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on Mills Road, Hermitage, Davidson County, TN
by Sheila McFadden

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LOCATION: The GLEAVES Family Graveyard is located in Hermitage, TN (Davidson County), travel east on I-40 from Nashville to Old Hickory Blvd.(exit 221B). Turn  right on Old Hickory  Blvd. and take the first right (Mills Road). Follow that road for about 1/4 mile (it climbs a hill, curves left, and then curves around to the right) and the cemetery is on the right. There's a lot of construction going on around it so I suspect it is about to become a neighborhood.)

Single Headstones with two names
Bettie A. Gleaves
5/5/1885 - 7/8/1936
Thomas B. Gleaves
3/9/1884 - 5/27/1972

Thomas H. Gleaves
4/26/1831 - 9/29/1910
Mary J. Gleaves
3/4/1830 - 12/4/1904

Single headstones:
Nora Dowell Gleaves
7/14/1874 - 1/24/1951

Mary J. Gleaves (older than above stone)
3/4/1830 - 12/4/1904
"Mary hath chosen the good part which shall not be taken away from her."

Richard Franklin Gleaves
Son of John G. and Elizabeth W. Gleaves
8/24/1832 - 7/23/1867

John G. Gleaves
1/16/1801 - 6/14/1854

Finis C. Gleaves
Infant son of John G. and Elizabeth Gleaves
3/12/1846 - 10/12/1849

Felix C. Gleaves
Infant son of John G. and Elizabeth Gleaves
12/26/1834 - 5/29/1836

J. Harry Gleaves
8/20/1874 - 9/14/1893(8?)

Dan Clark Gleaves
6/13/1937 - 6/24/1995

Small headstones with no dates:
Harry Gleaves
Annie Gleaves
Jno. B. Gleaves

Other names:
J. R. Wilson
3/5/1842 - 6/10/1906
"Beloved by his wife"

Maurice Turner Yelton
12/9/1905 - 8/1/1907

Annie Yelton (no dates)
J. G. Yelton (no dates)
Maurice Yelton (no dates)

Many of the headstones were sunk too far into the ground to read; two or three of the larger ones had been overturned though apparently not by vandals. The graveyard itself was overgrown but obviously protected from construction going on nearby. The newest grave had semi-fresh flowers so it is not being completely neglected though it appears it isn't visited often.


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