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John L. Moore & Sarah M. Gilliam Family Bible

This Bible is of the family of John L. Moore who married Sarah M. Gilliam. This family originated in Wilson Co, TN and migrated to Hopkins Co, KY. The Bible is in the possession of Mark Cates in Howell, MI. This Bible was printed in 1856 by the American Bible Society in New York. I copied this Bible exactly as written. Anything written in parentheses is my note. I have further information to share on this line.

Sarah M. Gilliam was born the June 9th, 1809
John L. Moore was born February the 26th, 1805
(They were) Married January the 5th, 1832

Charlie B. Moore was born September the 26th, 1832

William G. Moore was born August the 15th, 1835

Albert B. Moore was born April the 17th, 1839

H. C. Moore was born April the 7th, 1841

C.B. Moore's Children
Indiana Moore was born January the 17th, 1856
Wm. Hatton Moore was born December the 13th, 1857
W.H. Moore departed this life Nov. 17th, 1890

Julia Hatton Moore was born Feb 19th, 1887
Carry Ethel Moore was Born Aug 16th, 1889
Lamontie May Moore was born April 9th, 1896
(Note: These three were grandchildren of William Gilliam Moore)

Martha L. Moore Departed this life June 3rd, 1893
W. G. Moore departed this life December 31, 1899

J. F. Puckett departed this life April 11, 1903

W. G. Moore and Martha L. Moore formerly Puckett was marryed Dec the 21st 1854

C.B. Moore and Mary G. Moore Family was marryed Jan the 8th, 1855

C.B. Moore departed this life February the 1st, 1858

Martha L. Moore was born Nov 26th, 1839

W. G. Moore was born Aug 15th, 1835

James Ivy Moore was born December the 16th, 1860

John Francis Moore was born May the 27th, 1866

Mary Augustus Ennis was born July 4th, 1879

James Ivy Moore was marryed Nov. 15th, 1885 to Emaly Harris

Emily S. Moore died Nov. 21, 1933
J. I. Moore died April 21, 1939


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