheryl P. Dedrickson
Hunsaker Wedding Group - 1882    Edgar D. Byler, III
Photographs Copied at the 1990 Family History Fair   Wayne County Historical Society
Moore Siblings   Mary Wisdom
Nowlin Kin 1955   Ann Clendenin Greer
Georgia Grimes Alexander and    
son Russell Clyde ca. 1910
Brad Williams
Brewer and Jackson Family Photos     Garry Brewer
Matthew Hiram Staggs and wife 
Nancy Elizabeth Staggs
Garry Brewer
Lay Family Photographs     Margaret Freeman
Tucker Family Photographs    Lesa Fine
Samuel J. and Mary Ellen Bowlin Riley     Eula Sale
More Tucker Family Photographs   Lesa Fine
The Newt Gallien Family   Brenda Wilson Benavente
Richard M. Brewer 1860  Garry Brewer
Bill Bromley Photos   Ruth Bradley Carson
William W. Robertson Family Photographs  Alta Robertson Gibson
Nowlin Family Photographs Bobby Sue Henry
William G. Gallaher and wife   Bobby Sue Henry
Hartwell E. J. S. Sims and wife   Bobby Sue Henry
Nathan and Nancy Darby Roberson   Nancy Sterling Tyler
Roberts Family Photographs   Wanda Ramsey
Moore Family Photographs   Mrs. Don Booker
Ricketts Family Photographs    Melissa Shelton
William R. and Amanda M. Copeland Webb   Roy F. Aber
James Arnold Rinks   Stan A. Hutson
King Homeplace and Family    Dolores King
Archibald Lafayette Wilson Family   Lois Nell Campbell
David S. Davis & Children   James H. Davis, Jr.
Mary L. E. Gambrell/Gambel Rinks   Stan A. Hutson
George Monroe Whitten Family Pictures    Brenda London
Aaron Whitten Family     Amy Creech
Jess Fowler & Nettie Whitten wedding picture     Amy Creech
Richard H. Wilson    K. Campbell
Nowlin Family Pictures    Gennie Holman
Sims Siblings At Abraham M. Sims House 1948    Martha Sisson
Rose Family Photographs     Carl Rose
Lena Rae Bromley   Karen Siebert
Lula Bromley Linville Luker Karen Siebert
Prince Family Photographs   Karen Siebert
Harrison Stanley McDole    Rose Townsend
John Arthur Nelson, Deller Nelson, and James Garfield Nelson.   David Wilson
Risner Family Photographs  Melissa Dotson
Benjamin T. and Georgia Grimes Alexander     Brad Williams
Samuel Bromley and family  Cruzin4dave@aol.com
McCorkle Family Pictures   Jemie Lu Gilbert
Beckham Family  Susie Reynolds
Dabbs, Dugger, Mathis Families   Shirley Dupont
Lester Jackson Family Photographs   Kristine Gamboa
Willie and Ollie Byrd  

Brenda Byrd Beaty

Mary Polly Duff Brewer  Garry Brewer
Butler Family Photographs     John Russell Butler
Thomas and Lena Hayes    Deborah Williams
Butler Family Photographs      John Russell Butler
More Tucker Family Photographs     Lesa Fine
Bedford Family Photographs   John Leigh Williams
Nathan Tucker Roberson and family Howard L and Nancy A. Simmons Roberson
Robert Nesbitt Staggs, Jr. and wife Rhoda     Stacie Inkel
Andrew Johnson Young and wife Nora T. Gage Young Susie Reynolds
Battle Family Photographs   H. Leonard Gustafson
Carter Keeton and Ms. Ayers   Wayne County Historical Society
T. J. Evans of Lovic, Tenn   Wayne County Historical Society
Elmer Morrison   Wayne County Historical Society
Charlie Pigg and George Keeton  Nelle Miller
James Pleas and Lucinda F. Kelley Linville  John Russell Butler
Robert Baily Darnell  Nena Wright
Pink Linville  Brenda Holden
Clyde Linville  Brenda Holden
Thomas Jefferson and Lena Hayes  Pamela Batchelor
John T. Barkley  Donita Barkley
Leander Burr Cooper & Nora Grace Higdon Cooper  Donita Barkley
Martin L. Davis Family  Barbara Sawyer
Tennessee Wilson Tolle  Barbara Sawyer
David Kurtis Camper Burial  Jean Parsley
Dewey Lay  Margaret Freemon
Sidney & Mariah Staggs Bowden  Garry Brewer
Sidney E. Bowden Family  Garry Brewer
Grady Brewer Family  Garry Brewer
Death Crowns  Garry Brewer
James Henry Brewer Family  Garry Brewer
James McKinley Brewer Family  Barbara Sawyer
James Anderson Tolle Family  Barbara Sawyer
Chester and Chelsey Brown  Donita Barkley
Chester and Chelsey Brown  Donita Barkley
Chester and Chelsey Brown  Donita Barkley
Esther Brown  Donita Barkley
George Washington Cooper Family  Donita Barkley
Eva Cooper  Donita Barkley
William James Hill & Lucy Ann Queen  Carol A. Queen
Lucy Ann Queen Hill's Family  Carol A. Queen
Lucinda Haswell Mewborn Newborn  Carol A. Queen
Thomas Jake Queen  Carol A. Queen
William McDonald Queen  Carol A. Queen
George Barkley Martin Warren's Family  Carol A. Queen
James M. Cooper and Lucy Lee Bramhall Cooper  Donita Barkley
Amanda Cooper Betterton and son Henry  Donita Barkley
Rev. Amos Elias Kimbro Family  Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG
Jefferson Hezekiah Kimbro  Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG
Mary Coredelia Kimbro  Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG
Emmaline Brewer Staggs with Grandsons  Garry Brewer
William Gasway Hunt and Sarah Jane Blundell Hunt  Barbara Sawyer
Brewers in California! (5 photos)  Garry Brewer
George Marion Brewer & Esther Smith Brewer  Garry Brewer
Sarah Angeline Brewer  Garry Brewer
Brownlow Brewer  Barbara Sawyer
Annie Wilson Tolle Brewer  Barbara Sawyer
Children of Brownlow & Annie Brewer (4 photos)  Barbara Sawyer
Martin L. "Pud" Davis and Lena Hunt Davis  Barbara Sawyer
James Anderson Tolle  Barbara Sawyer
2nd Lt. James M. Moore  Garry Brewer
Sarah Brewer Martin  Garry Brewer
Pvt. Thomas J. Johnson  Garry Brewer
Pvt. Osbon S. Walker  Garry Brewer
Kenneth and Elizabeth Stutts  Garry Brewer
Pinkny Linville Family  Garry Brewer
William Walter "Watt" Meredith Family  Garry Brewer
Jim R. Melton Family  Garry Brewer
Leonard Stutts and Mary Lackey Stutts  Garry Brewer
W. Riley Douglas Moore and Sallie Jane Pigg Moore  Xnilla@aol.com
Gladys Linville Prince  Brenda Holden
Ava Tolle and Zora Belle Woodard Bruton  Barbara Sawyer
Nora Morgan Dickerson  Dawn F. Taylor
William Joseph Dickerson  Dawn F. Taylor
Bessie C. Dickerson  Dawn F. Taylor
Lovick Meredith Family  Jimmy Smith
John W. Martin & Rhoda Elizabeth Eaton  Carol-Ann Downs McDonald
John W. Martin Family  Carol-Ann Downs McDonald
John W. Martin Children  Carol-Ann Downs McDonald
James Campbell Queen tombstone  Carol A. Queen
James H. Brewer  Garry Brewer
James H. Brewer obituary  Garry Brewer
Carolyn L. Brewer obituary  Garry Brewer
Carolyn L. Brewer death certificate  Garry Brewer
Sarah P. Lackey Brewer obituary  Garry Brewer
Richard M.J. Brewer & Sarah P. Lackey  Garry Brewer
James Richard Melton Family  Garry Brewer
John Marshall Hays  Stacey Holt
Sarah Pigg Hays  Stacey Holt
John Marshall and Sarah Pigg Hays  Stacey Holt

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